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<MWA> Trembling

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This is an ambient song. It has glitch elements, (gllitchy) drums, some children, progressive synths and a bunch of piano...

I'm still learning a lot about glitch style, because it's very hard, so please say what I can improve :)

I imagine a playground for children. Suddenly a car appears and kills a small girl... On the way to the hospital, there are flashbacks crying people etc. (I know it's sad, but that's what I imagine :P)

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I actually liked the crackling sound. Since this is a glitchy type song, it fit perfectly :D Nice job dude, really love the flow of this track, had a really strong structure, had great glitch effects, really cool drum and bass. Keep up the good work. Do more of this style :D

5/5 10/10

mjattie responds:

hey, thanks a lot!

I'm glad you liked it and I will do more of this style off course xD

its good

but the begining was a little dry

yet again it is 3 in the morning

10/10 5/5 just cause im tired

Very complex(x)

Nice, as always..

beautiful piano!
extremely well combined with the firm bass and drums about 2:30.

I like it very much ;)
I could definitely see this as an instrumental piece for 'a Band' ;) :P

keep 'm comin' !!

mjattie responds:

lol, "a band"

thanks a lot, for the compliments, mr-jones92. You're sooo popular that your song is on the first place of best ever :O

oh it's not yours, well, what ever...

=D Yes.

Initial comments: I really like the way you introduce the piece, and I love the idea with the kids in the playground. I can see the imagery, too - this method is my personal favorite way of writing music, because so much emotion can be expressed...

Flow: Absolutely fantastic on every level. You were writing an image, with hundreds of emotions. The expression that comes across as a result of this method will always beat the hell out of anything that's just written for the sound of the music. There's just nothing like it.

Balance: I don't think I'll ever be able to complain about your balance. Full marks to you, sir.

Themes: Same deal as with the flow. There's just nothing like writing about an event, an image, emotion, or anything on that level. Especially when it's done through skilled hands.

Effects: This is my only complaint. I thought this might just have been my speakers, but my high-quality headphones are giving me this, too. Right at the beginning with the piano solo intro + children sounds, the notes in the higher register are creating some crackling and fuzz, which is something I haven't heard in any of your pieces in a long time. I'm sure you can fix this, I just think maybe you didn't notice. I was pretty surprised to hear that happen, I have to say. In any case, outside of that one thing, your effects are just phenomenal.

Extra: [+0.10] Awarded. That's something that almost never happens. I have no other words.

Overall: [9.98/10.00]. [10/10]. [5/5]. I really can't say more. I'm very impressed.

I don't care what other people are saying - there are certain qualities I find here that they would only see for themselves once they gain a greater understanding and appreciation for music. This is art - and more. It's times like this that I remember what music's greatest potential is. Thank you.

Power to you, MWA!

mjattie responds:

obsidiansnow :)

glad you took the time to review! I thought the cracking noise was my sound system... (it's logitech 5.1), but if it's bad on your expensive earphones, then I have to equalize the piano a bit in higher freq.

thanks for the 10 and 5!

Still some practice but overall well done

hey bud. Yeah you did a good job for learning to glitch, and yes it does get complicated. Only thing I find a bit off is the constant repetitive in the first minute and half of the song. Now I know ambient usually goes that way but it didnt fit. Maybe adjust volumes? The kid laughter really does go well but maybe try going once octave lower for that part. Seems a bit high pitched.

Overall, satisfaction and enjoyment. I could definatly add this to my ipod. Now off to your next submission.


mjattie responds:

thanks nintesu, I re-equalize the piano ;)

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4.75 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
10:49 AM EDT
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