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.:Z:.Running With Scissors

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well its finished so far, im gonna edit the mastering and a few details in the future

plus i added some fancy 8-bit sounds that everyboy loves, gives it more of a scissorrunning feel

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Talent is there

All of these melodies and beats seem to come you as naturally as breathing, and that's awesome. Not only is it well composed, but the quality of the sounds and the arrangement are just hypnotizing. I think you're now one of my favorite authors on NG.

You've got the idea, but theres something missing.

you know, when i started this song, i was like "omg wtf is this"... but once it started upi realized that this is kind of good. But your song could of gone one of two ways: the intense way (my way) or the soft way (isn't too good for a dnb). well you got the intense way but theres something that cought my ear: the beat just isn't right. well actually youve got the beat, just not enough of it. you need to add a more clash to it or else its just a rythme. there is also a small lack of instruments but it is barely noticible to the entrained ear.
P.S. just because i dont have any uploads doesnt mean i dont have any experience heres a log for ya: 8 year chorus, 9 years piano, 3 years guitar, and been lead singer in a band for 6 months. take in concideration that i'm 15 years old and youve got a hell of a lot of experience

Zajed responds:

ye i agree this thing needs something but just because i was too lazy to finish it
aside from that there are many people who like different ways of music or different styles of genres
there are diff. ways to create drums for a dnb track and i just took the simple way, the most people or dnbfans are familiar with the regular drumstyles used in darkstep, hardstep and jungle
even though you're right with your review you're wrong at the same time, because recording something is way different than creating something with synths in a programm
im experienced myself: piano (practically my whole life), 5 years guitar, composing class, 6 years of creating music with programms(i record from time to time ubt i dont upload it here)
if you listen to the most of my songs you notice that they need something because i rarely upload my good things here, but overall i cant use my piano knowledge and guitar knowledge in my musicprogramm(except for knowing which notes and chords are good and what style fits) because hearing a real instrument with your ears is diff than hearing an instrument played in a programm, especially when it comes to synths

i dont try to sap your review i actually appreciate if someone leaves constructive feedback because you rarely see something like that on NG but on the other side if everyone is gonna responsing like me to a good review like yours it would'nt be a surprise that there is a lack of good critic on NG
well i just wanted to tell you that or see it as a little information passing from one musician to another

but overall i just was too lazy with this track lol, thanks alot for the constructive feedback i dont get that alot on NG and feedback is important to improve things but i guess everyone knows that

Run, Scissors! RUN and CUT THE LABELS!!!

I'm always a fan with 8 bit sounds, because I grew up with them ever since my old Atari/Nintendo/Genesis days till now. I could never say why since the retro gaming consoles stuck to me until this very day. It's always their catchy tunes and melodies that made their times legendary-this is why when I pick up my old Nintendo games, I feel like a kid again.

It's a wonderful blend of contemporary rock sounds+the retro feel = Scissor running, which I guess when I play games like Ultimate Stuntman or classic shooters like Sky Shark.

(the Follin Brothers composed those originally with the same 8-bit sounds and tweaks back in the days for those games, hence their popularity was BIG in terms of the same style and melodies to those that don't know...)

Otherwise, I would love to listen to either an extended mix or another 8-bit Dnb track...Or at least I'll pay you $10 to cut my hair (lol...)

Zajed responds:

believe me you dont wannt me to cut your hair, you're gonna look like a yeti lol
i guess everyone who grew up in the NES generation loves the 8-bit sounds, im working on part 2 though
im not reallly satisfied with this it isnt finished i just could'nt get off my lazy ass to add more stuff to it

but thanks anyway i appreciate your words

oh my god

THIS need instant representation.

im sending to all my friends. expect an increase soon.


This is pretty damn awesome, man! I admire the fact that it's through-composed; it almost seems like it has this breakdown halfway through, and i can see the metal roots. Jesus. This = inspiration! Awesome man!

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Sep 9, 2009
3:08 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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