.:The Final Battle:.

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I got sick of it the second a friend told me Armin has a song with a similar melody. I had some fun with it near the end though.

Equipment used:

FL Studio 8
Ibanez RG2550 Prestige
Roland Cube 20x
Inbuilt laptop mic

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Nice sounds

I like the way that this track conveys a great sound of urgency, while not compromising on the style of the tune, with the good drums and the interesting guitar towards the end of the track.

I think that it might have been able to be dragged out a lot more, with a piano solo, for example - the piece seems to be dying for one and would certainly benefit from one. The guitar could be made something more as well, pushing it to the next level and perhaps building up to this level with the sound of the screech after a well played part of a solo or verse part, which you could come to.

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Not a bad job at all...

it definetely started off great and it kept me hooked to the end, which was a bit strange and discordant. The sound effect at the end sounded like a constipated elephant, if you'll forgive my word choice ;)

The piano solo was good, although it did get a it repetitive throughout. Background depth was great, as was the instrument choice, tehy all blended in well.

All in all, its a good piece of work.

-Review Request Club-

~ Review Request Club ~

It starts off and right away I can tell that it is going to be a pretty good song all around. The drums really helped the song sound good and the song was great throughout almost the entire thing. The odd noise that you used towards the end of the song though... I didn't quite enjoy that. I thought it was very out of place and just too weird for the song at hand.

Where you put it was a great spot, but the sound itself just didn't sound that good in my opinion. Perhaps just a bit of a guitar solo their instead would have been a bit better instead of the sound effect used. :P (Don't know what it was lol)

~ Review Request Club ~

GronmonSE responds:

It -was- a guitar solo haha.

Thanks for the review.

Was expecting something different

Now, this is a nice song. I like the melodies and the simple but effective drum pattern. I just was expecting a more... fast paced and agressive track maybe. Because the title says "final battle". Your song sounds right now as if this was on a party after the very first battle. ^^
So yeah, spice this song up a bit.

The outro is pretty nice with this little solo at the end.

{ Review Request Club }

GronmonSE responds:

I guess I could have added more stuff and made the climax stronger.

Thanks for the review. It was just a quickie to be honest :P


the beggining piano part, it sounds alot like the same progression that PX9 uses in like all of her "Chaoz" songs, just saying

the drums are simple and slow, which is good for shit like the intro, but ussually with music that has the feel of a "Final Battle, i think it should pick up a bit to express perhaps the danger or excitement accociated with epic last battles

the guitar is pretty good, but it needs a more solid feel, it starts off like your warming up on the guitar with some crazy bends and stuff, and then it would progress to some more intricate soloing

the strings are nice, very pretty, i think they should continue on when the guitar is going, but w/e more of a personal preference

pretty good track, nothing too major to be corrected, mostly personal preferences

peace out


-Review Request Club-

GronmonSE responds:

PX9 uses common arpeggios just like this one, can't exactly call his original to be honest.

And haha, I had completely forgotten that I requested reviews for this.

Thanks for the review :D

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Oct 2, 2009
6:53 PM EDT
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