One Gun

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So many things in my imagination. I can only express it through audio.


Nice loop

Not a bad loop - it could be made longer and given more on the scope for variation, but other than that, it's a nice piece. With the way that the bass integrates itself with the keyboard melody, you've got a good sound that encourages people to just get on and move themselves to the beat.

As I said above, I could see this being about 2-3 minutes long, as opposed to just a 1 minute loop. With the way that the melody gets repetitive, you could do with having some sort of solo thrown into the mix, which would help to encourage natural breaks in the rhythm and stop people from getting bored and automatically drown out the music sound itself.

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Good job man. First time i've heard one of your songs but you're going straight on my favourites list ;)

A very good intro. It climaxed very well, with a new instrument coming in to help it and a new melody coming in. that instrument you used at 0:26 was very good adn the melody it played was epic. One thing though, some notes did tend to be either cut off short or overlapping the next note. Although thsi may sopudn good with some other reviews, it din't sound brilliant in this one.

background depth was great too. Although some chords were discordant in some areas, overall bass and background music was awesome, providing a deep and satisfying blend which never got boring.

Varitey was splendid too. The listener will never get bored when listening to this. Good job.

I gave you a nine about the length though. It was too short for my opinion and the isntruments need a change in some parts.

Overall, it was a great piece of music. Well done.

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The intro is very nice, I like the melody and the way it builds up.

Just like Supersteph I like the instrument at 0:26, it adds a different aspect to the song and makes it more varied.

Too bad the song is so short though, as it gets a bit repititve after the third playthrough.

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A good song all around. To me it didn't really loop that well, but Newgrounds does give a nasty little pause in between every now and then so that could have been the reason that it didn't sound so great.

It was a very good fast paced song all around and I enjoyed listening to it very much. It leaves a lot of things to the imagination and could probably be used in any type of flash submission where things were moving fast paced.

Good job all around and a good song that can get you moving.

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Really cool!

This impressed me quite a bit, and although it has its defects, it's awesome :D.

As usual, the melodies here are just so awesome, but you rock at melodies anyway, so you should get used to me saying that in your songs :P. Loved the alternate melody at 0:26, and the one at the beginning was epic too. The main instrument over here did get quite annoying after a few listens, but the pluckish sound of 0:26 was really nice. I wish there were more instruments playing at the same time though, since the variety of instruments over here was nothing too special. Loved the pitch bending on that instrument though, it was just extraordinary, and so were the little sound effects here and there, like the reverse cymbal.

The transitions, especially the ones done with the effects, were done excellently, and I liked the snare roll at the beginning too. For a small loop, the structure here is excellent, with melodies flowing together so well, and this didn't get repetitive at all. Really enjoyed the intro, it started the loop up fantasticly, and this looped brilliantly as well.

The drums had made excellent transitions, were just the right noise, had excellent samples, fit really well with the song, were varied greatly and in general sounded really cool. No complaint over here ;).

The reasons why I gave you a 9 are practically because this was kinda short, and it needs just a few more instruments to it, with the main instrument changed a little. Other than those, this song is one of your best work so far, and sounds great, with a little video-game-ish and boss-battle-ish style to it. Good job, keep up the great work!

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Sep 19, 2009
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