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[S:C] Avoider 2.0

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Author Comments

So yeah it started with 16 bity and strayed SEVERLEY from 16 bit.. but i think this sounds better.. .

Im not used to making house music 4 on the floor type stuff.
PLEASE REVIEW AND GIVE ME CRITICISM. (the constructive kind) HA!


Needs to loop better

It was a good sounding track that would be great, until you hit the loop. This is a part of the track that catches a lot of authors out, so more work would be necessary to take it to the next level. Your enthusiasm is good and I feel that you can work this out nicely. Perhaps don't begin with a massive cymbal strike?

I'd have suggested using more projective instruments, as everything that you're using here seems quite deep. Perhaps taking that approach of bringing in something lighter will bring the tune forward, rather than having it 'skulk in the shadows'

[Review Request Club]

SymbolCymbal responds:

So sorry for late response on this. while making this little thingy i kinda just threw it together very quickly and didnt really take the time to make sure it looped tastefully or even do much sound design. this was a lazy piece :(
Thanks for the review :)

Not a bad job...

This a good loop. Well thought out and portrayed. With varied melodies and alternate backgrounds which blended in together to produce a nice piece of music.

Personally, i hate it when people who make loops bring up the excuse that its a loop just to make it less varied. U proved that it can be a loop and still be varied. Nice job.

Transitions were good too. The only thing i can complain about is the fact that it didn't loop too well. There's too much of a skip from outro to intro. Another thing too, the volume was way too low. Try and tune it up abit. It'll be better to listen to.

Overall, this isn't a bad job. Nice work and great melodies. Just take care of those couple of things i mentioned.

-Review Request Club-

SymbolCymbal responds:

i did a very lazy job on this track. i literally just slammed it together by jamming on keyboard and adding synths and effects. im very glad you liked the variances i used with melody and background. but unfortunately i didn't take much time to work on where this thing would go and how it could get back to the beginning.

Thank for the review :)

Nice, but doesn't loop too well

The rhythm here is very nice. It's amazing what you created here even though the song is not even a minute long.
I found myself instantly moving to the music, which is always a good sign, heh.

Too bad this doesn't loop too well. The change over from the end to the beginning of the song is just too noticeable.

{ Review Request Club }

SymbolCymbal responds:

yeah i wasn't even paying much attention to the ending and beginning and how it would mesh. Its funny whenever your making a loop like this, after a while it sounds fine. But to listen to it for the first time anyone can completely hear that it doesn't loop well.
Im glad it got you moving though.

Thank you very much for the review

Nice! :)

This is really well done, with a lot of variety even for a loop. I just wish it was less quiet, because to review this I had to turn the volume up really high, and it was fine until someone contacted me on MSN and the sound blasted through my speakers. :C

The melodies are really really well done, especially the beginning one. The one that starts playing towards the end was great too, and there were enough alternate melodies to stop the song from getting boring. Just turn up the volume of the song. It'd have more of a chance of getting in a flash game. If for some strange reason your DAW doesn't let you turn the volume up, just use a sound editing software like WavePad, CoolRecordEditPro or the more popular Audacity to amplify it.

Instruments were nice and 16-bitish at the beginning, and I think it kept the 16-bitish feel going on throughout the song; I mean, by saying that it strayed SEVERELY in the Author's Comments, I expected this to shift to action-packed Techno or something :P. Loved that effect you used in the song at 0:18 and 0:31 too, it was very Video-Game-ish.

Transitions were very nicely done, especially the one with the effect. Nothing felt off, with all the melodies fitting well with each other. Really good structure, and the variety is great, especially since this a small loop, and usually loops this size are just the same thing repeated about 5-10 times... I liked the intro too, and this was perfectly looped. No problem there ;).

The drums are rather simple, and not really that special. They had good samples, especially the cymbal, but the drum beats are too simple and rather repetitive. Maybe at around 0:33 you introduce some snares and shakers? By the way, at 0:18, along with the effect, I think you should've done a kick drum roll to show that the drums are about to start.

A very good and useful loop, that deserves to play in a decent number of flash submissions. Just fix the drums a little and the loudness of the submission. Other than those, I can't really find any big problems in this loop. Good job, keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

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SymbolCymbal responds:

Yikes! sorry for the long response time and scaring the shit out of you with the low volume track. i only had logic pro for a short time when i made this and i was not experienced at it all. Hence why the volume is so low.

You stated everything good and bad about this track. I really just threw this thing together only thinging about composition and effects. song structure and loop-ability were not things i was thinking of when i made this.

I lost the original file for this so i dont think ill be fixing this unless i recompose it. but why dwell in the past tracks. ONTO NEWER MORE INSANE SHIT.. lololololol

Thanks for the well thought out review dude. i really appreciate it

~ Review Request Club ~

Lol at IamWeird33 for not knowing what a loop is. XD So don't worry I understand why your "song" ends so shortly. :P

Great loop for a video game. Especially an avoider type game, which just happens to go with the title of your submission quite nicely. ;) I was surprised on how much variety was packed into such a small piece of audio though. I'm always telling people to make loops a tad bit longer because they are always too repetitive, but yours was not only about perfect length, but also had the perfect amount of variety in it.

It sounds like a great loop to make a song into so if you plan on doing that then good luck! Also, happy belated birthday old man.

~ Review Request Club ~

SymbolCymbal responds:

Dude i am so sorry for such a late response to your review. you even wished me happy birthday. :(
Im really you liked the variety i packed into this.. oit was a very lazy piece i threw together. Im kind of perplexed as to how i got such a good response.

Again thank you for the review and i apologize for tasking 2+ years to respond

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Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2009
10:59 PM EDT
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47 sec

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