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Well, here it is. This is my first attempt at a march like song. I dunno if it's that great, but i don't think it came out badly either. I would appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism which would help to improve it.

Just in case ur wondering, i used Fl Studio 8 for this and i wrote using downloaded sound fonts which include unison for the foreground bagpipes, the flute and the cymbals; squidfont orchestral for the strings and background bagpipes and a drum kit font for the snares and the reverse cymbal.

When i wrote this, i tried to portray the feeling i felt when i was surrounded by those majestic highlands and the emotion i felt when i first heard the bagpipes being played in harmony with the flute.

Well, hope u enjoy. Pls appreciate that i spent two weeks working this with an approximate time of two hours per day. Tks...


P.S. Yes, the starting melody is indeed inspired from the Worms Game theme song but i changed it completely after that...


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You won't have to worry about me even coming close to reaching the character limit on an audio review ever. :P Even though I've done it in flash reviews I don't know anything techy about music so mine are sadly just some short opinions here and there.

The song sounds very patriotic. It sounds like something you would listen to/play if you were very proud of being Scottish or living in Scotland. Perhaps something you would play in a celebration or something of the sort.

The instruments of course make it sound like a Scottish song and it almost sounds like something you could expect to hear from a marching band during a parade or something of the sort. It's very realistic sounding like I would hear it in real life.

An all around good song!

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i just love the peace in the tune...
yesyes the bagpipes don't sound that real... but i am kinda shure there are no good bagpipe sounds (for keyboard) mainly coz of gracenotes doubling etc. [short notes in between the longer tune notes (yes i am a bagpipe player myself indeed ;) ]

but still it is beautiful and is a instant favourite for me.

5/5 910

pipe on... greetz: ShadoPiper

Nice job ;).

Although you may look at this as a rip-off of a good theme with a few minor changes, and repetitive percussion, you may also look at it a a well-hamonized, enjoyable march track. I'll go for the latter. Good job on it overall.

Melodies are just great, but the fact you used te Worms Theme (which by the way is one of my favourite themes too, you're not alone...) did take away a few points from the score. It's true that you added your own melodies after, which sounded amazing and so catchy, but the rythm is based on the original theme's rythm, which made this sound a lot like the Worms theme from beginning to end. Still, there was a very nice amount of alternate melodies, and the flute melody was very nice.

Instrument choice was great; foreground bagpipes, background bagpipes, strings, flute, and an umm... harmonica, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong: they all were excellent choices and fit with the majestic Scottish feel you were going for. Unfortunately, the instrument quality isn't too great. It's rare to find really nice samples in soundfonts, since soundfonts focus more on quantity than quality; you should see if you can find some orchestral VST's and stuff for your instruments. Still, flute had very impressive quality; I use Unison too, sometimes, and never knew the flute sounded that good on it. *Steals your idea of using Unison's flute*

One of the best parts of this was the very impressive harmonizing you did throughout the song. All the instruments harmonized beautifully together
with many accompanying melodies along with the main melodies, to keep the listener enjoying the song to its fullest. What I didn't like was that you used a reverse cymbal. Songs which use samples from real instruments are supposed to give out the feel that they are played not produced, and I'm sure it'd be impossible to play a reverse cymbal in real life. You should leave the reverse cymbals for electronic songs and stick to samples of real instruments only when you're making songs like this.

Holy shrimp, my review's getting big... Anyway, onto the transitions. They were perfectly done. I liked how you played the melody in the foreground and then echoed it again in the background. New instruments were introduced excellently, with a nice gradual buildup at the beginning to transit to the main melody. Good job.

Song structure is quite unique and well done, plus the variety is fantastic. There were many different melodies, and no repetitiveness but this didn't get random. Intro, as I said before, had a good buildup, and it's good that you started it with a snare roll like what usually happens in march songs. Ending was epic, and although I lost track of the rythm a little at the end, I still really enjoyed the ending, since it had such a nice blend of all the instruments playing together. If I had to go through it, I wouldn't change anything (except, obviously, remove that darn reverse cymbal DX).

The snare sounded good, and the snare loop was quite well done, but that's till where I stop praising your percussion, since, even though it's a march song, the snare loop was the same from beginning to end, and man, did it get annoying... Add different snare loops, and maybe some more heavy percussion like bass drums and timpanis. Give some more snare rolls and stuff. Percussion just ruined the fantastic variety and harmonizing of this with its tedious non-stop snare loop :\.

This is a really good song, which I definitely enjoyed. Even though it does have a lot of defects, you get such a high score from me for such amazing variety, great instrument choice and quality of the flute, good snare sample, nice melodies (not original, though O_o), and great transitions, structure, intro and outro. Just work on that percussion, getting better instrument samples, and please... take away that reverse cymbal X(.
...Whoa... you were one of the unfortunate souls who ended up victim to one of my huge reviews... Looks like I shaved 5 minutes off your life XD.

