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Midnight Illusion (DP&KP)

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Author Comments

A collab with digital pulse check his NG page out http://digitalpulse.newgr ounds.com/ (don't forget the space)

the song lost some quality due to the size, the full size is 14 mb.


Great track

First of all, I have to say that this is a really god track. The melody is so nice.

Why I only give an 8 then? Because sometimes there's a lack of power in the track. For example, at 2:33. When the main rythym begins, I feel like something is missing there. There's not enough power there. Maybe another synth, another bass, another drums... It's difficult to say what is it really, but I miss that kind os sound that make you say ''wow''.

The another little thing that can be improved is the drum line. Nowadays, the trance tracks has very elaborated drums lines. Your track has a simple drums line (just like trance track in 2002) That can make the track to sound a little old.

But, in spite of that, this song is very good. Your should finish it!!

Keep it up!!



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Umm review

You already got enough indepth reviews already. I'll probably just repeat stuff you already know. Plus this song is pretty old now. You are most likely much better now. Anyway, you wanted a review for this one so I'll give.

Intro drums sound clear. Like the hi hats playing. Your cymbal splash may need some more. Try some sidechain on it? Possibly some modulations as the cymbal decays?

0:19-0:27 sounds like a very weak transition to the climax. Your fx is way overpowered by the kick. Not that I don't like the kick....just make that fx louder.

0:28 I don't mind the bass pattern. Its the bass instrument that is lacking. It has a lot of sub or a high sine level to it, but it isn't clear sounding. You might need to raise the more higher frequencies like 300-400hz.

1:07 but more obviously at 1:37 I am not a fan of these kinds of instruments that sound so eurodance like. Noise is good if used in the right way. You and your collaborator made this song not for the euro dance fans but for the more emotional deeper feeling you would get at more popular clubs or trance events. This euro dance type instrument just destroys that more mainstream club feel. In my opinion these noisy instruments should only be used as a background instrument in these types of songs. As for happy hardcore, sure why not use these noise instruments as the lead.

Kudos on your "midnight" low cutoff instrument. Something I would hear in professional trance songs.

Big exciting transition coming. The anticipations for the climax is high and then 2:33.....???? Where is the climax? Okay, sure you had the right idea. In the earlier sections of your songs you had the instruments pretty much separate from eachother, and at 2:33 you bring them all together. Nice job on that. However, even with them all together, it just doesn't get me excited. I'm not like jumping up and down like what you would see in any climax for many trance songs. You have to help me here on this one. I don't know if you made this song for the listener to relax to or if you wanted to make this song to get the listener in adrenaline mood. If the former than I can't really complain about the climax, but if the latter there needs to be some changes made.

3:28 is it just me or does the song just cut off and change to some piano part? More gradual transition might be better here. Now here is where that noise instrument really shows its problems. Piano, noisy instrument, choir pad, midnight instrument.....it just sounds so messy. Strip out that noisy instrument and things would be way more clearer. Sorry, this part just got on my nerves because of that white noise.

4:33 okay I'm digging the drums better here. Sounds better than the first climax at 2:33. Maybe cause now you have a extra instrument (the piano) to bring more fill to the song. You also dampened that noisy instrument (thank goodness) so it didn't ruin the experience.

So the song pretty much repeats. Yes, typical of trance and not something I dock marks off of. I do like more diverse music though.

Overall, you obviously can see my frustration in that white noise instrument. Yes, you can use it in these kinds of trance songs but there is a very fine line as to when that kind of instrument can just ruin a song or make it better. I probably am just saying stuff that the past reviewers have already said. Your definitely on the right track here. Your production skills are at a good level right now. Just be wary about the instruments you use and as a bonus try for more diverse music.

5/5 and 9/10.

