::Out Of Mind::

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Thank you for frontpage! Don't forget to check out the other pieces ;)

This is probably the last piece for newgrounds, cause I got more attention on other platformes, that are primary for musicians.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it! I played some different phrases on the acoustic guitar and add contrabass and cellos at the end of the piece. maybe I will add a live played violin later, but my skills on that instrument aren't good enough, yet.

you can leave me some thoughts, if you like.


i would cry if this is'nt to be voted as 4-5

really nice and peacful! love it! check out my hardstyle song http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/281778


you're really talented.. this is awesome. sad it's probably the last piece for newgrounds. nice work man.

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gOrc responds:

yeah, this is a great site, but it's not perfect for musicians, so I will turn to a music-only-platform. good to hear you like this piece. thanks.

Its so warm.

I heard stories of you, and remember you as well. Now I come to your userpage to bring in the memories of how I use to listen to some of your music, and I come across this. This is simply amazing. I could write imagery to it, and I am hehe, but you probably wont see it. Perhaps its for good, solid, poetic justice that you do not see my review, because this song itself washes a feeling of loneliness and goodbye forever over me.

A boy sitting in his room, sits up to stare at a picture of a landscape painting his grandmother gave to him for his 7th birthday. He admires its colors, its wonderful depth of green and violet. Outside, a mountain rests, calling to the child. He grabs a cap from his bedside table, and heads out his door.

The ground is soft. The yellow and orange leaves scattered amongst it provide a nice feeling of warmth for the boy. He smiles as he trots along its path under the daytime sun. He takes one look at his house, then continues down the path and into the wonderful unknown.

Up the hill, tiny branches cover the sky, but there is just enough to let the light pour downwards and onto the boys face. He climbs over rocks and bumps in the trail until he reaches an overlook. The red and orange hue reflects in the boys eyes as he stares into the clearing. He walks out of the tree filled path, and emerges into pure Fall.

The trees are all turning. What was once a green forest is now a mixture of openness and everlasting beauty, secluded forever in the forest. The little boy gazes over the hills, and sits down to sleep a peaceful sleep.

Well gork, you might be this child. You may come back to your home, where you started spreading your musical talents over us, or you may continue adventuring out in the forest you are in today. I hope we can see you again sometime, and maybe you'll even respond to this review.

Absolutely Beautiful Music.

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gOrc responds:

Hey there!

From time to time I am checking newgrounds for new flash movies of my favourite artists. And sometimes, when there are new reviews to my older songs, especially reviews of the kind you've posted, I start to look back to the newgrounds-times. ^^

I left this place because, unlike you, many of the people here misunderstood the worth of music. I don't know if I'll post any new material here someday, I think it is enough for me, when I am able to read such beautiful und thoughtful responds from the people that are sharing the same colourful imaginery with me.

Have a nice day,

my gosh

Do you submit stuff somewhere else on the interwebs? I really really want to hear more from you.

gOrc responds:

I was trying to build something up at MySpace, SoundCloud and a german musician community. The problem is that I didn't got enough time to maintaining them and all of this starts came to an early end. If I'm able to establish anywhere else on the web, I will post that in the news.


Wonderful piece, just listening to it relaxes and puts my mind at ease for just a brief few minutes. Thank you for that

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gOrc responds:

I appreciate it, thanks.

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Oct 20, 2009
11:28 AM EDT
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