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PPC2 - Forest I

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Author Comments

(for description of what PPC2 is, see commentary on Forest II)
First song in the Forest trilogy.
This song is a tribute to the forest, and the mysticism and magic that surrounds it.

Recorded with a webcam mic, Audacity to edit, mix ect, acoustic guitar and some background vocals.


~ Review Request Club ~

Yeah, the mic doesn't take too much away from the submission, but you can tell a bit that it isn't the best of quality. Does sound good being recorded on a simple webcam mic though.

The song itself starts off very good, but I get the impression that it gets a tad bit too repetitive and it has many low points where not much is going on and it gets just a tad bit boring because of it.

It would probably be useful for something such as an introduction to a movie where they are panning through a forest or over some green hills and mountains or something similar to that.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks :)

I'll re-record this song, and then i'll add some more elements, firstly forest sounds, and synth sounds, and so on, so hopefully that takes care of that problem:)

Thanks for review:)


Nice accoustic guitars

I like this track - it's got a nice mellow feel to it. A shame that there is a little static on the top of the louder notes, but it still sounds very nice all together.

It gets a little repetitive after about half of the track, which is a shame - I'd like to see more than just a reasonably short loop-sounding track. For me, the background singing came in too late at 3.20. Perhaps a minute or two quicker as a bridge between a verse and chorus? If you moved it forward like that, you'd be able to kill two birds with one stone and move swiftly on with a better sounding track to boot :)

[Review Request Club]

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks :)

I'll try that out, and see how it works out.

Thanks for review :)


I definitely imagine a forest when hearing this...

An amazing start to what I'm sure will be a great trilogy. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

The melodies are light-hearted and catchy in the first half of the song, and at 3:14, when the choir ambience comes in, it was really cool. It sort of felt like the first part of the song is people going for a walk in the forest, enjoying themselves, and then they suddenly find themselves lost in the depths of the forest, and find out that it's no ordinary forest at all... Lol, cheesy as hell XD.

Anyway, the instrument choice here was really excellent, and in all the instruments felt really good together. I liked that guitar pluck-ish sound you first used at 0:13. Sadly, the quality here is off, and it really ruined this awesome song quite a bit. Some forest sound effects would do wonders over here, and although I think I did notice a few effects already, you should add more like the wind on the trees and bushes, crickets, more birds chirping, and maybe some things which leave the listener wondering about them, like sounds of footsteps.

The transitions were excellently done, with instruments being introduced so well. I was looking for a few more buildups here and there, but other than that, the structure is very good too, with amazing variety around, without making it sound random. I just didn't like the transition you did at around 3:14, to change from the main melody to the slower ambient one. It was sort of abrupt. What I would do is keep the main melody going instead of stopping it, and then slowly fading it as the ambient voices come in, instead of giving it such a sudden change.

The intro was OK, but those clicks felt a little strange. Still, I liked how the instruments all came in, they didn't feel sudden yet so many instruments came in at the same time. The ending wasn't that good, though, since it's just an abrupt fade. I think you should keep the fade, since it sort of pictures that the forest stretches on very far, and doesn't just end, but I think you shouldn't make it that abrupt, or, rather, make it seem more obvious that it's a fade, like at the end you could repeat the chorus that you played at the beginning but just a little louder and then you can start a long fade of about 10 seconds or so.

There weren't really any drums, and I agree with Darklight, you should add some drum beat with some reverbed timpanis, bass drums and some gongs or something in a few parts of the song, or you can add forest sound effects here and there as I mentioned above, since as the song is now, it just feels slightly empty, and you should remember that a forest is far from empty...

This is really fun to listen to, and portrays a lot of imagery of forests and stuff in my mind. It's got catchy melodies, excellent instrument choice, not a bad intro, good transitions, structure and variety, but I think the main problem here is the quality. Darn, I wrote too much. D:

-Review Request Club-

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thank you :)

I've been thinking about adding some more effects, especially forest sounds and wind sounds and so on.
I'll work on the last transition, as i myself always thought it sounded kinda weird, but by the time it came to record it, i had already ended it the way it does, so there was no way of fading smoothly into that part.
New mic is coming up :)
And about the drums, i totally agree that it would do good with some kinda drum track, but i don't know if i should use a program to create drums, or just record them using stuff around the house, i'll have to play around with that alittle bit.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a long review, it is greatly appreciated :)


Very nice

This song needs a better mic. It's a real pity that the sound is so muffled as the actual song is just awesome.

When it starts, it feels as if I (or somebody, maybe even a whole group) decides to go hiking. Everybody is in a good mood, supplies are plenty, weather is good.

Then the group/the single person decides to make a detour to the nearest forest. As they venture farther and farther into the forst, all the noise, pollution and problems of the world is left behind and they soak up the mysterious atmosphere...

From there I really don't know how the story goes on. Maybe they go on living in the forest as a hermit? :D

Anyway, great song, it just needs a better sound quality.

{ Review Request Club }

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks :)

Better mic is coming up :)

Thanks for review :)



Nice work dude. This is great.

Like Sessile Nomad said u need a better mic but as for music and the rest, this is awesome.

Intro was great and provided a small climax which then faded away into the main melody. I liked the vocal backgrounds you used after the intro,they gave the song mroe depth and made it more interesting.

Melody was repetitive in some parts but u made up for it with awesome guitar work, nice work man.

I think it needs a drumbeat in some places and maybe a little delay in some parts to make it sound more chordish, giving the song added depth.

Transitions were basically smooth and well thought out especially enar the end when the ending guitar work came in. Could have use a reverse cymbal in som places. But still, good work.

In a recap:
-Nice guitar
-You need a better mic :p
-Very well thought out
-Nice depth
-Amazing intro and ending
-U rock man. :)

I favourited this and gave it a five and a nine only cos of the mic thingy. but still, nice work. I'm gonna check out the other one ;)

-Review Request Club-

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks alot :) it is grealy appreciated.

Thanks for rating and review.

Namaste :)

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4.08 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2009
7:32 PM EDT
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4.2 MB
4 min 33 sec

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