October Massacre

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I struggled on where to put this song. It has a techno bass line, and a techno lead, but it has a classical structure, and a rock type of drum beat, but somehow maintains an 80's-ish feel to it... maybe it's the saxaphone.... It's logical to put this song into the New wave genre, as new wave has always been the experimental category, where genres are a little more liberal to bend, and I apologize to anyone that may get offended, and think that this song is in the wrong place.

That being said, this song is October Massacre. My failed attempt at making a song that would be worthy to be put on a collaborative CD of other great newground artists. The demo I released of this song was only 1 minute long, and if I was selected for the project, I was supposed to turn the demo into something that would appear on the Electronic EP CD. Although I didn't make the final cut, I still decided to finish this song.

To be honest, I really do listen to any criticism I get, both in real life from friends, and from all of my friends on newgrounds (I consider anyone who's ever commented on any of my songs my friends, so deal with it) And when completing this song, I tried my best to put many elements from the best parts of all of my songs together, to create something I hope you'll enjoy!




That was unbelievably catchy.
I kind of wish there wasn't so many sounds that sounded like a midi file,
but other than that, I really liked the beat of it.
I'll probably download it after a couple more listens.
Good job, keep it up.

merlin responds:

Thanks! I guess the midi sounds were me keeping in touch with where I started... Maybe I'll re-work some parts here while I still have some steam.

I'm glad you liked how catchy it was. This is one of the only songs I've made that I didn't get super tired of hearing when I was working on it... Only moderately tired of hearing it...


Crazy Cakes!

Super Awesome! seems pretty epic. I'll try to use this in one of my cartoons sometime!! That's if I ever get around to animating a serious cartoon instead of funny ones! lol :3

merlin responds:

Feel free to use any of my songs in any of your flashes, even the funny ones! (as long as it's the song you're looking for, of corse)

And if you need something custom made, don't be afraid to ask!


very well done !!!

I love the piece it has great structure, and it seems to be well thought out. I can surely tell that you put allot of time and effort into this piece and it shows. Good work, keep it up and I can't wait for your next track!!

merlin responds:

Thank you, toshema! I was very excited to finally finish up this song, and post it for anyone who wanted to hear it!



...on some parts it sounds a bit like a midi tune, but I don't mean it in a rude way, I like that type of sound if executed correctly. I like the melody the most, its very catchy, and the 2:00 piano part is very nice, sax could use a better sample, but its cool. Overall I gave you a 10/10 5/5 because I can hear all the effort you put into this, and as I said, I don't mind if the music lacks some high-tech effects and stuff, heck I still listen to some of the old NES tunes. Keep it up ;) Oh yeah, and the track has a nice loop which was good to have while writing a review.

merlin responds:

actually, that midi-sound might be because on three of the instruments on this song, they're HEAVILY distorted base sounds off of the SNES game mario paint. For instance, the panning bell is the star ;). I'm glad you liked my song, thanks for taking time to review and vote, it means a lot to me!



This is a rlly epic song i love the whole thing! all the effects...all i rlly can say is Total Awesomeness :D On my IPod For sure.
And the name is sweet Tumbs up mate!

merlin responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Tell a friend, and pass it along. It's exciting to be on the go with you, on your ipod and all.


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Oct 16, 2009
5:57 AM EDT
New Wave
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