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RGH: Swing Low (Bewildered)

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Author Comments

I have no idea....will someone please tell me what the hell this is



This is.... what is going on here?

RyeGuyHead responds:

haha whats so confusing?


You need to exchange the organ with something else like the piano, then the song would hold up better. It also drowns a bit of the other music out.

RyeGuyHead responds:

the organ is the main attraction...seriously


it sounds to me like a church group trying to relate with the "younger crowd"....I don't particularly like it...until later on in the song when the synth hits...thank GOD you put that there and started a breakdown! that's the only thing that saved this song! Too bad it comes a bit late in the song...the tunes are nice...but...oh, what example can I use? ummm, ok, the crazy lady in Edward Scissorhands when she's playing on her electric organ...that's pretty much what the first bit reminds me of...

sorry about the "7" in overall...I just...well, I wasn't really enjoying the song...I found myself studying it....until the end of course :)

RyeGuyHead responds:

hahaha...the younger crowd

I do break it down

Oh sheitt...

Finally.. I've been waitin for you to make some stuff like this. Personally I like your more upbeat songs. Keep it up.

RyeGuyHead responds:

Yes upbeat songs are great

omg review! w00t

ok, i started the song and i was like...O_O is this really ryeguyhead? ok so i never heared an organ in your song. these drums came in and it got a little more ryeguyheadlike with those synths. all nice and stuff but it made me feel you were messing with instruments too much not knowing what you were doing, and ended up like this, thats kind of a pitty... now theres a cool synth in it, but there was one thing i wouldve done different there. i wouldve made the same drums but without that reverb, or a different kind of reverb, because it doesnt match the synths. anyway, my ratings:
10: i dont know what you were doing but i still never heared something like this indeed:P
7: the buildups of your songs all get a little the same, beginning-chorus-couplet-chorus-solo-ending. its good, but it seems you dont try to just let it go its own way. its like you always use the same pattern. but anyway, you made some more detailed diversity anyway so it was good:)
8: uhm yeah
8: i cant really tell the effort but ill give it an 8
7: i think you couldve done better;)

RyeGuyHead responds:

I wasn't messing with instruments. I had a little synth jam that I came up with and just put it into fruity loops. That was the first little organ part in the beginning. Then i realized that I had nothing else worthwhile to put into the song. So i just mixed things around and added some badd ass drums. In fact, when I first saved it, it was called, "Where am I going" I will try and be more creative in my buildup, I understand what you are saying.

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Jun 23, 2005
4:28 PM EDT
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