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This Archangel's Destiny

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Author Comments

Thanks to the help of JJDaminator's SFX, I revamped one of my big hit songs Destiny. This is going to be the last of my submissions for a while, so I hope you enjoy it. It's the album closer, with straight up Maiden-style riffage and a touch of the ethereal just for good measure. Be good, enjoy and have fun. Please let me know what you think.


Nice, could use some improvements

The first thing I'd change is the synth pad in the background- after a while of listening to that one chord, I have the slight feeling I might get a headache. Some flanger or phaser (slow frequency) might do the trick, as well as some panning-alteration. The riffs were nice, and yes, they were kinda Maiden-ey, I have to admit, but I liked them. The sound of the bass was cool, really thick 'n' juicy, the guitar was ok (which is the most a person can expect from synth guitars, sadly), and the drums were cool, especially the snare.

The change of pace in the mid of the song was a good choice, keeping it at the same beat from top to bottom would kill the song. As for the sound effects in that section, some panning might have done wonders here, too. The gunshot was ok, the last part too, but that machinegun was just a tad too bland without any volume and pan differences.

Also, you might want to consider reducing the volume of each instrument individually: this loudness creates a bit too much static at certain points of the song. Plus, the end-explosion (though serving a shock-factor of sorts) is still way too loud in comparison to the other instruments. Aim for "louder than the rest", not "as loud as it goes". Modify these things, and you've got a really nice piece here!

metallikid6 responds:

Thanks for another excellent review Hades. Yeah, if there's one thing I'm gonna have to experiment with the future, it's cross-panning. I never thought about that for the gun-battle, but it makes perfect sense. Believe it or not, that last bang used to be a lot louder, but I admit, it could do better with lower volume. Ah well. For a song as simple as this, I'm glad you liked it as much as you did. TTFN

Not bad!

The guitar sounds you're using don't sound all that great with each other though :/
Great melodies and structure, and the percussion is really well done! :)

Keep it up dude!

Btw, since you mentioned it, my band is gonna be at www.battlepanda.newgrounds.com, check that page in the next couple weeks to hear us ;)

metallikid6 responds:

Yeah dude. Guitar on Garage Band = Ass.
I'm really glad that you like the form. Would you believe that this song used to be just a verse and a changing drum beat??? I worked hard on this one trying to make sure all the transitions made sense, and left you with that "That just happened" vibe for an album closer.

P.S. Good luck with everything. I'll definitely have to check you guys out.

The hero is back!

strong percussion, just turn it up a lil. Solid guitar riffs and melodies. The back ground conflict made the song very unique. the climax wasn't bad, maybe add a crash at the top. lol, nice everything explodes in the end, cool fx. Nice work bro, definitely brings images of heroic struggles to my head :D. Will that hero ever die? i hope not. Keep me updated on your music bro. L8r

metallikid6 responds:

Hey, thanks man. I wish I could. To keep the EQ from peaking, unfortunately everything had to be kinda low in the mix =/. Added the whole war storyline was an interesting choice I made while re-writing this song, but I like how it ties everything together. (Destiny was an album 1 song that never made it to NG 'cause I didn't have faith in it. Adding the gun fight & explosion added an album 3 vibe to it that I really liked, seeing as everything has evolved now). Will that hero ever die? It's a good question. I guess we'll just have to wait and see =]


It was missing a powerful release of energy. You had the massive guitar parts all locked up, but they didn't ever break through into a super-strong solo or anything. The gunshots were okay, but I think overall detracted heavily from the song; if you were going for a battle thing maybe cut down on the rest of the song's riffage. The overall vibe was too restrained.
It was good however, and mangaged to keep me entertained for 4 minutes and change.

~the Crab

metallikid6 responds:

I like the way you think Mr. Crabs. Until this review I didn't really think about any wild solo, but you're right, that would add something probably a lot heavier in the bridge of the song. I semi-agree believe it or not about the gun sounds. They were an after thought that I added after writing the song and while searching for samples I got a little sample happy. I did my best to keep the sounds low in the mix, but I feel that in the nature of everything, they still stand out. I'm obviously okay with this, otherwise i would've scrapped the whole idea. As for restraining?? I like your expectations, however the song wasn't meant to be too complicated in the first place. Thanks for the review pal. Keep it REAL.

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3.67 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2009
9:18 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
6.4 MB
4 min 41 sec

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