Bye for now

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Snoop Dogg - Malice N Wonderland

No one can choose their real family, but anyone can choose their rap family. There's a proper time and place for Soulja Boy, but it isn't on a Snoop track, and it's most certainly not anywhere within spitting distance of Auto-Tune. The electronica-tinged Pronto breaks the smooth aesthetic of the album, offering a bloated track that has so much of Soulja Boy it should really read "featuring Snoop Dogg". (There's a comment to made here, too, about "featuring Lil Jon" on 1800, when all he does is his standard "yeah!"s in the background.) Pronto would have been the best track on a new Soulja Boy album, but it's definitely the worst track here.

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Kalapsia responds:

Still, Snoop blends the old rap feel with the new style and adds some things to the mix along the way. The springy backing track for Different Languages sounds very Kanye West-like, and Snoop's loving lyrics to his wife here ("that's my baby... feels so good I have to sing about it") and an unnamed woman in Gangsta Luv really bring out his mature, soulful side. These songs also point to another aspect of aging rappers - what happens when they settle down as family men but keep rapping on about "bitches" and "hoes"? Maybe their partners just listen past that.

Very nice!!

Very impressive from beginning to end! Nice beat, instruments, melody... An overall awesome that makes people just keep on asking for more. Although it is hard to believe this song could definitely be better with some perfect build up spots left empty and some volume anomalies here and there. This song definitely has the power and the possibility but is it really there or does it need one final push to the top?
I wont make this review like i usually do with the Strong point and Weak point system because i realized over time that this poses a few problems. For the most part, people don't always agree as in what may be a weak point for me might be a strong point for others otherwise making me a public enemy. And also it disables the possibility of you knowing how good or bad your song is before you read the whole review witch is also why my star number will be as close to the average as possible not necessarily because i think that its just not to break your review average. If there are any things you do not agree on or otherwise, completely hate about my review, just post it in the response, I would really appreciate it.

- I really liked the intro setting the beat for the song but i really did think that a short bass would of really added some music to it but that would of possibly forced you to change the way you build up the song since it would be exactly compatible with the synth that you added after. Very nice choice of drums! Classic trance drums never sounded this good!
- Although the instruments used in this song are really good, some of them might need revisiting. For instance, the bass that comes in at 2:05 and countinues for the rest of the song should start out continuous and then after the drum roll that stops at 2:31, should be spaced until the rest of the song with the exception of calm parts without drums.
- I noticed that there are some instruments in the song you just added for a complex sound and to avoid repetition but some of them you should really make louder because they have the quality to add to the build thous make the song longer and better
- I love the general sound of the song. It sounds very professional, very calculated, nothing is left to luck everything is there for a reason. Although it doesnt exactly show much in terms of effects and such.
... at this point in the review my sound card has completely crashed out of nowhere... so i will not countinue with the details after all, i think i have covered all the things that might need refinement. anyway... you and digital pulse really rock at this!! you should consider making some more and seeing how it would turn out. if you guys make a good team, you guys should make a separate account so that you could both benefit equally. anyway i will tell you, this is the kind of sound, of song that most artists on newgrounds could only dream to create. Very nice work hope i hear more like this soon! Peace!

Kalapsia responds:

thanks for the lengthy review. now i'll respond to your points.

- to tell you the truth i actually thought my intro was extremely bland because of the classic trance drums, really DP and I felt like adding a nice long intro, but i shortened it quite a bit.

-i somewhat agree, i was actually thinking of turning up the volume for the bass or something to make it more dominant. i was also thinking of just making a better bass melody really.

-i completely agree, i was planning on making the plucky guitar louder.

- right, the mixing isn't so great, i was going for ambientish/melodic/progressive kind of atmosphere. i think i hit the right spot though.

-sucks that your soundcard died, i was looking forward to some more critiszm :(

again thanks for the review, i appreciate it

This is one hell of a song =).

This is awesome dude. I normally get bored from slow build ups but this one has me the whole way. I love it man. The whole way through you feel like your are climbing up to a point and you just sit back and enjoy the ride. Very calm i really like it would be awesome in a rave.

- The bass and beat seem to get cluttered at times making it really heavy maybe try seperating them a bit =).

9/10 (You MUST finish this)

Amazing work =).

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Credits & Info


4.43 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2009
1:22 AM EDT
File Info
7 MB
6 min 5 sec

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