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Author Comments

Hate it or love it, I guess it's experimental DNB. I got carried away with FX, I know....



the best

Ultra brilliant!

I've always loved your music, and this song doesn't let me down either. It's sane and demented at the same time. I adore the glitchiness, the style, the whole song. Keep it up.

AdmiralConquistador responds:

You rock dude... I love your flash, and the fact that you use my music makes it extra nice!


Paragraph boy

bah.... the shitty bastards voted another 0.....

Anyways.. nice Acid/DnB track. I could see one of the little parts in this song on the Newgrounds homepage.. which is like 25 seconds into it? The drums are kick ass and the DnB seems perfect in ym view... It wont get to my Top 5.... just because DnB is not particulary my favorite, unless it has the right feel to it... kind of liek what Paragon does to his.

The drums were probably the highlight of this song. They were nice and loud, like any DnB should have... and it really had a nice tempo and kept its pace.

As to those 0 voters...... hopefully they show themselves and post a reason why they vote 0.. instead of hiding behind the shadow of the internet.... I dont knwo anythign baout htis, but do you see the people who vote or not? If you could... go to their songs and vote 0's.... maybe its a guy that just made an account on NEwgroudns just to vote 0's for everyone... if thats the case... they really need a life.

It takes guts and braisn to make music. To waste it all on one guys 0, is basically hopeless for you to get a high score... because he voted a 0 first and that keeps it at zero and the highest you can possibly get is at least a 4.00 or maybe higher.

0 Third 0 Nut 0

OOOOH, I almost have my money.. then I wont need the demo for Reason 3.0 anymore!!! yes! SCORE! I will give this a 5! To replace for that guys 0.... I would of maybe gave it a 4??? dont knwo? nah, I would of gave it a 5.

P.S. Thsi is why I call myself Paragraph Boy :P maybe I'll make a song labeled that??? Doubt it

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Alright look everyone, I'm going to post to newgrounds very infrequently, maybe you'll forget who I am. It appears that you recognize my time stamp on my songs in the audio portal and know to automatically give my songs zeros. I don't know who it is, I don't really care. I just know that I'm done with this bullshit. I've submitted good songs to this fucking website only to have them ripped to shreds by bastards with no life. It hurts even more because the popularity of a song has a lot to do with the score, so I can't even get an audience for my music now, because all of my songs have such a low score. Who wants to listen to a song that has a score below 4? I don't blame people for not taking a chance on a song that could be mediocre. You want to listen to 4+ songs, and when you get shafted with someone's first Fruityloop song that is offkey and whatnot, then you have to wonder why Newgrounds Audio Portal still exists. It's because it has a great legacy, a time when Dreamscaper and Paragon and chronamut and kingbastard(who still rules) ruled, and they ruled rightfully because their music is incredible. People decided it was time to overthrow them and start submitting crap and voting down everyone's music. It became too cutthroat, and the point of the AP was lost. Instead of helping artists, now they are not finding good music. Good music is being voted down, and moved way down on the charts where no one will ever look, and so flash artists are doomed to use either copywrited songs, to use crappy loops by idiots in the audio portal, or to waste a whole lot of time listening to a whole lot of songs looking for a good piece of work. I'm not saying everyone submitting today is bad, but it's not far from the truth. There are VERY FUCKING FEW good artists on the audio portal. Anyway, I'm ranting now and no one will read down this far. Paragraph boy I'm sorry I used your review as a launching pad to hate against the haters, but I had to vent somehow. I think I'll create a new account and post under that name from now on. Maybe that will throw people off.


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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2005
6:18 AM EDT
File Info
1.6 MB
1 min 46 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.