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Echo responds:

Oh my GOD!!! Do you honestly have to reach the character limit eveytime you review one of my stuff?????

Anyway, thanks for the review. It is immensly helpful (not to mention immense).

Yes, i did use the worms theme and only for a particular reason. I've had it in my mind to make a sort of remix for the worms theme and also do a march song, and while i was browsing through NG, i came up with the idea "Why not put them together?" and hence i started to make this. Dramatic huh?

Glad that u liked the alternate melodies cos i worked really hard to make this as vareid as possible. I also focused mostly on harmony and instrument blending other then in drum samples, which as u may have noticed weren't particularly varied.

Yes, i did use a harmonica lol cos unison's harmonica sonds quite good with a flute although i did use the bagpipes in one part and throughout in the background.

Just in case ur wondering:

Strings are Vins Unison (Squidfont)
Bagpipes are Unison
Harmonica is Unison
Flute is Unison
Snare is a Snare sample i downloaded.

Ah yes. the reverse cymbal. Well, technically it is possible to play it in real life. All u have to do is to use a differnt kind of drumstick, namely the ones which have a sort of fur end. Then, you hit the cymbal slowly at first but rising in speed and volume slowly,as in a real reverse cymbal. This gives a sort of cymbal roll if u get my meaning. anyway, i'm glad i did use it because it provided a great transition buid up.

Holy shrimp, my response is getting big...Anyway, on to transitions. Well, i'm glad u liked these cos i focused quite a few hours on perfecting these cos they were particularly difficult as the melodies all start on an up beat. What i did basically was continue the last note so that the first two notes of each melody overlap with the last note, providing a chord in themselves and not leaving a gap of silence. (Ingenious don't u think?).

Yes, i introduced the build up as a kind of fugue at the end. with first only the flute. Then flute and harmonica, and then flute harmonica adn bagpipes. Just in case anyway of u don't know, a fugue is explained like this.

Flute-> A A+ A++
Harmonica-> A A+
Bagpipes-> A

Note that A is a melody while A+ is the same melody but with some differences and so on. The fugue can be used with as many instruments as u want although it is best if not many instruments are used. Yes, now that that's explained onwards to ur last...holy shrimp...ur last 5 paragraphs....

Song stucture i also worked hard on as i wanted to perfect it perfection although i'm not sure i actually achieved that. There's always room to improve ;)

Ah yes. The snare loop was indeed repetitive but i figured that ina march song or something similar the same drum loop is repeated. You shoul hear the bolero man. Its five mins of nonstop same snare...And most marches i hear induce the same type of loop, namely the repeat from beginning to end. Remember that this is not an electronic song and thus, snares are only there to provide a sense of rythm and not to make noise (:O NO NOISE?!?!? NO!!!!!!)...

Well, that was a very long review, which although i spent aroudn ten minutes reading, was pretty helpful and gave me an excuse to give u my longest response yet. Yes, i will work on what u metnioned (that should take a while :O) and i will defintely try to imrpove as i'm always open to such constructive criticsm. And yes, although i ended up victim to ur review, u ended up victim to my respons. HEHE!

Overall, tks for the review and all the helpful advice which u provided. This is one of the longest reviews i've ever got and therefore i ahve responded wiht one of the longest responses i've ever given. ;)


P.S Character limit ends...right....about...somewhere....
nearly....well...this may take a while....character limit....ends...HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nae bad

Well, I think that a Scottish theme marching tune would have more of a snare to it - this is a drum kit snare, as opposed to the sharp, crisp sound that you get with a marching band. Have a look on YouTube for Trooping the Colour and you'll hear exactly what I mean.

Still, the sound in the background hardly reflects bagpipes either - I think that you're making close approximations there, but it's not quite what people are after in a proper Scottish tune. Given that you've taken main inspiration from the computer game Worms, it's got a ways to come just yet :P I can hear the first few bars "We are worms, we're the best and we've come to win the war", but then it does change. Perhaps change it before then, so that it is only inspired, rather than copied - you'll get far much more credit.

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the melody with the bagpipes sound very real, but the bagpipes theselves dont sound very real, but i doubt there are any good babpipe vsti's out there

nice flute dude, what vsti is that, it sound fuckin real dude

dude as far as all the notes, you got that shit down

mabye more drum influence to make it a bit more marchy would be nice, mabye not

i like the reverse cymbals, a little reeverb on those mighht make them ring well

its pretty good dude 5/5

peace out dude


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