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Ambient/Glitch for the Audio + Flash Collab

only :45 seconds long, thats the max limit, its actually like 47-48 cuz of the fade down, but i figure thats neccessary for blending different flashes together

enjoy, vote, review


first track ever with backverbing, really cool stuff

http://ccmixter.org/peopl e/eshar46

accapella site where i got the vocals

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Sounds good

Even though the song is so short it sounds really good. Other songs have an intro that is 40 seconds long, your song is already finished by that time.

The intro with the vocals is very nice and sets the right mood for the song that follows.

Too bad you had that time limit, I really would like to hear a longer version.

{ Review Request Club }

SessileNomad responds:

yeah i think this one would have turned out quite nicely if it could have been longer, but w/e

my newest track im working on is much better, AND its longer

other songs in general have 40 second intros, or other songs in the collab?

thansk for reviewing dude

Peace out


Sounds like Spore

Some of the sounds that you've used here sound like they were taken from Spore - a really interesting sound that you've managed to duplicate here. I think that it could do with being stretched out a little, to maximise the effect of this, as at present, it is a song in two parts.

Part 1 is the vocals and the start of the music. It progresses nicely into Part 2, when everything seems to go a little mad and stretching it to maybe as much as 2 minutes would help you out greatly, by giving this piece another dimension.

Sadly, when you get to this part 2, there's everything going on, so if you try and avoid the 'rush hour' there, you'd end up with a much nicer sounding track.

[Review Request Club]

SessileNomad responds:

spore, the video game? if so, ive never played it

i kind of did want to make this track a little longer, but the rules of the collab say its gotta be 30-45 seconds

avoiding the rush hour at part 2, im fairly certain your talking about the drums that kick in, i cant really avoid those, its sort of a genre thing, sort of a personal style thing, and sort of a wanting-to-diversify-the-collab thing

i get the feeling your into more of the pristine styles of ambient, sadly i dont have any sypes of those songs

i guess i could give them a try, but i get bored with them

thanks for the review dude

peace out


~ Review Request Club ~

Woah, what a load of quality in such a short amount of time. Very cool glitch effects throughout the submission and the vocals in the beginning really sounded good all around. I'm sure this will be a great addition to the flash + audio collab.

I guess the only thought that I can really get out of this is that you should make it into a full song. Perhaps you should revisit this sometime and see what you can make out of it because it sounded really cool.

~ Review Request Club ~

SessileNomad responds:

i might go back and make it a full song but im working on other stuff atm, and its all coming around really slowly so i probably wont see this one for a while

thanks for the review dude

peace out


Wow, you rock at making glitch music XD.

Very nice job on this, it sounds great. Usually I get bored listening to glitch music, but not when you make it :D.

There wasn't much of a melody here, but what there is right now sounds really good. I really enjoyed the instruments you used, along with the awesome glitchy sound effects. It's the first time I heard backverbing, and it honestly sounds so good with the vocal sample you used.

The transitions here were fine, especially how you introduced new instruments, and nothing felt too sudden or anything. Nice song structure, even for a small song, and it wasn't repetitive at all, but I guess you expect that from glitch songs. Very nice intro, vocals are usually great for starting up songs, but the ending felt as if it needed to continue. This does sound like a great intro to some epic song or something, as michelinman said.

The drums were introduced quite well with the ride cymbals, but the drums were a little too fast-paced (AmenBreak FTW :P) and unexpected after hearing the glitchy yet great intro.

In all, a good little song, and I enjoyed it. It's a little short, but I guess I can't blame you for that. Great song! Seriously, though, your songs are like glitch heaven or something :P. I dare you to make some Jazz XP.

-Review Request Club-

SessileNomad responds:

lol thats the second time ive been dared to make some jazz, i bet i could, but ide probly have to put a glitch influence in it for it to not get too boring, i think that would be fun

yeah as far as it being short, i wish i could make it longer, but collab rules say 30-45, plus i wanted it to end fairly sudenly, since it needs to blend with other songs to some degree, if i had it fall back down with outro vocals, i dont think it would blend too great

i thought there was a nice little melo going there, i probably could have written a more complex one for the glitch section, but whats done is done

indeed AmenBreak FTW!!

ill try to respond to the review as soon as i can, but school eats up a shitload of my time

peace out dude

Thx for reviewing


Very cool!

I really like glitchy music, such as the Flashbulb, so this piqued my interest. The last 15 seconds where it picked up wasn't so original compared to the genre, but I really enjoyed the beginning of this track. It's a nice mix between a very calm beginning and intense ending. I would definitely like to see this used in a flash movie. I'm sure it would be quite interesting. The only thing this really needs desperately is a new title.

Review Request club.

SessileNomad responds:

lol yeah i know then ending isnt very original since the AmenBreak is the most overused drum beat in the history of the freaking world

fuck yeah flashbulb, shit is so cash

i think everyone should get used to the title, cuz im keeping it :]

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Sep 10, 2009
7:30 PM EDT
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