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ECHO - Reverb-X (2009)

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Author Comments

I spent quite a few hours on this one, tuning it to perfection. Just in case any of you are wondering, the piano is Fl Keys, the trumpet is downloaded and there is Square Purity just so i don't vary too much from the original. In the background there's a Resonance i downloaded an echo bass which i downloaded and an edited version of Improvised Bongoes.

Please don't 0-bomb this, i spent quite some time on it and i don't it deserves zeros. thanks to Scooter-16 for submitting the original.




Some of your melody's seem to try to over power the other, and that makes them stand out by them self. When they should be working together to form harmony.

Your drums are pretty good, but I think they need a bit more presence. They seemed to be there, but they lacked that dance feeling that most dance song drums have.

The textures you used were really good choices. Some of the synths sounded good, but they seemed like maybe they could use a bit of reverb? The trumpet sound that comes in, it seems like it's a little too loud, I think that could be toned down a bit.

Other then that, it's got excellent composition, and it gives a very much trance-like feeling to it.


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Echo responds:

When you mention the overpowering, that's supposed to happen in some parts. I changed the theme of the song a bit from the original, making it sound more like a three way battle between the piano, the synth and the trumpet.

Still though, i agree that i tried too hard to overpower in some parts, i guess i could change that and i already turned down the volume on the trumpet ;)

Thks for the review, hope i'll be seeing more of ur songs on the RRC request list :)


A little repetitive

I think there's a few issues with high end static on the sounds of the piano at the end, which is a shame, since you've come up with a decent sounding piece of music, sos tick to it and keep working on your stuff here.

With the way that you get the synths and the other keyboard instrument (horn) to duel one another, one of them plays the notes that were the same as it had just played. It sounds wrong, so having them play different notes would be a great boon to the piece, as otherwise it just sounds too 'samey' and takes away from your good work with the rest of the track.

[Reivew Request Club]

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Echo responds:

yeah, i know bout the piano. its not really such a good sample. I've downloaded a couple of new ones, hopefully those'll work better.

I agree with you bout the same melody and i suppose that i could change what they did a bit. I'll try to include it in the revised version [God that's a lot of stuff to include :)]

Anyway, tks for the review...


~ Review Request Club ~

I swore that I heard something like this before. That could mean a couple of things. It could mean that it's generic and it sounds like a lot of songs that I've heard on this site before or because it just happens to sound like a song that I heard before.

It has a pretty good video game type feel to it and doesn't really sound like anything that I would dance to. :P You had some really good sound effects in there and the song as a whole is pretty decent all around.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Good song

I don't think I've ever listened to the original, but this doesn't reall matter too much. This is a very nice sounding song. I like the trumpet very much as there aren't too many songs in the audio portal that make use of this instrument.

Maybe the background beat is a bit too repititve, but I don't think listeners will pay too much attention to that, as the background beat just stays where it belongs to, in the background. So, the melodies do the main work for this song and they are very diversified, so the song doesn't get repititve too fast.

{ Review Request Club }

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Echo responds:

tks man. I always wanted to put a trumpet in somewher, who knew it'd be in a dance song :)

Thanks for the detail you put in, once i'm gonna continue work on the revised version, keeping your review in mind. thanks ;)


Btw, diversified isn't exactly a word lol...

Nice :D

It's quite cool sounding, even though it has a few defects.

The melodies are definitely the best part of this song. Catchy enough to stay locked in my head and never get out, probably. I loved the piano solo at the end not to mention the part at 1:22, where the trumpet answered to the two notes before it. Speaking of the trumpet, let's move on to the instruments. Well, there's definitely a unique sounding batch of instruments around here (who knew a TRUMPET would fit in an electronic dance song?!). Still, unfortunately, the fact that they're all presets, or sound a LOT like them, makes your song sound very generic. If you're downloading something, make sure it doesn't sound like a preset or you'll get loads of people like me complaining about them. Still, I won't take the score down because of the preset use, since the melodies compliment them really well. Still, as SessileNomad said, the bassline was much too repetitive, so you could work on that ;).

The transitions were awesomely done, and the melodies flowed excellently together. I liked the drum roll you did to introduce the drums, so that they wouldn't come in too suddenly. The structure is great too, and the song, although had quite a few repetitions of the main melody, still didn't feel repetitive. Maybe it was the variety of instruments. Anyway, now for the intro. Definitely a good way to start the song, and the buildup after was excellent. The ending was really good too, even though piano endings never come out that excellently. Maybe you could give a big chord to the piano at the end along with that reverbed kick thingy to give it more of an ending.

The drums, although are catchy and nice, were presets as well. I didn't notice much editing you put into it. If you're going to edit a preset, make sure it doesn't sound anything like the original, if you don't want it to sound generic. If you really want to use Improvised Bongoes, then I suggest taking the bongoes playing at the end of the preset away, since they sound ugly. I think they're the Op 5 of the preset, just right click Op 5's knob under Output in the matrix to take it away. Well anyway, apart from the fact that they're a preset, they still fit very nicely with the song. I think they could be a little louder though, but that's nothing a little mastering can't fix.

Definitely a cool-sounding improvement to the original (sorry Scooter-16 :P), so good job. Practically, the only real problem is that the instruments are mostly presets so they sound too generic. Other than that, excellent job. Oh, and don't mind if I gave a 10 on Scooter's and a 9 on yours, I wasn't so harsh back then :P.

-Review Request Club-

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Echo responds:

hehe You? Harsh? Nah... Who would honestly say that....(I would!) Shut up Conscience! :P

Yeah, i guess i did use some presets but since they were in the original i couldn't change them too much, copyright and all. About the Bongoes, i lowered the volume on the bongoes at the end. Didn't remove them completely though. Will do that in the revised ver...

Thanks for the review man! Cya

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2009
12:18 PM EDT
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