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FL are you ready?

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Author Comments

Hey guys I made this in FL studio 9, and I am still learning but just thought i would upload this! Thanks everyone!


A room for a lot of improvement...

It started off averagely and the piece was overall discordant and the harmony was way off. Its not much of a loop as the outro and intro arent smooth. They both cut off to abruptly.

Overall, there's a lot of room for imrpvement and i know ur still learning and all but this could be much better...

-Review Request Club-

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Okay, but still room for improvement

The intro with the vocals is pretty nice, even though I was expecting something more powerful after the initial question, but what follows after is okay as well.

The melody sounds pretty nice, but I think the backing track can use some more work. Harder kicks would sound good in my opinion.

Also, the track seems to end at a very odd time. It sounds as if the melody needs to play just a tad bit longer before the loop starts over. Right now it sounds a bit cut off.

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Not bad

I think that the way that you've set this tune up, it's not bad at all. You could possibly have used an additional "are you ready" in the middle of the track, shortening the loop, but possibly lengthening it, if you use a slightly different voice for the second question.

I think that you exited the track half a sequence late or early, because it sounded a little off when it looped, but that's an easy thing to deal with, when it comes to editing.

I'd have suggested a better beat for the track, as it can then capitalise on this to give more body to pieces that it were used for.

[Review Request Club]

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Yeah, you've got a lot more to learn on FL :P

It's your first audio submission, so I can't give you a high score, although you've got an OK loop over here. For a first song, I've seen much worse, but this isn't particularly fantastic either. Still, it's what practice is for, right?

Melodies are quite good. The main melody did get a little monotonous, but it was OK nevertheless. The background melodies were alright, and I liked that you had more than one instrument playing; usually in first time submissions there's blandly one instrument at a time playing, but you did a good job mixing them all together. Still, as Kirbyfemur said, the background melodies were too and repetitive. Instead of using the same background melody in every part of the song, vary it entirely, maybe even giving it its own solo before the main instument comes in again.

As for the instruments, I don't know if you used default presets in FL Studio, but if you did, don't worry, it's normal, everyone does that, but after some time try using downloaded VST's and soundfonts and the like from the Net. Anyway, choice of instruments was fine, and I liked the vocal sample at the beginning. What I would've preferred though was that you recorded yourself saying 'Are you ready' and editing it in a waveform editor to make it sound better and fit with the loop.

The transitions were done quite well, remembering that this is just a small loop. Structure and variety are quite good for a loop too, but this only is a melody repeated err... 2 and a half times, except in different keys, and with a repetitive background, so you should think up some alternate melodies to remove the monotony this song has.

As for the intro, it was well made with the vocal sample, but I think this didn't loop that well. I'd rather you turn this into a song of at least one minute and then end it properly. Either that, or if you're adamant about looping it, then you'll have to take that vocal sample out, improve the ending by matching it with the beginning and starting the song suddenly, so I'd prefer if you tried to expand this into a song.

Not much to say about the percussion. It wasn't bad, but I think you should use more samples, like a snare, and maybe a few splash cymbals or soft crash cymbals here and there to mark new parts in the song.

It's definitely a good start, for a first song. Has some problems, but that's normal in every song. Don't let the low score put you down, this is impressive for your first song, and trust me, it's definitely better than my first song, or the first song of quite a lot of other people. Good job!

-Review Request Club-

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jake-thesnake responds:

Thanks, I'm really glad I could get some honest opinions about my "song." Now I know, (based on your review), the things that I need to work, and improve on. I realize that this was very repetitive, short, very bad loop, and had very few instruments; but next time I will follow your advice and make it more interesting.

Thanks man, and once again I appreciate the honest review.

You don't give us much to work from do you? lol

For a first go, it's alright. The sounds fit together fine, but it needs far more.

It's far to short. Yes there are some really well made short loops out there, but they transition well from beginning to end. It doesn't really loop smoothly.

The melody in the background is a bit too simple, and has a stutter at points. What I can say for that is expand, but don't just copy and paste it so that it just repeats. Give it a much more defined melody.

The percussion is alright. Not much on that one.

Pretty much what you'll want to do is expand this, put some hours in to each part individually. Help it be clear.

Anyways, not a bad start, just keep on working on it. =3

-Review Request Club

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jake-thesnake responds:

Cool :D

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2009
10:35 PM EDT
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