Dance Fakeout [WIP]

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I've been wanting to do a fake intro like this for a LOOOOONG time!

This track is most indeed breakcore like all of my other newer submissions, but don't be fooled by the intro. This is still a work in progress, so I need advice on how to improve this. It would be greatly appreciated!

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nice dude

dude this shit is just crazy, i might just have to try out renoise, how much easier is breakcore in renoise compared to FL

im not really a fan of the fake intro, it just seems too out of place, it doenst transition well

lol the gabber kicks towards the end make my eyes blink every time they hit...its very odd trying to fight it

im a fan of breakcore, so i like this, although im sure most will not

good track, classic breakcore, just executed poorly : \

poopr1221 responds:

Thanks for the response! About FL Vs Renoise. You should really try it, and then use what's better for you. They both have their pros and cons. I find I can work with drums much easier and quicker in Renoise than in FL, but for melodies, FL's piano roll is still great. One thing I think Renoise has over FL, is every thing is very real time. Like real time reversing samples, real time stretching, real time pitch shifting etc. Without automation and all that. The reversing thing especially. In FL, you have to open up the same sample and switch it to reverse setting, where in Renoise, you use one sample, and the 0B00 or B0 code to reverse in real time, right in the pattern. Just little things like this that make me prefer Renoise more, but yeah. Definitely try the demo (in january though! since 2.5 is coming out soon. I'm already using the beta lol.) and see what you like better. Also, you can use both like I do still. There's no rule that says you have to use only one DAW.

This is... Intresting

Now first of the 'fake' intro. I'm not so sure what a fake intro is, basically means the intro suggest an entirely different song then the rest is going to be? Well good job on that i suspose.
However the claps are really loud. Try softening that. The down pitch is nice. It's weird that it first goes up and then goes down.
Now the breakcore part. Yet again, i don't know anything about breakcore so it's hard to judge. It's sounds like extreme glitch or something :P. Wacky fast paced drums with stutters, gates and the likes. It doesn't follow a certain ritme like i'm used to from other EDM. To me it sounds too spastic. aaround 1.46 i really liked it and it ended :/. Maybe repeat such a ritme more often with variation each 4th bar? So we know there's a steady ritme going on. Maybe make a giant epic break. I like you had the idea of the bleeps and other misc. sounds. But then the break kind of fade's in. I would expect something more origenal. Maybe lots of reverb and highpass it?
I don't know, keep in mind i don't know anything of breakcore. But i like the xperimental aprouch of it. I can't stop thinking it should go back to it's roots more with using a more basic ritme. A melody would be great too but i doubt it would fit. Goodluck with the song. Keep it origenal =D


poopr1221 responds:

Thanks for the review! Lots of suggestions in this! Just one thing dude. You said "Reverb and highpass". That's not really original =P That's such a common element of....well...every electronic music genre, including breakcore. Trust me, I do plan on adding synths to this, I just want to do the crazy drum programming without distractions of other elements. And it also seems I achieved goal of having an extremely fucked up breakcore track, with a rhythm that's difficult to follow =P Again, thanks for the review!


I liked the song.. At places.. But wow it was weird too.. first of, the clap in the intro gave me a huge shock and the claps at 0:36 and 0:39 gave me huge shocks too.

The song needs melodies and alot variation.

Expiremental is it ^^ but really not enjoyable, i was schocked many times

poopr1221 responds:

Ok, so add melodies, and bass etc.

More variation? I didn't repeat one pattern in this entire song yet.

Thanks for the review.

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Oct 7, 2009
3:01 PM EDT
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