Out Of Control TV Programmes

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Hey people. Thought I'd submit a voice entry for the Voice acting Competition. This based on the life of some guy who keeps an eye on ratings on the TV shows... you only hear him at the end, the rest is like a demo reel xD Enjoy!

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Too funny!

Final Voice Acting Contest Results! :3

IMPORTANT: Disqualified for being under 2 minutes long! The minimum requirement was 2 minutes long. Its not fair for it to be so short because it gets rated higher, because there is less to rate. Its like saying one line very well and getting 35/35 for acting, but someone who has 4 lines says two of those lines badly and gets 17/35. I am very sorry and hope that you understand. Also, you were supposed to talk about someone working in their jobs. I see that it was about someone tired of working for such a crappy TV station, but you should have started it out with him coming to work and slowly growing insane over the horrible programs coming on. This way you would have made it to at least 3 minutes long and have it a story that could be altered into this random style you have going.


You have a very funny range of voices. A lot of them sound similar because they have that high pitched nasally sound, but thats not bad because you are perfect for that sort of character. There are TOONNSSS of characters like that so your good to go for that. You have a nice old voice and I thought your jokes were preety funny. Lol, all the pigs are dead. The ending with the mystery gang didnt sound anything like them, but I thought it was still funny. The mixing was great with good background noises and good equalizing. There was some peaking, make sure to pay attention to how loud your crazy voices are. Its hard to sound low when you have such a crazy character to do, so make sure to lower the mic volume a little for the crazy characters. nice Job overall, your a good voice actor with this crazy style you have! Sorry you didnt meet the requirements. :( -81


Out Of Control TV Programmes

Acting = 35
Fit = 23
Originality = 13
Range = 14
Mixing = 10


Comes in short of 2 minutes so not sure this fully qualifies but here goes: Superbly acted. I'm surprised there's a room that can contain you for very long with the amount of bouncing on the walls that you do. It was very well produced with great use of music. My only real negative points were that the TV Shows bit for voice acting is a little overdone and the Scooby-Doo scene was a bit weakly voiced (although Shaggy was excellent). Plus the keyword "muffin" felt a little forced in the end there. Either way, you're clearly a pro!


Will Ryan (diamond-armada):
Out Of Control TV Programmes
Acting 20/35
Fit 14/25
Originality 6/15
Range 5/10
Mixing 6/10

- 53


Will Ryan (diamond-armada):
Out of control T.V programmes
Acting - 24/35
Fit - 13/25
Originality - 5/15
Range - 10/15
Mixing - 10/10

- 72

A nice little compilation of random scenes, but lacks holding a plot and something fluent to follow, and to allow the listener to really absorb the characters. Also lacking in diction in some places.




Bonjourno. Xb

A nice little compilation of random scenes, but lacks holding a plot and something fluent to follow, and to allow the listener to really absorb the characters.
it is clearly a demoreel, but it doesnt mean it is any less impressive or relevant.
Some very nice voice work, i didnt much care for the whole scooby scene, admitedly shaggy was fantastic, but the rest where pretty far from being similar.
you displayed some nice little skits here and there. and made a fair amount of scenarios that capture some different interesting emotions and characters. :D
i think it may be too short for the voice acting contest aswell though? i dont know... we will see what happens :D
it was fun to listen to. good job :D and thanks for entering. GOOD LUCK!

What a cute entry! :)

I loved all the different television shows, diamond-armada------>
The newscaster who announced the story on Uranus incorrectly was silly! The military booby song was hmmm, charming? And the Scooby-Doo gang was right on the money. Ha! Zoinks! Your Jewish old man was pretty good. The Italian was, well, Italian. :) This was an original idea.
Yeah and you're right, it DOES kind of sound like a demo reel! Well, there's a great way to get two birds with one stone. Good job!
Maybe someday, you and I can work on something together.
Good luck on the contest, diamond-armada!
Until they announce the winners. . .

.........Take care, be good and EAT MUFFINS.period


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Sep 23, 2009
8:39 AM EDT
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