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I tried going a little bit more cinematic this time, and I think I came up with something somewhat creepy at least. :]

Check it out, if you dare! ...Muwahahaha!


A little creepy

I think that the way it starts is brilliant. The strangled bagpipes that you've got to make a creepy noise in the background is actually quite chilling. With the way that the pieces fall into place here, I was surprised that it didn't carry on for longer.

I was very disappointed with the ending - it sounded like you could keep it going for maybe another minute longer, but then it decided to end with a brick wall stop. Given that it was so promising, I've scored it so high, but please don't leave it like that - go for the jugular!

[Review Request Club]

Centrist responds:

Alright, I'll fix this monkey up since so many of you want to see it done. ;D

Resident Evil?

I was playing a lot Resident Evil (the first part) lately, and this really reminds me of some of the tunes you can hear throughout the game. It has the same creepy atmosphere to it. Your nerves are frayed, even though there's no danger visible... but what's there behind the next corner? Oh... nothing...

I get the same feeling when listening to this track. Good thing that I have an Ink Ribbon, so I can save my game and come back later after I took some valerian... XD

Too bad the ending is kind of messed up. If anyone wants to use this in a flash, he has to edit the ending first. He has to either use a transition to the next song or fade it out at the end... it would be nice if the track itself would loop better.

{ Review Request Club }

Centrist responds:

xD, ah the days of RE.

I've been having some trouble with the whole looping thing, even if I export them in Reason, there always seems to be a little bit of space at the end that makes the snap noticeable.

I'll see what I can do to fix it up a bit. ^^
Thanks for the review guys!

~ Review Request Club ~

This was awesome. This is something that I can use in future movies for sure as I'm probably going to need something that represents something creepy or scary and you pulled it off in this song really well!

I'll have to agree with the ending part though as it didn't seem to end very well. Other than that this song sounded really cool and creepy. Something you would expect to hear in a movie when a character hears a creepy noise and knows something monstrous is there, but just can't see it yet.

~ Review Request Club ~

Centrist responds:

Oh, awesome. But yeah, feel free to use anything or request anything from me if you are in need for future movies or something.

I could redo the ending to make it a little bit more..Dramatic I suppose, but I don't really have an idea of how to end it. O-o Like... Is it supposed to end epic? Or still scary? I don't know! xD

Could be in some sort of scary movie

I liked how long the note holds from the begining and how over time you threw in some other scary sounds and effects to help build up the suspenseful feeling. But man I would have totally enjoyed this if you just put in something big at the end to end all of the suspenseful feeling. Because I just don't like how it just goes on forever. That and the ending is bad.

Centrist responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I didn't really know how to end it so that it completely undermined the entire thing. Though, I guess not adding one is just as bad. Thanks for the review, man! I'll be sure to remember that. :]

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Oct 2, 2009
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