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This is a Breakbeat love song i made for a girl.


If you want to be updated about my newst tracks please add me on MYspace!



this iz an awsome and cool song, i dont know what every1 iz getting worked up about, i think every thing in it iz good and fits toghether perfectly!

YouriX responds:

Thanks for the support ;)

hmm ok

You overcompress/clip way too much. The pads/reverb is almost always pumping in a horrendous way, especially when the drums come in. There are pretty much no dynamics in this song.

Everythings drenched in too much reverb, really makes the mix bad, and comes across as ametuerish.

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YouriX responds:

Yep, its one of my old works from my golden age but i keep it anyways on my account to remind me how much i improved lately ;)


very nice man good job!!! :)

YouriX responds:

Thanks alot man!

NG needs more inspiration like this!

Let me start by saying that this song has elements not typical of the usual DnB song out here. It actually flows really well; IMO, the more varied the song gets, the better it is because you experiment with the voices more -- you SAY more, in other words. While DnB is dance music and should have that back groove that's easy to relate to, there's no reason it should drag on for 3 minutes the exact same the whole time! It needs flavor, and I believe that you do it pretty well in this song. =)

The few complaints I have are, obviously, the fact that you labeled this song as "Chaoz." I'm sure PX9 would appreciate, but it diminishes from your own unique qualities as an artist. Dude, you should take this and totally make your own series with it; you get more attention that way, and people don't mix you up with "another guy who remixed PX9's songs badly," because that's not what you did and that's not what you intend to do. You're a unique artist with your own qualities, so make that apparent!

Second, there's no denying it: There is way too much reverb in places. What I like to do is put reverb and compression on my snares, but take it completely off of the bass drum; this makes the bass drum stick out more over the melody, and it also helps to layer a soft acoustic drum punch to the underlying bass-ness of the bass drum along with a bass boost (check out some of the songs in my "Peril" series if you wanna hear what I mean).

Last, the overall loudness of everything takes away from the atmosphere of the song. Everything is situated at forte, when the drums need to be at mezzo-forte (albeit past 1:23 they get a little bit too punchy and treble for my tastes), and the overlying synths need to correspond with this volume. I guess what I'm trying to say, in a nutshell, is that there's a lotta clipping that you could get rid of with limiters and compression; there's a lot going on, which isn't a bad thing, but it builds up to this sort of constant white noise in the background that shouldn't be there. Just take down the volumes a bit (especially on the hats in the second half of the song), add some compression, and you'll be set.

I'll tell you some stuff that I love: Although it's very similar to PX9 in melody and I know that it's supposed to be that way, it catches my ear in a different, darker manner. It kinda reminds me of Dragonball Z at points, especially the beginning.

Oh yeah -- That clapping thing you add at 1:23-ish really caught my ear. I was like "whoa, haven't heard anything that percussively interesting in a DnB song evah!" Good stuff, bro; that's where you added your own unique flavor, which is why you should continue to market your own originality, ya know?

Solid stuff though man, I'll have to say. =)


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YouriX responds:

Woow this is a nice review man! Now i feel all squishy and warm inside. All i wanted to do is make something i thaught would sound cool. And according to your review i succeded on that. And yeah im really going to do something about my mixing thou!

Thanks alot for the review man!


pretty neat beat man, 5 stars and favourite :)

YouriX responds:

Hey thanks dude!

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