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Well. This is it, in finished form. Finished because I say so. I feel like if I allow myself to keep coming back to pieces forever, I'll never move on. So here it is.

Created in FL Studio 8, using Garritan personal orchestra. I have four instances of GPO, running a total of 10 tracks.

Written (mostly) in D, with a few wanderings about.

I think I've fixed any quality issues, but if you find some let me know, because I'll definitely revisit this track from an engineering standpoint.

Let me know what you think, this is my first attempt with orchestral percussion.

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Instrumentation is ok but

You really, really need to work on your melody, its really really bad.
The melody goes nowhere, meets no harmony, has no emotion to it whatsoever and thus in no way is interesting to the listener.

I know this sounds extremely harsh but im always honest about these things, i dont know if this is your most recent work (i came upon this track by a topic someone posting it as an example) but if it is study some theory, preferably bach.


seems "Mike Rudolph"

Large vareity of instruments.

Nice orchestra. I really liked the music, you used the vareity of sounds really well which ended up in a very colourful song.

I didn't even see anything repetative, which in my opinion is a plus, looping something which was done already doesn't seem to be good.

Somehow this music, makes me imagne a small military camp with its own life which is full of different things.

Good job!

loansindi responds:

thanks dawg, I'm glad you liked it!


I'm seriously liking this one. I loved the way that the song developed, and really appreciate the fact that you reduced repetitiveness to a minimum, bringing it close, if not together, with actual classical orchestral compositions (in my opinion, that is).

This has, however, also resulted in a sort of down-side- namely the fact that sometimes it seems as though notes were just randomly tossed on upon another in order of creating more versatility (unless this was your intention, or I'm actually imagining things :P), but this isn't necessarily a bad thing, could just be something that feels weird upon the first few listens, and then you get used to it.

The choice of instruments you have made for this piece is very satisfying, as well as the percussion, apart from the snare which sounded a tad too artificial at times, but not enough to ruin the overall feel of the song. The way you intertwined the strings with the wind instruments is really good, and gives off that classical two-voiced "conversation between instruments" feel.

As for the mood of the song, it features an interesting development from a sort of ridiculous serious mood which slowly progresses to become more of a heroic, yet still serious piece. My impression of the song would be an old 19th century general who is preparing for the battlefield - sure, his enormous mustache might seem silly at first, but after prolonged observation, you get to respect his military genius and realize he's much more than just that.

Bottom line: really good, and requiring only minimal (if any adjustments). A very nice piece of work that I would without a second thought suggest to a lover of classical music, and most certainly a heavily under-valued song when it comes to the score.

loansindi responds:

Hey man, thanks for the lengthy review!

I ended up calling this piece 'done' because I wanted to be able to move on to other projects, and I felt that I had reached a point close enough to 'completion' that I wouldn't feel bad about leaving it as it is.

I personally really love some of the themes in this one. This piece also cemented my love for clarinet/violin duos. They're beautiful together.


Well that's different :D Good to hear some classical music with all this new techno buzz floating around "lol". No but seriously well composed and most importantly pleasant to listen to! AND it doesn't get booring! Amazing work man!

loansindi responds:

Thanks for the review man. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Oct 18, 2009
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