Windows Wars

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Phew. This took me AGES, and is definitely the best windows song I ever made and the final I'm probably ever going to make. It combines 4 different versions on Windows:

1.) Windows 2000 - The ding effect here sounds awesome, and I made some good melodies with it. This part was the hardest to make, since I only had 4 sound effects of Windows 2000. One of them (the Chimes) had a seperate channel but it was reversed, which produced the sound you hear at the beginnin. In short, the sound at the beginning was a low, slowed down reverse version of the chimes.
2.) Windows XP - Heh, I'm used to making music with this ^^. This was the easiest for me, since I'm so used to making music with its sounds. I overused the Critical stop over here, though :\.
3.) Windows Vista (Beta) - The Battery Low sound is my favourite over here. Together with the System Hand and the Battery Critical, making a bassline with the Windows Vista Beta is child's play. The melodies over here were a little awkward to make since the instruments were difficult to work with, but I think I didn't do such a bad job on it.
4.) Windows Vista - This was quite hard to work with, since apart from the Default and Critical Stop, most of the other sound were pretty hard to make melodies out of. Still, I enjoyed using the Critical Stop over here, it's one of my favourite Windows sound effects :D (second to XP's unbeatable Critical Stop). There's a glitchy sound in this song which I made by reversing the Chimes of Windows Vista, as well.

As for the instruments and effects I used, I was spoilt for choice. In all, this uses 44 different sound effects, a reverse cymbal, as usual, and 14 different drum samples. I worked quite hard on the transitions in this song, so you'll hear a lot of reverse cymbals, drum rolls, high-to-low tomtom drums, etc. This also has the best drums I ever made in a song, and the most varied too, since it doesn't have a fixed drum beat.
At the end, after Windows 2000, XP, Vista (Beta) and Vista play all their melodies, my intention was to make them all play together, but unfortunately each batch of sound effects is in a different key, and don't have anything to do with each other, so that wasn't an option. Instead I made a melody play with one sound effect from one version, then being answered by another melody by another version, then being answered by another, etc. I messed up the ending a little over here, but apart from that, I think this is the best song I ever made, and the hardest I ever worked on, so please, just for once, 0-bomb some of my other windows songs, just not this one >_>.

Anyway, now that that's said, I'd like to thank Project8024, ImdoG and DaveGuy for giving me some nice ideas and being so supportive throughout my windows songs. By the way, if anyone thinks that the drums get annoying throughout the song, I can submit another version without drums. So, thanks for listening, and reading these crazily long Author's Comments. Enjoy the song, and votes and comments are greatly appreciated; I respond to all comments, and if the review is helpful, I usually review back.

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awesome but one of your sounds came from windows "LONGHORN".

Hey, I would make a Windows Wars 2 now that Windows 8 is released.

How about making a Windows Wars 2 that uses all, I repeat, all, of the Windows sounds.

Here are some links of which I will put here.

(You obviously already have the Windows Vista Beta and Vista Final Sounds but i'll put links for them here anyway in case you lose them). You will have to copy the links into the URL Bar. Put them where you can find them. You may or may not need WinRAR.

Note: these are not clickable links.

Windows 3.x Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/windows-3-11-sounds/
Windows 95 Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/windows-95-sounds/
Windows NT 4.0 Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/windows-nt-4-default-sounds/
Windows 98 Sounds (Baseball, Dangerous Creatures, Inside Your Computer, Jungle, Leonardo da Vinci, Musica, Mystery, Nature, Robotz, Science, Space, Sports, The 60s USA, The Golden Era, Travel, Underwater, Utopia and Windows 98 Plus): http://winsounds.com/windows-98-sounds/
Windows 2000 and Windows ME Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/windows-2000-sound-files/
Windows Vista Beta Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/vista-beta-2-sounds/
Windows Vista Final and Windows 7 Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/windows-7-default-sounds/
Windows Vista Glass Sounds: http://winsounds.com/glass-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows Vista Pearl Sounds: http://winsounds.com/pearl-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows Vista Tinker Sounds: http://winsounds.com/tinker-sounds-for-windows/
Windows 7 Afternoon Sounds: http://winsounds.com/afternoon-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Calligraphy Sounds: http://winsounds.com/calligraphy-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Characters Sounds: http://winsounds.com/characters-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Cityscape Sounds: http://winsounds.com/cityscape-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Delta Sounds: http://winsounds.com/delta-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Festival Sounds: http://winsounds.com/festival-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Garden Sounds: http://winsounds.com/gardens-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Heritage Sounds: http://winsounds.com/heritage-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Landscape Sounds: http://winsounds.com/landscape-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Quirky Sounds: http://winsounds.com/quirky-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Raga Sounds: http://winsounds.com/raga-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Savanna Sounds: http://winsounds.com/savanna-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 7 Sonata Sounds: http://winsounds.com/sonata-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows 8 Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/windows-8-default-sounds/

Assuming your OS is Windows XP, but if it isn't then here's another link.

Windows XP Default Sounds: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Windows-XP-Sounds-439212151

To add even more to the mix, you may even want these. It could be called OS Wars.

Ubuntu Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/ubuntu-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Mac Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/mac-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Longhorn Reloaded Default Sounds: http://winsounds.com/longhorn-reloaded-sound-scheme-for-windows/
Windows Media Center Sounds (XP And Vista): http://winsounds.com/windows-media-center-sounds/

Overall, 5/5 and 10/10, you definitely deserve it. I can tell you worked quite hard on this. Keep up the great work.

Step responds:

Oh wow, that's a huge compilation!

You know, it's been years since I last made a Windows song. Maybe I should revisit and give it another shot.

Thanks for reviewing this old track haha.

The start is actually pretty good. Drums are usually doing their job properly by now. I imagine you could have made a better song by just replacing everything with actual instruments. After the third one there wasn't really a reason to keep up the gimmick. And hey the instruments don't clash very much at all this time compared to the last one. Your melodies are coming along a bit too.

Step responds:

At this point I started getting some sense of how to write a decent melody. And some of the melodies here aren't bad. I know the whole Windows effects idea was getting way too redundant by the third one, but I really wanted to make a track with sounds from various versions of Windows.

I have no idea how but some of the melodies here are STILL stuck in my head.

Can someone tell me how to make a song?

Just kidding.
I will post a song ASAP. At first, I was a bit nervous about how it turn out. But seing your songs has inspired me. I will start working on a remix. Don't know when I will be done...

Step responds:

Well I wish you good luck with that! Since it's your first song you'll have to wait for it to get past approval, which means audio moderators will check out your track and make sure it doesn't break any rules. Usually this can take from a few days to weeks/months, but I just so happen to be an audio moderator so if you want me to approve your track straight away just ask!

Anyway, thanks for yet another review!

Once again, i am speechless

Title says it all, i am amazed how great this is.

Step responds:

Thanks! I'm surprised many people still like this with it being so old :P.

Glad you enjoyed it!

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