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Keepers Of Hell

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Author Comments

Okay, so I decided to try the voice acting competition thingy in the forums, no no the pirate one, but one that someone else set up. This is crap, no what way you look at it, lol if you like it great, if not, then damn. Since it's probably hard to hear i'm putting up the script. I found the sounds in the beginning somewhere and the music heard is just me messing with one of my songs, "De A". Anyways, enjoy, Or don't I don't care. Oh and in case the people judging where wondering, it's Fluffy and meewop's workplace the gates are where they work. Hope thats not stretching it. Oh and yeah the ending was maybe sort of forced but eh, i had fun with it.=3

On a side note, doing the "Fluffy" voice hurts if done for to long xD

""=Random person

"OH MY GOD!! WHERE AM I?!! This place doesn't look to good!, oh look someones here... wait, are those squirrels?"

-Meewop- 'Hello and welcome!'

- fluffy- 'TO HELL!-"

"Hell? But that cannot be!"

-Meewop-"Oh but it is!"

"If this is hell... Who are you two?"

- fluffy-"I, am fluffy, gate keeper of the gates hell."

-Meewop-"I am Meewop, the key master of the gates of hell, and these are the gates of hell."

- fluffy-"Our workplace of pain and sorrow

-Meewop- "And this is where you shall spend the rest of eternity in damnation muahahaha!!"

"But... That can't be... "

- fluffy-"Hahaha! Why not?"

"This place is too, happy and joyfull looking to be what I pictured hell to be... Almost looks like a set for one of those lame ass childrens shows, you know the ones with the gay ass purple dino singing about raping everyone, or something like that."

-Meewop-"Oh... about that, the budget was low this year for detail work on hell, so we had to sort of make due with what we could find."

"I see, so where will I stay?"

- fluffy-"Hmmm.. well you could stay in either the sunshine happy castle."

-Meewop-"Or on Drury lane."

"You mean where the muffin man lives?"

- fluffy-"Sure, lets go with that."

"I'll go with the muffin man I guess, he can't be all too bad."

-Meewop-"Yeeaaaah... I hope you reeally like muffins."

"Well sure I do, what kind does he make?"

- fluffy-"Are you sure you want to know, because you will be forced to eat them?"

"Yes, i'd like to know."

-Meewop-"Alright, you asked for it. Hope you like Horse-shit muffins!"


Final REsults For Voice Acting Contest! :P


Personally, I loved LOVED this. Why? Well, because of the strange mixing that you did where you can barely hear the voices of the characters, and the mix of the strangSo 10 for originallity, but 5 for acting. The guy who woke up didn't sound like he was to freaked out when he said "oh my god". He just said it so forcefully. Plus, the characters talked a bit to dull. They didnt sound like they were really talking, rather that they were being forced to talked by some director. In other words, your forcing your voices to much. Try to think like YOu are the character so that YOU just simple talk like him and like you are really there. the mixing was bad because i couldnt hear the characters to well, make sure to lower the volume on the layer where the music is by about 30%. By the way, that ending where you purposely blew into the microphone and said lalal was just fabulous for the muffin ending. I loved it. -80


Keepers Of Hell

Acting = 15
Fit = 20
Originality = 13
Range = 10
Mixing = 5


The acting was ok, but it was very difficult to understand what the characters were saying. The use of music and sfx was good but at the beginning it was smothering the voices so much it made it even more difficult to hear the characters. I had bit of a hard time understanding what was going on but it was quite an original tale. The voices did fit quite well but it was let down a lot by the lack of clarity.


Keepers OF Hell
Acting 21/35
Fit 13/25
Originality 12/15
Range 7/10
Mixing 4/10

- 57

Keepers of hell
Acting -11/35
Fit - 14/25
Originality - 8/15
Range - 8/15
Mixing - 8/10
A very cute performance with charm and light humour. However, I barely even felt any real emotion or expression...

- 51




Kirbyfemur responds:

I guess next time i'll have to make sure not to record so late at night lol

Thank you for the review, and for letting me enter. =3


effort- 9/10. this clearly has some thought put into it. making me appeciate it all the more. :D you have done a good job on your voices, they are all quite different, all suggesting your range is quite colourful, although maybe a few more characters would have made it more clear about how flexibile you really are. the voices displayed are a clear indication of how high and low your voice can go, but all the same they are the voices that everyone can do. the low grumble and high pitched munchkin sound lol. in the future contest i advise really going for some new and unusual voices. also ACCENTS. to make it EVEN MORE impressive try giving the characters different accents. :D
i liked the direction of this piece, and it moving toward the muffin man which i personally have a private joke about with my friends, so it had me Lolling hard. :D also the ending concept where they are going "LALALALALALA" was very funny! in terms of fit, i guess they where pretty spot on, however the ACTING which is a large portion of judging this piece, was lacking to be honest. i think your characters where quite expressionless, and they where WHISPERING. are the characters supposed to be whispering to eachother? if not then you shouldnt be whispering. it is hard gaining the confidence to successfully voice act out huge and loud emotions, but none the less it is a requirement. your charcters where quite fun though. in terms of mixing, you did select some tunage appropriate to the feel of the moment, and it was subtly placed so blended nicely. the mic quality was good enough to hear your voice, so the visual script for me was not neccesary, but in the future practice your diction more, to speak more clearly can only do you good!
Your script was amusing, and the whole performance had a quant little charm behind it. quite a cute performance i think.
you are gifted with the ability to adapt your voice into any shape, whether it be impressions or your own creations. you will be a good voice actor if you want to be. keep up the god work! :D and good luck in the voice acting contest!

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Kirbyfemur responds:

Unfortunately i probably was whispering. Since at the time i was actually able to record this, everyone else in the house was sleeping, so i couldn't go full out on this one. And the mic i was using was one of those head set mics built for playing only on the playstation, so the quality is WAY better than i expected from the mic i used lol. Thanks again, can't wait to see who ends up with ze crown

Wow, was this taken. . .

all in one shot, Kirbyfemur------?
If so, that's great! This was really cute, Dude. I loved the "evil" music playing in the BG and the main character describing the surroundings.
Ha! That's funny, Hell working on a budget.
Little Mr. Meewop sounded cute as all get out. Especially, when he said "YeaeaeaeaeeaaH". He sort of sounded like Gizmo. Oh and Fluffy reminded me of watching Inpsector Gadget back in the day! Heh heh heh
See? No one here is gonna shun you! I read that forum post! :)
Great job on an original entry to the contest , Man. I wish you the best of luck in it!
So, until they announce the winners. . .

.................Take care, be good and eat MUFFINS.period


Kirbyfemur responds:

Wow thanks! =D

Yeah it was all done in one sitting, i'm not very good at long time projects. My best stuff (In my opinion) seems to be better when it's kind of spontaneous.
I hadn't even though of Inspector gadget when i was doing the voice, but wow you're right. xD

Thank you again for the support, and i can't wait to see who wins it also. =3

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4.11 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2009
6:55 AM EDT
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