Idylls of Atlantis

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i-dyll [ahyd-l] noun:

1. a poem or prose composition, usually describing pastoral scenes or events or any charmingly simple episode, appealing incident, or the like.
2. a simple descriptive or narrative piece in verse or prose.
3. material suitable for such a work.

Idylls of Atlantis uses audio narration to describe the birth of the City of Atlantis, to the fall, and then to the ethereal status stories tell us of today.


The Rise And Fall of Atlantis...

This music says it all about the demise of one of the historic cities. In the beginning of the song, it's a slow, but gradual rise of the city. Then it have to hit the middle part of the song where the city came to an abrupt end. Great song :)

Aeris responds:

Thanks much :D i'm glad you can see my story so well :]


GAH!!!TIS amazing good sir!

The strings were excellent and apealed heavily to my ears. They were so realistic it is as if your here on my desk, playing many an instrument right to me. I'm impressed sir. Keep up the fantastic work.

Aeris responds:

Maybe I was >_________________>;



The beginning was long and I thought it was to drawn out, but then later transforms into a beautiful harmonization with dramatic moods coming into play. However, the synthesizer you used to do the string groups in the first half was very scratchy. The second half portrays a fight or war very well, and the soldiers chanting in the background plays out very nicely. The quiet part after the chanting finishes feels a bit repetitive before the flute plays in, and then the whole piece comes together again. Overall, the piece was fantastic, and the ending was phenomenal. I could see something like this being used in a historic movie, maybe about Marathon or something along those lines.

Aeris responds:

Thanks much :D I agree - they're a bit scratchy but I have computer limitations and had to use some lessthanperfect synths here and there.

Thanks much for the review :D



i love classical music :)

Aeris responds:

Thanks much :D


The alarm clock song you showed me a few days ago! :-D

Well what can I say, this is so much better sounding. The mix has improved exponentially from what I heard earlier. And that is no exaggeration. This sounds unbelievably better in just about every way really.

I'm gonna skip to the last half of the song. Because the first half is wonderful, but the second half is where this truly shines.

I want to bring extra attention to the choirs. Now I know what you are using, so I'm not surprised you got such a good sound from them. But that being said, you created a real unique part for them with the syllable enunciations. So well done there for sure bud.

The mandolin is pretty fantastic to say the least. It is what makes this entire song really work. There isn't anything negative I could really say about it.

Oh, and the percussion was amazing. But then again, what else is new?!

5/5 and 10/10 overall.


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Aeris responds:

DING DING DING DING (this was originally supposed to be some cutsey little song, lmao)

I'm glad you like the final product so much :D

The second half was intentionally better sounding, which felt weird as a composer, because i had to try to control myself so much for the first half, of course I had to learn the ins and outs of Edirol a bit more so it wasn't too hard until I realized the path the song was taking. (When the transition occurs, i tried to render an image of this giant city, and suddenly an explosion of water as it sinks/rises depending on which Atlantis legend you know)

Thanks for the compliments on the choir, I found it odd how a lot of composers don't use its unique syllable enunciation engine. It could be because it sounds funny alone.

Two things I like about the mandolin: If you're a violinist, you've learned the mandolin, cuz it's like a violinguitar. And second, the sound produced from it is so raunchy and wonderful, perfect for the clear, emphatic mark i was trying to make in the melody. Which later helped reflect the polar opposite timbre of the woodwinds.

Percussions are one of the most important lines in my opinion, it's kinda sad when some composers don't pay enough attention to the percs.

Thanks much :D


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