Sweet Child o Mine Remix

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Beat by Crysiss
http://www.youtube.com/us er/crysiss

Original song:
Sweet Child o Mine - Guns N Roses


-Ooh Ra; I feel a sense of clarity
Whenever Im with you
Im feeling whole right now
{Im whole right now}
-Ooh Ra; Im captivated by the soul of you
I look into your eyes
And get lost in your vibe
{Im lost in your vibe}

Verse 1----
-Baby girl, I got a favor to ask ya
Just blow me a kiss, and Ill send it back at ya
I been happy since the day that we matched up
Yes, if you ever fall, Ill be there to catch ya
-You keep me calm when Im being a bastard
When Im feeling like a coward, youre the reason I man up
When Im down, one kiss and Im back up
I scream I love you; my hourly mantra
-Why in the world would a beauty fall
For a beast of a dog; rebel with no cause
But around you, I know what I got to do
Without you in my life, girl, Id be so lost
-All my pain washed away when you joined my life
If youre ever in distress, could I be your knight?
(Ooh Ra) If its dark, Ill go find you light
Well show the world what real love is like
-Youre living proof that a God exists
I havent done anything worthy of a love like this
He still put you in my life, I guess
To remind of the beauty that I could possibly miss
-If I stayed blind
But now Im walking with open eyes
Feeling blessed by this gift thats so divine
Sweet woman of mine!


-Shes got eyes thatll melt my soul
And take my breath away
If ever Im feeling down and out
She takes away my pain

Verse 2----
-I remember kissing you for the first time
You were looking beautiful all covered in moon light
I look into your eyes, and then we both go quiet
I pull you close to me and then you let out a small sigh
-I caress your cheek a little; then lean in
Im overtaken by the scent of you as I breathe in
Not even bothered by the touch of the cold wind
Its the kiss of the century, let the fireworks begin
-Ever since then, weve been inseparable
Weve become something incredible
Two spirits in tune; so affable
People walking by call us adorable
-Living in a world of our own; theres only peace here
Even with a bumpy road, I stay sincere
If Im acting a little funny, then blame love
But Im still the same one that you went and fell for
-So here we are, deep in it, with no sign of it ending
The pages of our book are filling, but its still the beginning
Such a wonderful fairy tale, but were living in it
You and I are the writers controlling all the magic in here
-Copyrighted in the name of love
The best seller of the year and its titled Us
Exhilarating; itll make you blush
The passion in it can warm you up


-Where do we go now
Where do we go
Sweet love of mine

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I'm confused O.O

Why is the score low?! It should be much higher!! Excellent remix, great lyrics, and everything added in between!! HECK YEAHH!!

Ereez responds:

Haters on the net, man. What can you do? Give them gold and they'll piss on you for it. This song has more love on youtube. I think Newgrounders just want techno or orchestral stuff to put in their flash games or movies. C'est la vie.


I think this is a very good song!!, Great job!

a REAL Cover

Although I don't really like the style of music, I have to acknowledge the musicality in this. IT was produced and done very well all around. Also, it's what a cover should be, something different. You re-imagined trhe song, and you did it really well. Keep up the great work, your awesome man,

-Angelus 5/5 10/10

Ereez responds:

thank you! finally, someone who understands. i'm not just using a famous riff and writing whatever to get noticed; I stuck with the original concept and made it my own while staying true to the spirit of the song. 100 points for you my friend :)

love it

not many people can take guns and roses and out shine them on there own song
it all runs smoothly somthing anyone can listen to over and over.

Ereez responds:

haha. thanks man.

Resect to you

Song was great. i honestly liekd it better than the original, keep it up

Ereez responds:

:) I still love the original. Just wanted to give a modern take on it that was better than that Celph Titled "S.C.O.M." nonsense.

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Oct 20, 2009
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