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PPC2 - Forest II

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Author Comments

A song made for the project "Psychedelic Pussycat Club Nr. 2" wich is best described as a musical experiment, where music is made and recorded with no form of proffesional recording equipment, and the artist is forced to use his creativity instead.
"PPC2" is a collective project, meaning the artist creating music in its name is reguarly changed, i'm the second artist(not related to the name of the project) and the third one has already been elected, and will start making music soon.

Now to the song itself, it may not be hard to guess that it is a tribute to the Forest, and nature in general, and i tried to catch that feeling of mystery that surrounds the forest, and that let's the imagination go wild.
I record using a webcam mic, so the quality will be there after, but i hope that the pure music essence, and the idea surrounding the music itself, isn't ruined, and that it can be enjoyed.

Forest II is part of a trilogy of songs.

I use Audacity to edit, mix, record etc. and used only one acoustic guitar.

Sorry if this got long, but i felt the need to explain the nature of the project, in order to build and understanding of the music itself.
(sorry for any spelling mistakes)


~ Review Request Club ~

I disagree slightly with the last reviewer who said the first one was better than this as I thought this one was slightly better than your first one.

I think it was better as the other had a lot of low points or parts that just were kind of quiet and boring, but this one seemed more complete and had a little bit more variety in it. Yes it is a tad bit long I think and shortening it might even help it become slightly better.

The quality isn't really a problem just like the last one, but is still noticeable a little bit. I feel that this could be used in a real life video showing a very green forest and closeups of some pine trees with other wildlife being around.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks :)

I've always wanted to add more parts to this song, so it might get even longer :P
But i promise i'll try to keep it interesting.

Thanks for the review :)


Nice :D

Although, as mentioned in the other reviews, the first one beats this one by a little, this still is great.

The melodies were what I enjoyed most in this song for sure, and although some of them sound rather familiar, they're really catchy, and sound laid-back and fun to listen to. Really nice guitar playing too. As Darklight said, it's impressive that you managed to keep such a stable rythm when playing on your own without any drums or other instruments helping out. Speaking of other instruments, I wish there were a few more, since this does feel slightly empty. Sadly, like in the other song, this doesn't have such a good recording quality either, which honestly ruins this song quite a bit.

The transitions sound great, and I can't complain about them. Amazing song structure too, like in the last one, with a lot of variety too, and many alternate melodies which all sound really cool. The song has a nice intro too, with a very catchy melody, and the ending was really good. Ended on the right note, with a nice ritenuto to it.

This really does need some drum beats to them. I'm imagining a soft snare and ride cymbals over here, or maybe some congas and bongoes could sound good, along with a few forest sound effects; you really should get SessileNomad to make some drums for you :D.

This is a really nice song in all; another one which makes me have a picture of a dense forest in my mind. Sorry for the short review (OK... short compare to my other reviews...). Anyway, keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks :)

I'll try to add some synth and other stuff on the re-record.

As far as i know SessileNomad is working on a drum track now, so i'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Thanks for review :)


Great melody

A really nice mellow tune, this one. I like the way that it, in combination with the name of the track just brings to the mind a scene of a guy or two, sitting up in a tree, playing a little tune with one another, slowly enjoying the late summer / early autumn weather.

Perhaps it's a little on the slow side and maybe you could have used some sort or higher pitched solo, just to keep things different, as with the length of the tune, the variation is always something that needs to be concentrated on.

I'd suggest that perhaps you use some sort of drum beat within the track, as it started with the knocking on the guitar, but a simple bass drum beat at points in the song would work well.

[Review Request Club]

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Monkeydelic responds:


I'll experiment with drums and other stuff when re-recording, personally i think the tempo is perfect, but it doesn't hurt to check it out.

Thanks for the review :)


Nice again

I liked the first one a bit better as the melody there was catchier, but this too is a great song.

This could continue my little story I was making up in the first review. Either the whole group or just one single person goes on and lives in the forest. Either by accident or out of free will. We can now see him how he just enjoys time. Maybe he's fishing or taking a sunbath on a small clearance.

Nothing disturbs this peace, the last human being he saw years ago, he now became part of the forest, part of the nature.

{ Review Request Club }

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Monkeydelic responds:

Thanks :)

If it ever comes to making a music video, i'll defineatly use your little story, it fits perfectly :)

Thanks for review :)


Again, awesome work!

Liked the first oen better, but still, that's only my opinion. btw, i forgot to ask in the first review, can i remix the first one, that is to say, use the melody and still anme you and the original name of the song. tks ;)

Anyway, back to reviewing:

Very good intro and once again, very good guitar work. Notes were a bit discordant in some parts but the overall result was quite good.

background needs to be better, depth wasn't quite as good as the first one. maybe you could use the same vocals. Just an opinion ;)

melody got a bit repititive in some parts cos there weren't as much interludes as the first one.

liked the ending though, good work on that one, Also, you kept an amazing rhytm which is not as easy as it sounds when ur playing alone. Nice work.

Anyway, jsut to recap:
-Once again, good guitar work
-Needs more depth
-Good Intro
-Nice Ending
-Melody got somewhat repetitive
-overally good work

-Review Request Club-

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Monkeydelic responds:

Off course, that'd be cool :)

Thanks again for kind words and helpful feedback :)

Namaste :)

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4.13 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2009
7:23 PM EDT
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5 min 50 sec

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