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Ok so I was looking through youtube saw a tutorial that sounded like this so i used the clip on it and put together a little something. Im still new at this and im trying to be decent at it. ( warning a little repetitive lol )


My review, your song.

Often at night I sit and review some songs. I've just witnessed 3 spam songs, and 2 awful loops shorter then 10 seconds. Prepare to be receive praise for reminding me not everyone has the capability of writing music (though I'm still a critical bastard).

First off, your song title isn't capitalized, and punctuation in a song title looks silly. Its a step away from professionalism, and you aren't Prince, so you don't get to do things like that unexplained.

Opening synth and bass line are quite neat sounding. Sounds like vanguard synths.

Drums enter with an on beat kick/clap. Very simple drums, but it 'works'. Drums mix sounds like they've been volume boosted with maybe a bit of EQ. Not flawless, but they certainly don't sound flat. This is overall good.

0:28 secondary vanguard preset synth comes in playing notes perfectly on beat. At this point I'm noticing a trend, everything falls directly on beat.

Bass is playing a mimic of melody with a 1 octave arp. Very simple, subtle variation will make it go much further.

0:54 good spot for a bridge / mixup. Drums could have played some other pattern here to good effect.

1:24 synth re-enry. Loving its sound, its melody not so much.

1:36 returns to what would be the 'chorus' of the song. As you suggested the song is repetitive. I'd recomend you think of a typical pop songs structure when writing music. While you won't be writing pop yourself, the general shape of bridge to chorus is a good song setup, as well as really easy to do.

So in this song, if you took your bass section in the middle, played some alternative melody there, when the song returned to the 'chorus' it wouldn't feel as repetitive.

You need to do some more drum patterns, have a few drum fills, varied beats. Not even something super fancy, just something to help break the monotony of it.

Not 100% sure what your comment is about when you say used a clip from a youtube video. I'm guessing you transposed what they wrote into your session file. Frankly thats a poor way of writing music, since like 99.99% of youtube vids of FL either do things inefficiently, write poorly, write basic music, or are just wankers of some sort. Anyways... The melodies and bass line are alright, they ar exceptionatly simple. Their major draw back is the perfect on-beat-ed-ness of this. Gets this kind of punchy feel to it where its like a rhythmic skull drill (the unpleasant kind).

To avoid that, simply making some notes play on the beat and off the beat will help create a new rythm. Or just shift some notes over an 8th note. Turn the 4th notes into 16th notes, something once every 2 bars would be enough to break the flawlessness of the unbeat metronome.

And thats probably enough for this review.

Overall, don't worry about mixing for now, worry about song structure, melody writing, rythm diversity, and percussion variation.

3/5 7/10

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Craziekev responds:

wow first long crit review :D thanks a lot ill be sure to use everything you suggested in making music a little better. I tried mixing to make it sound a little better than the original but ill be sure to make better melodies and work on the drums oh and for the title lol yea i didnt know what to put . it was the last thing my buddy send me on msn so i put that haha

be one your way..

you have completed your first task at being more than capable of blowing peoples minds. keep to it. and godspeed my brotha.

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Craziekev responds:


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