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Lackadaisical Cohort - Part 2

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LISTEN TO PART ONE (1) AT: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/280311

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11:32 total run time, this is part two.

Will respond to all questions/PMs/reviews.

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Question for you

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the trip step+daft punk voice+dance influence but I can tell you're really good at what you do from this. I am wondering how you learned to write. I've tried writing with ProTools and Ableton Live. Granted I don't take the considerable time to learn everything. I've only spent maybe 60 hours between the 2 programs, but I was wondering what program you use and if you used any tutorials/where to find some. Keep producing. I look forward to see what you come up with next.


InvisibleObserver responds:

Answer for you.

60 hours is probably the total time I would spend on 6 or so songs (on average). 60 hours is very little time investment, while it would be enough to allow basic understanding of the hosting software, its not enough time to become skilled with the software, nor is it time to let ones abilities become defined in any manner.

I've learned to write with a lot of experimentation and trial and error, and a basic background in music theory. My style of writing is relatively unique in a sense that I attempt to avoid cliche's and well known convention. This song isn't the strongest example of that, but theres a lot of sound creation and manipulation I've done that helps set this apart from others.

I'm using FL8 studio and this songs made up primarily of a free VST known as alieno, another free one called Protoplasm and a paid for one called Vanguard. Rest is samples and some other dinky synths,

I do not refer to tutorials, most people with FL making the tutorials hardly know what they are talking about. The one you will find on youtube are basic and often not the most efficient ways of doing things (I look at them for fun to pick out the flaws), they will provide basic information to stop you from feeling trapped in with the softwares limitation, however they will not give any magical insight. If its necesssary to rely on tutorials after knowing the core functions of a DAW in order to create music or emulate someone elses style, frankly its not a worth while endeavor. May seem a bit conceited, but that is the common trend. There is the rare gem of a tutorial actually imparting important non simplistic information.

Most of this comes with time, as is most things.

If I've missed anything in my 2am rambling, just PM me, I'll clarify. :)

Fun...In more ways than ONe...

NO if, ands, Or bootayz.....Seriously!!

InvisibleObserver responds:

Don't stay landed!

Simply brilliant.

What's amazing is how your music allows the mind to create a story without any real meaning... until you let the song go on.

I believe someone else here made a review explaining a whole story about robots and cyborgs, et cetera and so forth. That's what I thought. At around 3:14 and on it was like some kind of redemption. Everything is fine for once in the longest time.

Then... UH-OH! 4:02... "They're coming back to take our freedom!" If you get what I mean. Consider the story about cyborgs seeking freedom... your music explains the whole story of how they went on. They were about to lose the fight...

But at 4:38 they know how to beat the bad guys... they know how to preserve their freedom.

5:03 is a cliffhanger. It leaves you thinking whether or not they got their freedom, or if they lost it all.

Dude, your work is amazing and should be put out there. It should be published. You are an amazing artists, and it inspires me ever so much.

Keep it up!

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks for the response, its always interesting to hear what music makes people think of. As for being signed/published/distributed, I don't think that's too likely, atleast not soon.

Movements towards professionalism are in the slow process of occuring though. :)


Very short review because honestly I don't know how I'm supposed to critique this song.
Keep things short and simple, if you like to produce this kind of music keep doing so. This is definitely a original piece. However, the warning is that not all original songs sound pleasing. Making a unoriginal is easy. Making a original song is a little bit harder. Making a original song that sounds pleasing is very difficult to make. You can set your standards anywhere you like. Its your music, your art, do what you want with it. That's all I have to say.

InvisibleObserver responds:

I'll assume thats all very positive in disposition towards me. :)

Glad to hear from you.


Ok this guy below me has no idea what he's talking about...since when did 6 mins become 20 seconds? So anyways, great song! Though I think I liked the first one a little more, theyre both awesome!

InvisibleObserver responds:

Their both the same song, ones not 'better' then the other.

Guy below is exerting agression via internet, so... good for him.

Pleased you enjoyed the song.

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4.90 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2009
6:55 PM EDT
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5 min 7 sec

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