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I just woke up thinking of that little melody, wrote it down and decided to leave it like that, as opposed to expanding upon it and making something longer. I think it'll be cool for those who feel stuff with music.


You are my favorit artist and i just wanne hear more and i found more.

(>o_o)> <(v_v<)

This makes me think of my dead cat Sniffles, and how her death took place. :[

It was a quiet sunny afternoon.
I was sitting in my front yard,
enjoying the day;
When I see Sniffles,
a beautiful Persian cat,
run out into the street.
As I yelled,
Sniffles turned around.
Our eyes locked,
and Sniffles winked.
Then as a truck was coming down the road,
Sniffles turned toward it,
and jumped.
I watched in slow-motion,
as my 7 year old cat,
turned to liquid goo.
Limbs flew all over the street,
and I just sat there,
The driver swerved,
and got out of the car.
She freaked out,
and broke down crying.
I ran over to her,
to calm her down.
But I couldn't help
shedding a tear,
as I saw my cat's decapitated head,
show me a wink.

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Wolftacular responds:

Dude, that's really depressing =( I'm so sorry!!

This gives me many visions

this is, yes, a sad song. Making a thought of people dying but would be great for kids playing in a field after a long dreadful journey and this would great to play at the end of super mario galaxy :)

a vision is the usual someone dying or...

at the very begining of a flash have five kids sitting in a field talking, something happens, fight in a huge battle then at the end the five kids are sitting in that field playing ths song in the background

and maybe one of the kids dies and wheres he sits with the kids is empty

or in a war you're in a bunker and everything is in slow-motion and you see a nuke coming down

i dont know just a few ideas :) and BTW how can compose such beauty? What made you think of this? HOW DO YOU COMPOSE MUSIC?

anyway 10/10 5/5

looking forward to another like this!

Wolftacular responds:

It's great for me to hear the song brings you visions. It means (I think) that you feel something with the melody, and that's my main objective; for people to feel what I felt while I was writing the melody.

Well, my best melodies suddenly pop in my head, once I see or experience something that inspires me enough. Or when I wake up. I have to be quick in writing them down, or else I'll forget about them. This is how I usually compose my music. I just write down everything I hear in my mind. And it works better for me this way. Sometimes, when I want to sit down and force a song out of myself, it doesn't come out so good.

Thanks for the review! =D


My brother showed me this...
I held it in in front of him, but...
Just wow.
It makes me tear up every time I listen to it.
Bravo. <3

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Wolftacular responds:

Haha, brother pride XD. I do the same when my sister shows me something cool. I just can't admit to her that it's cool. I'm glad you do in fact like it, though! :)

Thanks for the review! =D

This is so crazy

*bows* Seriously, how do you do it? This no joke had me choked up. Good fracking job man

Wolftacular responds:

With time, motivation, effort, and I guess creativity? XD

Thanks for the review! =D

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