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So, I had to use distorted piano in order to get a guitar sound, so eh. xD.

ANYWAY, it's a 1:24 loop of pure fight! ;D

Enjoy the ferocity of fight music!



That is insanely a strange name. Although its just an opinion there. Maybe you could think of a more...how shall i put this...descriptive name? U could also use some imagination on that part, i mean honestly, waaaar isn't even a word!

Anyway, on to actually reviewing the music. Well its definetely heavy metal so i guess u captured the style brilliantly. U used good samples although they had a bit too much distortion in them which ruined some of the parts of the song.

However, despite the distortion, the piece is intricately varied and the differing melodies make it interesting. Transitions were smooth and well thought out.

Not a bad job, u definetely need some more work though.

=Review Request Club=

Centrist responds:

There are only so many words out there that you can place as a song name, and half of those are taken by other useres. :p So, why not invent your own?

In any case, thank you for the review. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this track, but I'm glad you like it. :]

Not the best I've heard...

I guess it would make an OK battle theme, but needs quite a bit more work to it.

Melodies are great, and give a mighty feel to the song. I liked the one at 0:43 most. What I didn't like is what I think is a phaser that you used at around 0:15, I think it ruined the song a little. You can keep it there, just turn it down slightly. Also, the song does have a lot of 'hissing' or static, whatever it is. I don't know if that's your guitar sample or just some glitch, but it really sounds like it came out of a 64-bit RPG :P.

I personally don't like the sound of that guitar. I think that a boss theme doesn't necessarily need guitar, but choirs and saw waves work well too, so if a guitar in the song doesn't work well, you can use those. Also, piano was way too quiet, you should turn up its volume, since I can barely hear it except in some parts, which made the song sound random.

The transitions were quite rough, for example the one at 0:42-0:43. The melody was a completely different rythm and it sort of jumped out abruptly. Even the slower part of the guitar which came at 0:55 had a rough transition to it. The transition at 1:08-1:09-ish was OK, but I think you shouldn't do that many rythm changes in a boss theme, since it would distract the player as he's fighting the boss. Keep a steady rythm, I think this song would be better off like that.

The variety is quite good, I don't see why the others see it as repetitive, but the structure is pretty wierd. Try the simple structure of: Intro - Chorus - Alternate Melody 1 - Chorus - Alternate Melody 2 - Chorus (with a few changes in the background) - Alternate Melody 1 - Alternate Melody 2 - Chorus - End. Give it a try and see how it fares in the song. As for the intro, it wasn't bad, and it looped perfectly, so nothing to complain about there.

The drums are barely heard, and they don't have the best samples I've heard. You should turn them up a little (making sure they don't drown the piano) and try and find better samples (I have a rock drum kit soundfont if you'd like it, just send me a PM). Still, they were nicely varied, had good drum rolls and fit with the song, so good job ;).

It has its defects, like all other songs, namely wierd structure, constant rythm changes, quiet drums, almost non-existent piano and some strange hissing sounds in the background. Fix those, and I think this song will be more like a boss battle and less like a collection of catchy melodies.

-Review Request Club-

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Centrist responds:

Wow, thank you for the depth of your review! I admit, you're right on most things, and I thank you for the quality of examining my song. I was kinda going for like.. a "Quick idea for an actual song" type..well..song. If this was made into an actual track made by an actual band, with some of it spread out mind you, and yatta yatta. xD.

Again, thank you! I'll keep your words in mind for future tracks.

Drive, but repetitive

While this isn't a bad tune, it's certainly got a lot to be desired, as it doesn't really have much in the way of substance after the initial hit. Very repetitive and I can't tell if it is high end static across the entire tune, or some sound that you actually intended, but the almost hissy overtone seems to sound awful.

It needs more variation - the metal drums in this case don't mix too well with the piano, which wasn't used in the best way possible - it could do with having a little more from the higher scales, utilising the raw power that that particular instrument possesses. The other thing about the drums is that they drown out the piano, which is not what you want from one of the most versatile and dynamic instruments that you're using.

[Review Request Club]

Centrist responds:

That, my dear friend, would be distorted piano. xD.

I was trying to see how things would work out if it was a guitar playing it, and I suppose the initial idea was faulty, considering guitar and piano are nothing alike. xD.

But! I decided to try messing around with it, to see what I could do. ^^

I actually didn't hate the sound

While it'll a bit strange, and could use a little tweaking. I like the sound the piano gives it.

It has a good pace to it, I like the contrasting speeds of the piano and the drums. Slower piano, faster paced drums.

Once it loaded right on my computer it looped really nicely. Not to bad =3

-Review Request Club

Centrist responds:

;D Thanks for the review.

Great drums

Yeah, the distortion is a bit too much in here. And the distorted piano doesn't sound like a guitar but more like... a distorted piano. ^^

But it fits in here anyway. The drums are pretty good and the drum riff sounds just amazing, especially in the double bass parts.

Also, the looping is done pretty nice. I couldn't tell where the song ended and where it started if it wasn't for the "progress bar" to start over. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

Centrist responds:

Haha, thanks dude. :]

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Oct 22, 2009
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Heavy Metal
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