Dark Matter Consumption

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Eh, I know I said I was done with this place but I guess I changed my mind ;)

Here's a new track of mine, hope you like it!


Rockin song

This was another wicked track you made here,i think this one had the best quality of them all though it did lack a little bass but it was still rockin & uplifting,overall i enjoyed this track very much. =)

My word...

Shadrock's back, hell yea. :D

Classic Shadrock style of combining heavy-heavy-heavy-grindy-scrapey pipe sounding guitar tones with the pianos and a sort of ominous choir to produce something quite epic, here we go again lol.

Double-bass kick, I like the implementation, it's always produced to make someone want to kick another in angst, but that's thier problem. >_>

This all opens out quite well, but as the track progresses... There's some odd panny-techno thing, but it ends quick, then back into those grindy riffs. I usually like the slower songs of yours best, but this is still something to behold in my opinion.

Of this track, I especially liked the middle-quontient, it sounded the most diverse and overall interesting... Not that the rest of the tack isn't though.

Although, don't like how the song suddenly ends though, it felt like getting shoved off a cliff while blindfolded. It also in my opinion felt like it maybe should've taken more time for production to better develop all the parts, but simply my opinion.

Shadrock responds:

All great criticisms and ones I agree with, techno part I'd like to rid of and the ending was actually never finished, there's supposed to be a panning out solo in the end but I haven't gotten around to doing, might update this song in the future though so keep checking back!

Nice nice , but too silent for me

Your style has scent of epicness


Nice track you bitch :)
4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.017)
You know you want to

Glad you came back homie!!

This is a really hot track you've got here. It really gets you blood pumping. Just so you know, I bump your tracks on my MUGEN, on Burnout Paradise, and on some of the entrance music for Smackdown vs Raw 09 (soon to be on 2010 too). I'm glad you decided to come back and I hope you come out with some more hot shit! Keep it up man!!

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4.09 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2009
11:27 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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