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This is a Breakbeat love song i made for a girl.


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The reverb...

That guy down there was kind of right. The kick, especially, is very muddled from overapplication of reverb. The snare (e-snare I think) in the beginning half of the song sounds GREAT, very crisp, clean, and puts out a good beat. The melody is good, but again, EVERYTHING sounds reverb'd. I had a huge problem with overapplication of reverb in the beginning of my audio career because it made my song sound "big" and "open", but if you scale back the effect to only a few instruments or a less extreme level overall it'll sound a lot better. As painful as it is, the best songs are made through moderation.

Only boost and cut EQ by a few dB unless you're gonna be cutting all the way, only apply reverb lightly to most instruments, adjust all the velocities of hits slightly, stuff like that really takes time but makes a great song. This has a lot of potential but I can't hear it through all the reverb! Vote rounded up to 4 :)

YouriX responds:

Cool thanks for the input. heck i'll make sure to concentrate more on the mixing now. And i do fully agree with the agruments of milk and so on.
Thanks for the review by the away!


ok dont worry about what that guy said down there,
what matters is its a really song and the only im going to say is, turn this into a serious or something, or put a story behind it, and make it longer,

but you just keep on getting better man, thank you
much love
-xelement101x -

YouriX responds:

Hey thanks for the lovley comment. I think about your idea and see what comes from there ;)

A girl?

Let me start off by saying a few things. Constructive criticism, if you don't want to read it then skip my review. If you think there is no room for improvement then don't read my review.. I'm only trying to help and not trying to hurt your feelings.

Anyway starting off 7/10 not a bad score. Average score if you think about it. Nothing wrong with that, it's not great and it is not bad. Now I'll explain my opinion.

Starting with the name, I don't suggest copying ParagonX9 with a serious song name.
The song starts off. You have way too much reverb. Drums don't need reverb. Why you have so much reverb on everything is beyond me. You destroy the mix by adding reverb that everything no longer fits. Through out the song there is a ton of ducking from the limiter. Things are peaking and the quality is being lost. Limiters are there to keep the random peaks down not the entire song.

So the structure of the song is... interesting. The intro kinda loses me. It's not a hit just a 4 to the floor kick. You reuse it later but, I'll get into that soon. The drums get turned down when the pad comes in, not sure if it is the limiter or you.

Half way at 1:15 or so you do the same thing at the intro. It makes no sense for the transition. It just seems like you want to do something else then go a whole other direction. After this transition it sounds like you listened to a bit too much ParagonX9. The melody behind the main melody is oddly similar to one of his songs. Structure wise this whole transition has very little in common with the intro.

The drums that come in don't have as much reverb as you did before (good). The snare is a bit loud and the pattern never changes. Adding more synthes to crowd your mix won't make the song anymore interesting without a little variation in other elements. I can't tell if your drums are just a loop or something in the beat maker. The synth at 2:10 crowds the mix to the point that you can barely hear the piano and the saw.

Overall average song. If you want a cleaner mix I suggest less reverb. Reverb and delay are the easiest way to crowd a mix if you don't do it properly. Not enough will make a song bland and too much will make a song hard to listen to for a long time.


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YouriX responds:

Dont worry i can take a hard review every now and then. As long as you dont be a dick about it :P
Anywho, You pointed out some good things that i could work at. And i geuss i have to go easy on the reverb. But the reason behind this is to give a certain ambient feeling to it. Guess i have to find a other way to do that :P

All in all thanks for the constructive review.

Loved it!

I like how serious this song is, reminds me of some epic emotional moments in films. The transitions from low beats to high pitch beats gave it a new twist I enjoyed.

Glad to see you try to make yourself better, I listened to your old songs, this is definitely a sign that you are improving, so keep it up because the mind can never be filled to a full capacity, just 99%. (But that's just the opinion of a reviewer with no idea about music mechanics, but I do know what I enjoy and this is definitely a good song/track/ music definition I can't think of).

To the point:
This is good stuff

YouriX responds:

Hey im glad you enjoyed it! And yeah im always trying to get better at my music producing skills. And who knows i could reach a level that all artists dream of!

Really love it <3

Sorry I'm a little late thou

YouriX responds:

Nah its okay.
Thanks for the review!

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