Re-main [Vocals]

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The prog rock song with vocals, lol.

I'm a horrible singer methinks D:

Guilt showers you
On a fateful tide
Sleeping on a twisted stream
Inside a waterfall

He's pacing around to stop from sinking
His home

And I'll sing for love
And I'll love for life

Sleep now my love!
Aren't I the first you would lie for?


Stop the stream
Erect the dam

Stop yourselves
End the flow
No water
Shall get through
Five dozen
Men will lose
So fifteen
Shall die alone

Inhale the solar rays
Embrace the fiery wisdom

Take in all that you can
Absorb every sliver, every ghost
He held a fear of lying beneath the sky
A phobia of feeling a little dry

Breathe me into you
Conquer the shame of sealing your thoughts
Brace yourself for a pact of lies in a dam

Proceed with the slaughter of chance
Brave any road toward a fiendish desire

Liar, liar

The season to cry
The moment he died
They suggest he try
Found answers to why
And I try


Great vocals

Now this was neat, the solo was great, kinda neat, the vocals are great in this, I could see this being more dominate though especially at the ending, like a powerful cliffhangar bump and thump, Now the {VOCALS} are good but sometimes it goes in and out you need a more dominate focus there so that it all comes together and not just in parts, Now while it was very good, i could see it getting better with a few changes as suggested, maybe even more focus on the ending, but anyways for the mostpart i liked it, it was alright.

A cliffhangar ump and thump sound would be a nice ending climax feel, Maybe dont {OVER-USE} the vocals so much, More focus on the vocals more of a dominate role there so it doesnt break off and on at times, and last but not least, more {FOCUS} on the ending.

It's a really good song.

Very nice tiny solo at 1:04, I liked it a whole lot. Double vocals at parts were awesome, but you overused them sometimes. If I had to describe it, then this would be a mix between light mathcore and steve-vie-ish sound, both of them are my favorites. Great job.

I think that you should have made the ending much more powerful. It felt like you were giving up while you sing "I try". Kinda wrecked it for me (that's the reason it's a 9 and not a 10).

Also, a small tip - you're a Countertenor (mezzo-soprano), and you sound so much better there. Don't try to sing at a tenor voice, you hit all the notes but it sounds lifeless. At the Mezzo-Soprano, you don't hit the notes, you SING them. Just my opinion.

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Kor-Rune responds:

Thank you!

I know nothing about the voice and shouldn't be singing if I don't know how. I've just started trying to learn, and I've got a lot to work to do.

Thanks for the tips!

Also, that B at the end is way outta my range, I think you're dead right when I shouldn't try to sing in that area.

Thanks again!


I just came by your page to see what was new and came across this, very nice. I actually think you're a pretty decent vocalist (but this is coming from someone who's far worst lol).

Also, the music is just a tad bit too quiet, but your mixing skills have definitely improved a lot (everything seems at proper levels and well meshed together). As for the overall composition, as always I enjoy it. The constant changes due to it being progressive help it keep from being boring and the guitar playing is amazing as always.

Nice track!

Good one, I really enjoyed this.


I love it man! But! the vocals seem to drown out some of the background music. Maybe bring the music up a little to even it out with the volume of the vox? I dunno great track. Check out my newest track NRS


Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks MJ! I'm a compressor noob :3

I'll play with the mix more!

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