[dj-Jo] She (Aftermath Mix)

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The longest song I have made yet
And the Longest time I took to make a song too

It took me over 2 FRRREEAKING WEEKS to finish it
and i'm still not sure about it being finished either.

But, since I'm a lazy person (Aren't we all...) I'm posting it anyway.

Wish me luck on the She remix contest located here......
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1099907/1

Solus needs some contestents. lol

EDIT: whoops! sorry solous, I forgot to add this
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/128010
its the original track

E N J O Y my hard work.....

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Wow, this is really great. I haven't listened to the original piece, but this song is pretty amazing on its own.
I can tell you put a lot of time into it. The intro was cool, and it got nice and epic-sounding from about the middle to the end.
Like others have said, it gets a little repetitive at places.

Time and effort shines in this piece

The initial build up in the beginning is nice, and I really love the lead synth you've used. I'm no synth craft master, but your leads and bass really hold the piece together for me.

It does get repetitive at parts with some occasional strange dissonant pitches, but the song is well paced with breaks and section changes. Also I'd like to point out some of the use of reverb gives an excellent sense of spatial awareness. (Especially 4:12).

After around 4:30, I can really feel the epic pads used and the piano trill for the build up.. Sends shivers of awe through me.

Don't know what this "Review Request Club" is, but sounds like something I'd like to join sometime :)

Excellent piece of work here.

-Crusader Shield


I had a quick look (or rather a quick listen) to the original version of this. You remix is done very well. You kept most of the song structure intact, so that the original song can still be identified but you also added some of your own ideas and made this into a new song.

Maybe it's a bit too loud from time to time, but on the other hand the loud parts are especially energetic.
I like that you also had some quieter parts in the song so that the listener could relax a little before the loud parts started again.

{ Review Request Club }

Another great effort

A lovely piece that certainly sets you up as a prominent soundsmith on Newgrounds. If anything, it does get a little repetitive, but I think that does tend to be the way with techno, as it can drag on with the same recycled sound and throw a few bits and pieces in to try and make it sound different.

Perhaps a few changes here and there could help - the piano is a great instrument, so why try and drown it out with the rest of the track? Bring it forth and make it join in, where it can take the beat to places that other instruments really have not got a hope of reaching.

Perhaps a few additional instruments would help - if you're playing with the same instruments, it's going to sound the same, but if you change the instruments, you change the sound. Try that on for size.

[Review Request Club]

Great! man i love your music..

Where to start? I suppose i should congratulate you on another awesome song. Now, let's get down to analysing shall we?

Amazing intro. Piano and bass blended in amazingly and they then gave in quite perfectly to the next part of the melody which was awesome.

Much improved from the original and the drumbeats were great. Good synth samples and a nice varied interlude at 4:29. The reverbed Reverse Cymbal was also great and the background provided a nice amount of depth to the whole thing.

Some synth melodies were introduced a bit too suddenly but the way they provided a varied non-repetitive melody which never got borring overpowered this i suppose.

Great piano ending. I don't normally like endings which end like that but i really want to congratulate you on this one.

It definetely looks like you put in lot of effort into this and it shows.

Great work.

-Review Request Club-

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Sep 19, 2009
12:59 AM EDT
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