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I am dedicating this song to all the people that have helped me through the days and inspired me to try new things.

-Music-story... Man you are just the best guy i ever met on Newgrounds. Thanks for the awsome reviews you gave me.

-TerraNation for getting me started with trance. Thanks man

-Dj-Rippa for being my first friend i met on Newgrounds

-RenoakRhythm (aka Sam, from Approching Nirvana) for teaching me so much about FL Studio

-VeXillum just for being there when i needed critisizm on a song.

Thanks guys, you all rock.


Took me about 3-4 hours to make.
Ending is kinda dumb because i didnt know how to end it.



great song

I'm bouncing to this. Awesome job. and the word is important. XD


Huh? I'm going??? Where? I'm just at school. :)

Thanks for the support so on with the review.

Happy hardcore instruments.....well this might not be an easy review for me. For some reason I just don't like happy hardcore instruments. Doesn't matter how dancy the pattern is, I just don't like them due to the cheesy factor. However, because this is only my opinion, this won't effect the score of your song.

I think you need to add more drums or make the high hats louder. The kick is nicely audible, but the rest of the drums are drowned out by your lead instrument.

Haha, 55 seconds brings back good memories when I started making music. This is like the super cheesy part of the song, but honestly I have to thank you for doing it. Made me happy inside.

1:22 just took away the super happy feel. What instrument is that lead? Sounds like a clarinet drowned out. Wierd. Also your transitions seem to be a bit shaky. I know transitions are probably the hardest thing to do corrrectly in a song with this much diversity (For me I spend probably the longest making smooth transitions in all my songs and I just get so frustrated when it just doesn't work out), but we just got to deal with it.

Overall, you seem to be getting better with the instruments. More time needs to be put into your instrumental patterns. Come up with some crazy catchy beat rather than some simple beats. If you want to continue with your happy hardcore instruments, do so. Its just my pet peeve, but you make music the way you feel like it.

5/5 and 9/10.
Bye for now

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Elph responds:

Well thats good to hear that you're not going :D

At 55 was pretty awsome. I thought that i have to do that atleast once in a song so i chose this one. Glad it made you happy :)

Drums have always been a problem for me. I might just have to focus on drums and HiHats for a week or so. And atleast enhance my skills because i do have songs that have good beats, but then the melody and transitions are sketchy.

Anyways, thanks for the review. Good to see that you're staying. But keeping up with school is importent i guess lol, i dont even think i spelled that right.


good work

Thanks for the dedication, sorry i have been sorry underground for a while... been uber busy in studio. GJ dude, come a long way! Keep it up

Elph responds:

Thanks, i have been looking at some of my older stuff, and now i have this one project that is pretty awsome. So i will tell you when that one comes out :)


first song ive heard of yours, and its great, i instantly downloaded it. Im also going to add it to my playlist of top 15 techno songs ive ever heard.

Elph responds:

Awsome Thanks!!!

You see!

Everyone can make music just if they want. Even its now its all begins to learn and getting better. Icould say my track at begining was like this very confused how to start how to end but all that comeing in time. What ur next project u should focus on the bassline, synth and kick make sure those are balanced. Melody wise you have nice style. Only that need more work and understanding is make a nice bassline to keep song the energy its needed. SO otherwords keep on working.
If u like to hear my oldest track they are on www.acidplanet.com/TN, There can even hear some of first FL studio tracks. Peace /TN

Elph responds:

Cool, i will definatly be checking out some of your tracks later.

I have been working on my newest project for a couple of weeks now, maybe even a month. Which is the longest i have ever worked on a song. So i hope that turns out well.

I guess im off for now. I got H1N1 :/ its not as bad as people say it is.. But it sucks :(


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Sep 17, 2009
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