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Jones Family VA Contest Entry

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Author Comments

Lol....well, I started working on this and got bored of it like I usually do with projects. It's not as good as I wanted for it to be I guess, but oh well. It was fun. xD Cheers, mi amigos!
PS: Please turn the volume up a lot, because it was recorded kind of low! If you turn it up you'll be able to hear more of the background noises I added to it. :P
Also, be sure to check out my first VA demo with the same character (yes I was too lazy to make new ones)

Narrator:Hello. I'm the new narrator filling in for the old one. I'm not as interesting, but much more experienced
Grandma: Hey hottie


Butch: Mom! Our town is being attacked!
Mom: By what?
Butch: By food! Lots and lots of food!
Mom: Oh no! You know what this calls for! Alright. Heroes! Suit up!
Angel: Yay! Free food!
Butch: Uggh
Mom: Woah! Look at all the pies, broccoli and bananas!
Angel: So scary.
Mom: It's okay Angel. Wait. What happened to the broccoli and bananas?
Grandma: Sorry. I ate most of them....so delicious.....like celery topped with chocolate, straawberries, lots of love, and of course, cheese
Butch: You're SO gross.
Mom: Angel, can you fly us up there? Maybe I can stop these guys with my secret weapon.
Angel: I can try. Hang on, you two.
Grandma: Oh dear. I can't feel my feet...uh....oh wait. I'm....I'm flying....oh my goodness! I'm flying!
Mom: Good job Angel!
Butch: I'm gonna be sick. Oh crap! There's one on our tail.
Butch: Die, Pastry scum!
Angel: Wow Butch! You're a toaster! I never knew you could do that.
Butch: What did I tell you? Am I good? Or am I AWESOME!?
Mom: Just a few more
Angel: Now, for my secret weapon.
Butch: Pfft. What's that? Cuteness?
Angel: How'd you know!?
Butch: Lucky guess.
Grandma: I see some prunes....or are they raisins
Butch: Those are cucumbers, Grandma.
Grandma: Whoopsee.
Mom: Okay when I say "ready" I want you to drop me over that giant pie
Angel: Okay!
Mom: Alright..............and.
....ready! Yaaaaaaaaggggh! Dinner time!!
Angel: Mommy has a big mouth!
Butch: Oh please...she's always had a big mouth
Grandma: Now she's losing weight
Butch: Grandma. She's gaining weight
Grandma: Oh my, she is?
Angel: Oh grandma
Mom: Uggh.....can't move
Angel: Yay! We've won!
Butch: Sweet!
Mom: And tangy.
Narrator:And so our heroes save the day again....the tasty way.
Grandma: Oh yummy....I....I want a muffin.



Hahahaha, I had NO idea what this was about. Your voices are funny, but you always seem like you're containing yourself and not going as openly crazy as you should, like you're trying to be quiet so you sound a little but strained. Also your timing is a little bit mellow but other than that, your mixing is great and I liked it.

Jessismith responds:

You have a good ear, my friend. I always have to restrain from yelling since it causes echo in the room and makes it sound just like I am in a room, lol. I do need to push m voice and do crazier stuff. And I'm glad you couldn't figure out the plot. I totally didn't have one. :) Thanks Leech. I'll whip up something super good just for you, next time around.

Final Results for Voice ACting Contest :U


First off, this is my second favorite so far out of all the entries, and i have seen almost all of them. I thought it was so funny and cute and the way you purposely sounded like a girl trying to sound like a guy narrator made me laugh. They main thing that you need to work on is the acting. I could tell you were having fun with this lol, so you trailed off and kind of lost the acting in teh characters, They sounded more silly and random than good acting characters. but there were tons of very well done lines that got you some major points. Your a good voice actor when it comes to these cute characters, but you should try to get as INTO the character as possible. I liked the range you had, all of them sounded squeaky and cute but you still managed to make them sound different. I LOVED THE STORY!!! Attack by food? BRILLIANT! Its like that powerpuff girls episode haahah. -86


Jones Family

Acting = 30
Fit = 25
Originality = 15
Range = 10
Mixing = 7

- 82

This was very well acted with lots of very entertaining characters. The narrator's voice was a bit weak, and there seemed to be a bit of a struggle with Butch's voice. However, the overall piece has whole a lot of charm! The music/sfx was a little loud in places, swamping the characters voices and there were a few pauses which slowed the piece done. But it was well acted and I hope to hear more from this super family!


Stephanie Young (Jessismith):
Jones Family VA Contest Entry
Acting 18/35
Fit 15/25
Originality 12/15
Range 6/10
Mixing 6/10

- 58

Stephanie Young (Jessismith):
Jones family VA contest entry
Acting - 14/35
Fit - 17/25
Originality - 10/15
Range - 10/15
Mixing - 9/10

- 60

The cutest performance I have ever heard. However some voices seemed a little forced but overall very funny!




Jessismith responds:

Yay! Thanks fatkid! And thanks to all the rest of you wonderful judges. You rule! :D

Some advice :D

your script was very creative, and made me very hungry! it had a ditsy cute feel that could only be given by you! :D a really wonderful feeling of being there was the result of your mixing! where admitedly your performance was a little to quiet at parts, and your low narrator/man voice did sound really forced and unnatural, and assumedly especially uncomfortable to perform! hehe, so it jus shows how hard you where trying! :D your range was impressive as usual, and the general acting performance was quite good :D
only you could pull off a convincing battle between random cute characters VS the vegetable crusade. KEEP IT UP! i loved the grandma voice. well done, thanks so much for submitting! and you are pure awesome :D

Jessismith responds:

Well, my voice is naturally dry and airy, so don't worry, it wasn't so uncomfortable to put on a lower raspier voice. :) This was actually really fun to make....I made it just for fun anyway. You're pure awesome too just for reviewing. I've been awaiting your awesome review for a long time. Thanks so much Stag. *huggles* I'll keep it up, as long as I know someone else likes it. :)


Sweet dude! Now I know that you really easy can make boyish voice *freaky*.

Jessismith responds:

It's hard, but with much effort, I can. xD Thanks G. Glad as always you liked it. :)

Aye boyo

Damn, you gotta lotta talent.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you Westies. :) You're awesome.

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4.05 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2009
2:18 PM EDT
Voice Demo
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3 min 24 sec

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