Morning Dew Fields

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It's kinda disappointing when you're having this wonderful dream of just flat out running in this green field, i mean very very green, and the skies are blue with fluffy clouds. No pollution, no dirt, no buildings, no people, just you, the grass, the air, and the sky above you. Next thing you know you wake up to this dingy old apartment with car horns blasting outside your window... It pisses me off to no end >:C




I have to admit this is my favorite song of yours, that you have made so far. And it's not just cause it's practically dedicated to me lol. Anyways I have to admit for it to have kind of been done last minute it really seems like it has a lot of, what's the word I want to use..., I guess meat? Maybe? Like there seems to be a lot more parts put together that make up the song lol. I suck at music. :P Well I love you hon!

Aeris responds:

That's actually a pretty good description, lol. It's pretty meaty and filled, kinda like the consistency of chocolate syrup with powdered sugar sprinkled on top? haha.

Love you too :]

First Off...

You did not tell me about this piece you wrote. *SLAP* You earned that! *HUG* Oh yea, how many other people have slapped and hugged you in the same review?! NONE I TELL YOU!

Yea, feeling quite bouncy at the moment if you could tell. But let's get to the music shall we?

The guitar is wonderful. It sounds 100% real in every way bud. I don't even want to ask how many layers it took to pull that off, but I'm going to right now. So how many layers did it take to pull off the real guitar sound?

The strings fit perfectly with it really. Although I'm listening through speakers and not my headphones, and it seems the left side is dominated by the strings. Maybe it is just me though, so I won't hold that against you.

The choir sounds pretty amazing really. You created quite a unique atmosphere, and really harnessed an amazing sound. The choir is a big reason for that to say the least.

And lastly the mix is wonderful. Everything fits in it's place just right. Nothing sticks out, and nothing gets lost. And the guitar is always the focal point, yet isn't overbearing. Wonderful job on the mix my friend.

5/5 and 10/10 overall.


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Aeris responds:

Haha, I guess I wanted to surprise you xD

How many layers? PFFFFFFT one or two, depends on what you define a layer as. One VST if that's what you mean, plus a few goodies.

About the choir and song in general - Since my boyfriend (soon, hopefully, to be fiance) was moving to Utah I wanted to create a song that harnesses the emotions I feel towoards him, for him, so in general - he is my Morning Dew Field. (cheesy eh?)

Thanks for the compliments on the mix - to be honest, this was a last minute "oh shit put together" thing.


Very Moving

well played and put together also with the beautiful melody and the nice piece for the discription puts it all together

very nice job

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Aeris responds:

Thank you much :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

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