Poker- F-A-C-E Remix

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Hey people...

This Track was a bit off a struggle ... I found original Vocal lines from lady gaga but where hard to
implement because i cut them from the original track.

Now What i just did was made my own Track first.. and Implemented the Vocal Line, and Track
assets from the original.
I Saved the PokerFace climax for last so i can adopt my own influences in the track itself.

I hope u enjoy this Trance Track..

Pls Tell me What u Think ( Comments )

Greetz DJMontana



Nice man, this was waaay different than what I tried doing with this track...

If you have time, I made a remix of it (I forget if you reviewed that one or not...)

well anyways, have a good day man.


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DjMontana responds:

Hey Derrick..

Hey man.. Well it looks like Opinions are very dofferent on this track.
But on NG That is too be expected.. Sometimes THings work Out a Bit Stupid.
When i Post a track I Personally think Rocks.. Doesn`t do any good on NG.

When it`s a track i think is ok.... It Goes up like a Balloon ! it`s Crazy !!...

But Anyway... i Listened too your tracks on that Site off yours Realy Good man...Big Respect..

greetz DJMontana

Nice :)

Well tbh this being you only cutting vocals from the original mp3, its a pretty good job... the reason im giving an 8/10 is because well, the cuts could've been more in rythm and there are just some slight mixing/mastering errors, but not any huge errors :)

The vocals: I would advice you to give them more of a "theme", so that the listener has something to hang his coat on. You can have "wild ride" bridges, but as a whole song it just doesnt work. So my tip here would be for you to mark up one spot of the vocals, and somehow repeat them, and build them throughout the song :)

The mastering/mixing: The hihats are a little too dominant, here also i would advice you to utilize simple rythms to make the beat, simply more CATCHY.

The saw (lead with the melody) is a little loud, and drenched in reeverb and delay, as a result it gets ducked behind the beat alot. And doesnt enhance the song, but just dig it further in.

Everything other than that is good really, i would just advice you to first pay attention to your beat, and make sure everything there flows well, nothing is too dominant and nothing clips. After that, add the bass, and make sure it lays the foundation for the song, by enhancing the 4x4 kick :) AFTER THAT, you add your melodies, your details, and your vocals.

In the future, also go easy on reeverb, rather use a little more delay (and set the time on the delay according to the rythm in your song :) (4x4 - time on delay = 4.)

Beat as a whole: REALLY nice intro, you teas the main beat alot, but that FL preset FX, NEVER AGAIN ;) Way to many people use FL for you to be using ANY FL preset! :) Just, go easy on reeverb in the future, that will really raise your quality to new levels...

And to finish this off... in the future, when you want an acapella, just PM me or something, i have liturally every acapella known to man... more than often studio recordings as well, filtered are horrible!


Good work ;)


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DjMontana responds:

Hey Ethalyn..

wow..very long Review..Respect !!!...
Ok lets see... Well this Track is sort off more a Try out.. See how Things Develop.
I see You don`t like the hihats... thats whas the only thing i did not spent much time on...so in this case i can understand.

The Vocals Where very difficult to master.. i Can Certainly Train again.. and see if i Can find DIfferent kind Vocal lines.
But The hard part is too have Clear vocal line..wich i can only get From Free Vocal Samples lines and Lady gaga does not have Them...

ON the part off the Delay.. that`s all in the past.. i know what youre trying to say.. it just got a little out off hand...

Ohhh I Will defeintly PM u if u Have so much.. im leterly Cleaning the web Looking For Good Vocals...

Thnx For Youre Big effort.. i will try My best in the Next Attempt.

greetz DJMontana


I liked everything but the introduction, but it was still an overall amazing Remix.

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DjMontana responds:

thnx For Comment and Rating

First ^^

This is really good man =D
I mean serious.
Your climaxes are good, the music works well with the vocals...
I'm really impressed =D

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DjMontana responds:

Hey amoeder666....

Well thanx... ! i hope people like this kind off own influence.
Many people expect that the whole vocal line should be in it, wich can only be
done if u are Topdollar ! :P

thnx for Comment and Rating :D !

greetz DJMontana

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Oct 1, 2009
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