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(gaia) va4C 2nd muffin

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Author Comments

EDIT: 1st Place Winner<3 of the 4th VA Contest
My Second Entry in the Monthly VA Contests
Front Page Coverage AND 40 buck-a-rinos store credit?!?!?!
Oh mah feckin' Gawd, Thank you guys SO freakin' much!!!!!!
Too bad this just might have been the last of 'em.
*crosses my fingers, in the hopes of this NOT being the last one*
Farewell, FatKid. Enjoy your life AWAY from this highly addictive breeding grounds for fun.
Thanks FatKid, Stag, Eddache and ForNoReason for judging so diligently.
Thanks Tom for the credit and the website, of course,
and Rucklo for posting ALL the winners on front page.

Con-griggity-gratualtions to EHR'BODY who took part in this too!
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /WARNING/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
(Contains Adult themes at the very end- if you are at work, please navigate AWAY from this page.
Although, it's not as full of cursing, like my first one, so, yeah.)

4th Monthly Voice Acting Contest - Topic: Muffin/Muffins - my 2nd VA Contest for NG
Anyone who enters the contest, must end their skit, which takes place at the Main Character's workplace, with the word, Muffin or Muffins. Sounds simple enough, right?

I'll spare you all of the ranting and useless banter I NORMALLY tend to spout out,
for like, 6 paragraphs at a time. I will leave you with the wish of a giggle or two at listening to this.

Good Luck and the Best of Wishes to EVERYone who entered this month!
I hope we can still keep these things going, even after FatKid starts his year long break away from Ye Olde Newgrounds. We'll ALL miss you, FKWAJP! <3 <3 <3 <3
If ANYone needs help coordinating something to help out OR needs any sort of voices for their animation, I'd be MORE than happy to do it! :)

*Escorts you inside the local Mall, to "Mr. McPuffins", a bakery/cafe in the Food Court of your everyday, run of the mill, suburban Mecca*

............Take care, be good and eat MUFFINS.period


Flippin' through the TV stations, bringing us to the "muffin" ending:
1) Spanish-translate it, if you wish to hear what "he's" saying. It DOES say muffin, though.

2)Fishy Fight (children's show)- Sharky gets banged up and hurts,
"Mah tail, mah eye and MAH FIN."

3)Adult Hokey Pokey- Female singer moves onto the next body part to "put in".
You guess which one.


damn hippies

that was hilarious and the hippie part was funny.

darn hippies...

hahahaha that was sweet, you do a good hippie personality/ voice thing. but the worker was hilarious, monotone, and bored. But the tv was most unexpected because i had no idea you knew spanish and also the first part of that shark thing sounded like a ninja fight, i was like "YES! Ninjas!" until i heard that guy... anyways that hokey pokey was... either an incredibly weird music station or an awful porn channel. that was very realistic. great job.

People find this review helpful!
rednikaiaG responds:

Thanks SO much, TNWT!!!!!!!!!!
I mean it! I've gotten a really positive response to this one. I was a bit nervous at first, with the whole Hokey Pokey part. I didn't want people to think I was some kind of a hoo-wah or something. But, I figured everyone who knows me here on NG wouldn't think that at all, so, why not? Yeah, the cashier was fun to do. That very voice was taken from me, working a few retail jobs and the people you have to deal with on a day to day basis. Eek!
Sorry about disappointing you with the lack of HEARING the ninjas in the skit. If it makes any difference to you though, they WERE there. But they're freakin' ninjas, so you just couldn't detect them with your untrained eyes and ears.

.............Take care, be good and put on your ninja goggles.period

How did I miss this?!

I was wondering why you had not replied to my last PM, so I visited your page and I noticed I had not heard this audio submission.

This is another masterpiece, and the adult "Hokey Pokey" at the end was pretty..........arousing.........kind a sorta. LOL

Anyway, please respond back with another PM when you can.

Peace and love girl, bye!

People find this review helpful!
rednikaiaG responds:

Hell, I'm pretty unobservant myself, Hero!
It's ok, Silly Head. It's not like I had been sitting here waiting for you to comment and vote on this. Besides, I mean, unless I'm mistaken, people DO have lives, outside of this website, right? Heh heh heh. Thanks for leaving me feedback, as always. You're such a sweetie. Psh. . .masterpiece. You little charmer, you!
*double checks to make sure I have already sent you back a PM* Yeah, I PM'd you back, Man awhile ago. Hope things are going more than well for you so far this fine New Year of ours. Can't wait to hear about what all sorts of things you've been getting into lately. Until then. . .

..................Take care, be good and "peace and love boy, bye".period

Ramen Noodles

I gotta say, this one made me smile too. Was that a woman talking to her dog or her child in the background?

People find this review helpful!
rednikaiaG responds:

Oh my Gawd! That's so funny you would say that, Man! Yeah, that's me making fun of how people talk to babies AND small animals. It's as if some women are geared into believing that they'll recieve a better response from babies or animals, if they talk to them, like they're freakin' Oompa Loompas or something. Ugh!
I hate that whole high pitched, obnoxious, nonsense making yap that women do. There used to be this waitress who worked at a diner VERY close to where I live who spoke that way NATURALLY. I mean, she'd say things in that tone, PERPETUALLY. Gawd, it was hideous to try and sit through. I think one time, I even had to just get up and leave because I simply couldn't take it anymore. My brain refused to comprehend what came out of her mouth in that pitch bent tone of hers.
But yeah, to answer your question, it was!
Thanks for the vote and review, Man! :)

................Take care, be good and avoid talking to children and animals,
as if they were innately mentally deficient.period

Teen Titans...go?

Your grumpy voice reminds me a LOT of Raven from the TT cartoon. Awesome.

People find this review helpful!
rednikaiaG responds:

Why thank you, Opalmonk----------!
I don't think you know JUST how happy that review just made me.
I appreciate that because, I likey me some Raven too!
There are some HILARIOUS fandubs out there involving her.
Thanks for taking the time to not only vote, but leave a review as well!
Happy beLATEd New Year to you!

.............Take care, be good and thanks again for your words.period

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Oct 1, 2009
5:30 PM EDT
Voice Demo
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