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Hello all, this is a small remix of the Overworld Level song in Super Mario World, I hope you all like it =)

This is hopefully going to be used in a flash called Luigi Dies 2, where Luigi gets horribly owned by many different things. Watch for that too, from FlashfireEX (www.flashfireex.newgroun ds.com)

Anyways, Rate, review, and favorite! OH, and enjoy!


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This might just be the coolest Mario remix I've ever heard. It doesn't really seem like it loops well, though.

Prodigal responds:


Nice work!

I particularly liked the intro for this one as the bells set it off quite well and build up into the main melody was well thought out and worked out.

Melodies and drum loops were interestingly varied with new patterns interlocking every few bars to provide an excellent blend of music. Brilliant work.

Background could've been more varied though even though there isn't a lot of depth u can add in a video gameish song.

Overall, its an excellent loop although it isn't exactly trance...

-Review Request Club-

Prodigal responds:

Haha, everyone just loves the bells...

Thanks for the review man.

Sounds quite "X-massy"

Not a bad tune, but the way that it sounds with the bells at the start, it does quite sounds like it's themed for X-mas, which is a little weird for this time of year. Not to worry though, as it sounds pretty good for a techno loop of SMB origin.

I think that you could stand to make this track longer and possibly include some vocal samples from parts of the Super Mario Brothers game collection that is pretty much readily available online anywhere, so have a look around and see what you can come up with from that.

[Review Request Club]

Prodigal responds:

Will take all your advice into mind, not in the mood for responding to reviews :l

Thanks though :D

Just adding to the 100's of Mario RMXs on NG :P...

...But honestly, I completely agree with Haggard. This has some extremely unique aspects to it, even for a Mario remix, and I really enjoyed it!

I obviously can't credit you for the melodies since this is a remix, but I love what you added to them. The instruments you used were absolute perfection with the melodies, and fit greatly with the Mario feel this song is supposed to give out, plus I can definitely picture poor Luigi getting his butt kicked to this song :P.

One small problem though. It might have to do with my Internet connection, but for some really strange reason, this song is lagging and becoming a little glitchy on my computer, especially towards the end, which was quite wierd, and I don't know if it was a glitch when uploading, deliberate, or just my Ye Olde Computer acting up as usual, but if there's any way to fix it, that'd be great.

When it comes to the instruments; just perfect. I never used Nexus before (aren't I a noob?) so I can't say they're too generic or anything, but they're really well done. Saw lead was brilliant, the bells at the beginning were fantastic, and all the other instruments gave out that Mario feel excellently.

The use of vocal samples is quite new to Mario remixes, and they weren't that badly introduced over here. Wish they were louder though, and more sort of prominent. A good idea would be that somewhere at around 0:42, the song stops, and you only hear Mario going 'Yahoo!', and then the song continues, or maybe at 0:42 you could do the sound effect of Mario grabbing a super mushroom and turning into Super Mario before it becomes action-packed. I always loved that effect :D.

Transitions were very impressive over here, and I couldnt find any problem in them. Loved the transition at 0:26, and vocal transitions were timed very well too, as Fro said. New instruments were introduced perfectly, especially the saw synth, which came in with a good buildup, and I liked how you introduced the drums as well.

The structure is fine, and variety was perfect. Usually in songs as small as this, variety is lacking, but I see you did a great job leaving the song as varied as possible without getting random, so awesome job. The bells intro was epic, and I didn't find anything wrong with it, but I'm just concerned about the ending.

I'd say to fix the ending, either you loop this better by removing any silence and that sound effect at the beginning (instead, the bells melody starts playing straight away at the beginning) or at 1:05, you remove any background drums/instruments playing so only the main instrument is playing, and then play a kick and crash along with the final note, remove the vocal sample and add at least a second and a half of silence.

Drums were one of the best parts of this. They made the song quite action-packed, and if I had to go through the song, I wouldn't change them at all. They had very nice drum beats, made excellent transitions, were just the right loudness, fit with the song perfectly and had really nice samples. At the end of the drum beat, you also added a turntable scratch/two small reversed kicks (not too sure which one) which was quite cool as well.

One of the better Mario remixes, with the only reasons why I gave you a 9 is because of the ending, the length and the fact that the vocal samples need to have a bit more importance. Oh, and before I forget, the song overall is too quiet, you need to amplify it a little more (I'd say around +4.5 DB). Anyway, sorry for the long review (it's amazing how much a guy could say on such a small song :P) and keep up the amazing work, oh supreme remixer XD. Oh, and if you continue this, please send me a PM, I won't live without it in my Music folder :P.

-Review Request Club-

Prodigal responds:

Holy fuck king of the reviews.

Time to reply to this one :D On a note, this song was going to be used for a title screen on a collaboration flash that was about Luigi getting terribly owned, so at least you have a good idea here when he's getting his ass kicked :D

That glitchy sound is probably, and simply, the shuffle style 4/4 I used in this song. Sorry for making you freak out D:

Id you haven't used Nexus before I reccomend you don't get it unless you are seriously in need of a good soundbank of presets, because thats all Nexus is. It'll turn you into a preset whore, and I'm trying to blend and layer Nexus with different assortments of VsTi/plugins too.

I'm going to definitely look into that new transition that you were talking about. the mushroom idea is perfect :D

I was aiming for a well made short song so I had to really extend my ways of creating a variety of choices to listen to, and I guess that made no sense, but it worked :D

I'll definitely look into finishing this, it's just DYING for a front page! (I got so close when I submitted but then the usual retards came by and decided to laugh in their spinny chairs as their fat hands plummeted on their mouses as they pressed the zero button, then they went and grabbed some cheetos but got an artery clog.)

There is literally no bass out of what I hear right now, i'm gunna remaster this all. Not to mention turning it up too.

Thanks for the monster review!

Nice remix

It's hard to come up with anything original when it comes to music from mario games, as it all seemingly has been done already. But this is in fact very original. Nice take on the propably best know main theme in gaming history.

Too bad the song is so short though, just about over a minute. It would be nice if you could add some more parts to it. Maybe even use music from other stages in there as well.

Unlike Fro, I didn't like the vocal samples in here too much, but I have to admit they add a bit varity to the song. It would propably sound a bit bland if the voices wheren't there.

Where I agree with Fro though is the ending. It's really messed up. Sounds as if you suddendly lost interested and left the song unfinished.

{ Review Request Club }

Prodigal responds:

Haha, thanks for reviewing. I actually made this for a flash collab, but i have no clue what the progress is right now. It was just supposed to be short and powerful, and indeed it is. I threw in the vocals so that it had more of a mario taste, and I didn't do alot with the vocals :P The song is left unfinished because it was supposed to be a collab on it's own between me and BeatSource, but I think we both forgot about it, so i'll just hustle up and try to finish this myself.

Thanks Haggard!

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