Skyfall Theme no. 2

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Note: Give the beginning a chance x3 it's a little experimental.

So I got ahold of some awesome glitch programs for Fruity Loops, after some short studying, I decided to go ahead an apply it to some work x3;

Basically, this is my experimental song working with Glitch, I think it came out pretty well.

So as always, rate and review :D



Very much enjoyed.

I liked the beginning, I thought something was wrong with my headphones at first :P I got used to it quick though :)

The ending was abstract, which I can really appreciate.

Much of the first half reminded be of a video game theme, slightly epic with a touch of playfulness. I wasn't sure if Iiked it at first but it didn't take long before I was able to appreciate it. Still the first half just didn't speak to me like the second half did.

The second half was my favorite part, it started to get a little dramatic and more complex. The piano made it. I closed my eyes and could imagine myself flying. To sum it up in a word; blissful.

Overall a great piece but I did have kind of a hard time deciding how to rate this. If I were rating it from a comparative point of view I probably would have given it a 9 as I like some of your other pieces slightly better. But as a stand alone piece I can't really see rating it any lower than a 10... Maybe a 9.5 if that was an option, only because the first and second halves of the song took me in different (albeit similar) directions.

The only problem I have is that it's titled as a continuation of Skyfall and not as a stand alone piece. I hear how they are similar but I just don't see this as a continuation of Skyfall, so I think I would have liked a more unique title, or at least something similar but different. That's just me though :P

Regardless, I enjoyed this song very much.

P.S. Thanks for the PM :)

Aeris responds:

Awesome, I'm glad you liked the beginning, I wasn't quite sure what to think of it as anything but "boundary pushing" so I'm glad it's appreciated. Same goes for the ending, I kind of wanted to give it a "dying" feel.

As far as the first and second halves go, the beginning uses a lot of major chords, while the second uses a lot of minor chords. Personally, I tend to enjoy writing in minor a lot more than in major, so that might have shown through this piece. I'm glad you felt bliss from my piece, that's my grand goal of most my music :]

Since this was an experimental piece, I honestly don't expect that great of response, especially compared to my other pieces. So a 9 would be forgiving, let alone a 10 x3

You have a point about the title, maybe it does deserve its own name.

Thanks for reviewing, and if you want, I can continue sending you PM's ^-^ I like the reviews :D

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Sep 9, 2009
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