The End of Time (Final Epoch)

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Love At First Listen

Haha! This is the first ever song I listened amongst your songs and I have fallen in love. This is epic... It was on repeat mode the entire time I was online that night and I keep coming back. I think you make awesome music and you have to keep on sharing your talent. This has undoubtedly grabbed my attention, made me want to listen to the rest of the ones you published.

I don't see "the end of time" for you.

Mucky88 responds:

Thank you, avid listener. I'm glad to know I have people coming back for more. You've made me smile.

Not being an asshole.

Hey, I read some of your comments below and I gotta say, I really don't think that Techno, at least the techno on this site, is overdone. I never heard 90s Techno, but the stuff on NG is amazing, especially Envy's work. She is one of the most amazing artists here, and I daresay this song could've been made by her. Srsly, nice work. It is an impressive change from the usual techno, which I'm used to being fast and intense. I don't know if techno has a 'formula' however, and why would it be any better or worse no matter how you make it? Music is music, and even if it follows the most basic formula in the world, it could still be the best song in the world.
I'm gonna stop writing while it still makes sense, but anyways keep up the good work!

Mucky88 responds:

I have nothing against time periods, or what have you. I just think electronica really suffered in the '90s. Kraftwerk did so well in the '70s and '80s, and not very many people followed suit. Daft Punk would be a great example of a duo that made a difference, and did something different for their time. Their first album (Homework) is still amazing to this day. The Crystal Method is another example (Vegas) to follow. Do something that people haven't heard before, and see what you can do and get away with on your own terms. I never though people would like this song, I just made something that made me smile. I got lucky. That's it. Luck though creativity.


I regret from giving it a 4 in the beginning. ill give u a ten here to make up for it. omg how do ppl make godly stuff like this and make others(me :D) hypnotized ?!?!?!

Amazing; Downloaded;Fave'd

Mucky88 responds:

This is exactly what I need to push me to write. Thank you for taking the time to get past the intro, and writing a review like this. I can't say thank you enough, really.


I like how it sounds it's nice and mellow and the chord progression throughout the song never get's old. And to tloh's comment. It sounds like it could be in a rave because of the chords. Most rave music i've heard use's those chords. But im not a big rave fan so i haven't heard much. This is definently something i would listen to though while smoking a blunt or something. It's nice and chill.

Mucky88 responds:

I don't really like crazy techno. You know, the overdone, generic type of sound that was popular in the '90s, and whatever. I just find it so uninspired. That's what I was referring to. I try to be different, and not follow a formula when I write. It makes for a more original final product, and one I can actually feel pride at when I read reviews like this, so thanks.

Not an asshole, lol

I think this remix is very good, I really like the smoothness of it, a slow techno is what my MP3 player needs. The bass on it it's awesome, The part with the bells is very awesome. Now my question...does this have to do anything with that time traveling RPG for the SNES?

Mucky88 responds:

No, this is NOT a remix. This song is 1,000% original. The melody is mine, the lead is mine, and the title is mine. Everything here is original content. You won't find anything remotely related to Chrono Trigger in this song.

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Sep 3, 2009
10:41 AM EDT
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