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just the basic i did for a rap i am thinking in do. i'll better it by the way. for now, please rate and comment, so i can think in things to make it even better.
piano rulezz !!


i like it

piano stuff is cool, but um a rap? yeah the beat wont work for a rap version still like it


rafael3 responds:

thanks : ) it would be like a soft rap, maybe no so much like rap, i'm not sure yet. ")

My review, your song.

Your author comments are embarrassing. Spend some time writing it so hoity toity people such as myself don't spend our time commenting on your comments.

Also furthering my semantics. Piano's are instruments, not styles. Title your song title with capitals too.

As for the song:

Intro works, sounds like FL keys. Mix it in better, add feint delay, slight stereo, reverb. Perhaps humanize the piano a bit by intentionally making some notes not 100% on beat. Also EQ it so it has more timbre (sounds like you were going for a plucky high piano, but its a bit damp sounding).

0:17 rev cymbal introduces beat nicely.

Beat works, its a bit quiet, quite background material.

0:36 accompaniment synth hammond-esque glocken sound comes in.

0:55 hammond-esque sound leaves. I like it, I think it could have played longer. Sounds like the higher up piano just took its place. All 3 playing would have been nice, and layered.

1:14, this sounds familiar. Granted this is near the middle of the song, I think a bridge to something different would have done well instead of a straight up repeat of what just played. While hiphop does repeat, and as you stated (I think) that you intended on putting some lyrics on this, that's no reason to have your song literally copy pasted for the duration of its play time. It still should follow regular song conventions of intro, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro all being involved. Its like a book, beginning, middle and an end.

Overall not a bad track, sounds minimalistic in composition, very background sounding, and not at all memorable, needs more production work and detailed writing to have this song really be worth while.

4/5 7/10

rafael3 responds:

o yeah, that is the review i ever waited to read, thank u very much. ; )

About the title, i am just not very creative creating names, really, that was totally anyoning, and the style capitol, hmmm, ok, i forgot it.

And i am not english, i speak portuguese, and i am just in 7th grade, i am not so good in english yet to write good stuff on comments, but i'll try to write some thing more intersting. I didnt understood everything u said, but be sure i will analyse it carefully.

i really apreciate the comment, i will try to make the piano more natural, equalize and review the other stuff : )

thanks a lot again.

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Sep 3, 2009
6:29 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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