DG - Inst. Lament of the Gods

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A piece Ernie Page III wrote. Ernie Page III and Erik Seastead sings throughout.

Its pretty epic. I think so...
Rising Chaos (That's the band that does this song)
Ernie Page: Lead guitar, Singer, Drums (recording only)
Erik seastead: 2nd Guitar, back-up
Doom Gallion: Live Drums.

Search the author 'Saciel' in the audio portal find more songs by this guy.

DG stands for Dei Gratia (By the grace of god)

Holy shit, this has almost a thousand listens.....that's the 4th most out of all of our stuff....
Congrats guys, you found the gem.



You need to be louder. I can hear your voices, and they don't sound bad, they are good. Don't by shy. The Strings, and the guitar went together perfectly. Very good. The guitar had too much gain in there.

But this song has some AWESOME compositional qualities. I would be proud to write something like this. This is very relaxing, and has a creepy edge like most of my music does. So I identify with this very much, and I am kind of happy someone else can express that emotion.

I would collab on this like I would jump on a hawt 20 year old college chick.

This is your best piece I have heard you guys ever create. Yes, I am saying it.

I could see this piece getting a fade in from some sic twisted metal guitar, and a nasty fast gritty beat, then up with your vocals, and some really disturbed sounding tones with them.

I can tell you guys are great singers, bring it out for me please. I want to hear you.

~Jay Summers

~Jay Summers

CRF250 responds:

lol, at your name twice ;)

Yeah, this was the first time we did the singing for public listening and we didn't wanna be to loud if it was going to be bad.. But if you say we're good, that's my final confirmation. :)

We were gonna do it again, but we never got around to it...

Thanks for the review!!


Awesome song guys. I think if the guitar riffs were a little softer, and less dominant it would be really nice.

CRF250 responds:

were working on it, its simple really, but we're pretty lazy. :)

Yup yup!

I'm totally into the ambient.
Great use of voices (great singing guys!) and strings to go with the guitar song!
Excellent job!
Keep it up!


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CRF250 responds:

Yeah the first one we did. (not posted one here) we were REALLY pitchy, It was so bad, But we did it again and it worked out bettter :) Thanks for the input.


Very classy epic song

The riff is really good, sweet ambient song mate

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CRF250 responds:

I find it epic, I noticed that everything either me or Ernie (this was Ernie) does, is really dark, and evil sounding.... I really like that >:)

Thanks for your review, even if I made you listen, ha


this deserves more publicity than its getting

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CRF250 responds:


I'm happy you feel that way, I know I do..

and by more publicity, I'm sure you mean any, instead of none..... lol!

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