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All That Remains...

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Author Comments

"Even though it hurts, I am not bitter.
I knew what I was getting into when I started this.
Now all that remains is to see it through to the end..."

(Sept 09)


creativly stunning

beautiful <3 i would have this on my ipod and repeat it constantly to have a peaceful sleep :) x

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This goes so well with..

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/137566
For some reason, it works.

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Ending of a tragic war?

What do i think?
I think this is amazing.
It's so sad, yet embracing at the same time.

What do i see?
(Sorry if this gets a bit long)
I see a great field, surrounded with charred hills, and the field itself is charred to black grass, covered in ash, surrounded in the blood and death that war has brought. There are no survivors, just the dead, ridden along the field, soaked with the rain that is pouring down.
Suddenly... I see a warrior, standing by the body of a fallen comrad. He is crying, hair in his face, weeping. He is leaning over, sobbing with despair of the fall of everyone around him. Suddenly, he stands, and walks away. He comes to the side of a hill, charred with blood and firestain. He sees an enemy. He rushes toward the man, who is covered with bloodstain, mud, sorrow. The warrior thrashes his sword into the man... Then walks away. On his way back to whever he is going (possibly his hometown, which may be destroyed by the enemy by this moment in time), he meets a small army of 10 enemy militia. They spot him. The warrior calls out in vein "Why do you ponder your thoughts in war? Where is your dignity? Why must you bring pain and despair to all who oppose you?" The men all turn towards our brave and stunning warrior, and laugh. "Who is this one man," says the leader of the group, "who walks towards an army 10 times the size of ye, calls out in vein, objects of hurt and pain of which he thinks will harm us in a way, possibly changing us?"
Our warrior replies at his loudest and most intimidating voice, "I am Cathesis, warrior to death, who are you to attempt to prevail over me?"
The leader of the militia responds, "We are a group of commoners, determined to make a change in the world. Our quest is short and simple. We shall destroy men like you, who attempt to bring peace to the world."
Our warrior stands for a moment... Then responds with the worst voice i've ever heard, "What purpose is that then? How dare a man shall speak what he thinks?"
Everybody pauses for a moment... Then one of the militia breaks out in anger, and dashes toward our warrior, sword drawn. He screams loudly, some sort of warcall, and thrusts his sword at Cathesis.
Cathesis quickly sidesteps out of the way, and counterattacks, cutting the man in two. This causes an outburst in anger in the militia, and they all attack Cathesis.
One man attacks from the left, one from the right, one from the center. Cathesis charges towards the center, then at the last moment, drifts towards the left man, and swings his sword at his leg. After the sword is firmly enthrusted into the ground, Cathesis latches onto the fallen man's sword, picks it up, and throws it at the man in the middle. Soon after, the last man swings his sword at Cathesis, and hits his shoulderplate, doing nothing. The retaliation from the blow of the sword knocks Cathesis down, but he gets right back up again. Quickly taking out the last man, Cathesis stands back on his feet, and glares at the rest of the men. They all take a step backwards, then run.

Now that the great battle is over, Cathesis falls to the ground, panting, exausted. The next morning, we see Cathesis awake, surrounded by a friend of his, who helps him up.

They return to their home city together, and Cathesis is welcomed as a hero.

Sorry if that got a bit long... Im in a storytelling mood.
Overall summary: I love the song. It's sad, epic, tragic, embracing. It gives me confidence, that after a long war there is still hope to recover, to return, bigger, better, stronger, faster, and overall more amazing.

Thank you for the beautiful harmonic music, it will stay in my memory forever.


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4.28 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2009
3:44 PM EDT
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2.9 MB
3 min 10 sec

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