Falling to pieces/What's Done

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So, I said I was going to be musically away from newgrounds for a while. I didn't let on why. So the reason why is:
I'm trying to complete a 13 song album.
Here I am, Stuck on song 4.


Right now this is a rough copy, mix, and voxed up song. The notes are a bit off from time to time, as I"m just messing with melodies still. Where I'm stuck is, on the chorus melody, and would love some feed back.

So far I have two chorus melodies. One at 0:57 and the other at 2:00.

Here are all the lyrics for you.

I wake up screaming to myself
I've waited for so long
Take my place on the top of the shelf
I don't see where I could have been wrong

A view to the lepers of society
an itch, a tick, no reality
A sense of end draws before my eyes
In a world that I despise

I'm screaming for the fixing light
A crushing weight begins this task
My whole world begins to shake
Despise the moment, wear your mask

(Chorus 1)

WHat's done to me
Gets done through you
Everything I see and feel
Are the only things that I can wield.
What's done to you
Gets done through me
I don't lack the guild you do
So I can lie and set you free.

I fall to pieces and they lie on the floor
This is the end, can there be any more?
I see the mirror and its empty inside
I don't look back for insanity's ride

I'm screaming for the fixing light
A crushing weight begins this task
My whole world begins to shake
Despise the moment, wear your mask

(Chorus 2)

Falling to pieces
Here to survive
Falling to pieces
No one gets out alive.X2

bla bla, stuff, solo


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Love it!~

Love the vocal change from screamo to singing back to screamo. The Lyrics are much closer to my heart because they remind me of my character for my animation. If I have your permission I'd like to try and make this the intro-theme song for my animation.

But anyways this is awesome!!!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Sure man, go ahead. When it's up on NG its allowed to be used in flashes for newgrounds. :) Also, if you need anything customed...like just pieces of it or something, I can do that. I work pretty quickly.


Awesome melody...The vox kick ass...and they're not roaming all over the place if you know what i mean. if this is a rough mix of it, i'd love to hear the real song when it's done. it's like a fusion of 2 badass bands making one badass song. You're good man! seriously, why aren't you famous? You Xeno and Metaljonus should be outraged that shitty bands make it when real talent gets swept under the carpet! keep rockin out bro!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude. Hopefully I can get this album done soon. :) Working on it. Thanks for the kind words and support!!\m/

Fuck yeah!

Dude, this sounds awesome!
For the intro/verse, the opening riff is great as always, and I really like the overlapping screaming/talking you did there, and then it's awesome when it's just solo screaming for the last phrase of the verse and the lyrics involve screaming, great stuff!
For the chorus(1 and 2), those vocals are incredible! Has a kind of Killswitch Engage feel to it, it's always great to hear someone who not only can scream and whatnot, but then turn around and sing something great like that, sounds fucking amazing dude. Also, the transition from the first chorus is pretty brutal, and the one after the second chorus has a cool change of pace as well.
For the blah, blah, stuff, solo, maybe it's just me, but I feel that the talking part when it breaks down could be more heavy, not like riffwise or anything, but maybe you could lean more towards shouting rather than just talking, dunno though, maybe it's just a matter of preference there. The solo on the other hand is fucking awesome, nice tapping! The breakdown during the solo sounds great as well!
The only thing I would consider tweaking in my opinion is the talking part after the second chorus that I mentioned before, but besides that it sounds spot-on! It's great to hear that you're coming out with an album, too! Are you gonna be releasing the album on iTunes or anything like that? I'd love to buy it when it's complete and give it a listen! If you want any more feedback on any of the other album tracks I'll be more than happy to help you out there, hope the album recording process is going well for you!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks for the super kind words, dude. Thats awesome. This is just a rough up of the song. I actually just recorded the vocals just before putting it on newgrounds. I've redone everything. Especially the talking part, that was a 'made up on the spot" thing. My focus here was to get peoples opinions on the different choruses. I'm not going to leak which one I used either ;).

I was going to release ALL the songs on newgrounds at this quality, and sell the c.d. of it all done through a studio. However, the release here on newgrounds may not come to fruition. And here is why:

There have been a lot of FANTASTIC artists that have been here on Newgrounds but discouraged by the vote/rating system. Regardless of the score, it does directly effect their exposure..

It's basically a slap in the face to the artists that work hard to provide newgrounds with the best ORIGINAL, free music ANYWHERE on the internet. SO these artists are slapping newgrounds back in the face, by NO LONGER providing their music for free, and leaving the site. I want to show my support for them, as their loss here is greater than people think. So I may no longer submit anything that I've really worked hard on, to newgrounds either. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of support and fans because of newgrounds. So only the people who have added me to their favorites will still get a "newground quality" cut of the C.D. for free, but that will be handled privately. :D

The audio portal isn't a joke. It shouldn't be treated like one.


No advice, just praise. I can't wait for this musical opus to be released.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Me neither dude. I've been itching to release some of them.. But I have to hold on. :D

Crazy stuff

There is quite a diversity of vocals in here. If nothing else impressed me (which isnt the case), the vocal ranges did. I really like your guitar tone as well.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much, dude!

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