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Got bored of playing with this one.

It wasn't even originally meant to be a cover of the song. I was just playing some chords on guitar that ended up sounding like AFS and I decided to make something with it.

Update: This is not a cover of Adagio For Strings. I don't know why I got the impression it sounded like it when I was working on this song. AFS is immensely different to this.

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100th Audio Review :D

Well, you posted in the RRC saying that you wanted lower, fairer scores in the reviews, so I'll try and point out everything I didn't like...

First off, the first few bars of piano lasted maybe one bar too long, you could have brought in that extra bit of melody a bit quicker.

I like how you kept the piano still audible when you brought in that techno beat, that was nice..

The main problem I had with this track was that all the time it felt like it was building up to a main song, and I felt like I had finally hit it at 1:50, but with only 30 seconds left it had to start to wind down again straight away. Maybe if you had made the song longer and had more of a full song, because it just feels like you've got the beginning and end, but you're missing the crucial end.

Had I been kind, I would have given you a 9, like everyone else, but I think 7 is more apt, if I'm comparing it to the rest of the songs on NG. Even then, to be honest, 7 is a little generous, but since this is my 100th and possibly final Audio Review, I feel like being a tiny bit generous.

[Review Request Club]

GronmonSE responds:

A 6 would have been fantastic and still too generous. This is my latest track, and yet, I excluded it from a 6-song portfolio I gave to my music teacher yesterday. I'm not proud of this song, there are -a lot- of things wrong with it and it's still too short of course. So really, I don't mind the 7 and it does seem too generous.

The main problem with the song does seem to be its anti-climatic nature indeed. It's too short but that's because, like most of the my other songs, I never finish it.

Congrats on your 100th review and possibly final review, it's an honor to be the one getting it.

Thank you.

Not bad

There's a few bits to work on with this, but overall, a nice track is what we hear. I particularly like the piano and strings that you've brought into this piece - it really adds some class to the track.

I think that at about 1 minute 20 seconds, you bring in the cymbals and go from the slow to the quick part of the track. It didn't quite work for me, so perhaps try throwing a second or two of silence, then a mighty cymbal crash and launch into the really hard hitting part of the track.

Other than that, you've got a good driving beat and a well laid out track. I might have to listen to Adagio for Strings to work out how close you got to the original, but it's a damned good track in its own right!

[Review Request Club]


This sound pretty nice. I don't know the original of this song, so I can't say how good your cover is, but it sure does sound good.

I like the relaxed atmosphere of the intro. Too bad it is kinda "destroyed" by the techno beats at around 1:00 into the song. But this doesn't mean that the song gets bad at this point, it just becomes different, it creates a different atmosphere (maybe a "now get your lazy ass up!"-atmosphere ^^).

Anyway, this is a good song!

{ Review Request Club }

~ Review Request Club ~

I never know what song people are making a cover of because I don't listen to much music and this wasn't any different. I don't know the original to this so I just assume it sounds pretty cool and can be related nicely back to the original. :P

I loved the combination of piano and stringed instruments. They are usually my favorite. Then when it picked up later in the song it made it even better. I personally think the biggest flaw was the way it ended. I was hoping for something a bit more then the sudden/abrupt ending such as a better series of notes to end on. It just ends when I'm not expecting it to.

~ Review Request Club ~

Nice :D

Really nice cover, it sounds great.

I've never heard Adagio For Strings, but the melody it has is quite catchy, and you performed it quite well over here. The instruments used here were great and chosen very well. Melodies and instruments are great :).

The transitions were awesome too, and everything flowed together nicely. Fantastic structure over here too. The intro was quite good as well, but the ending bothered me a little. It ended much too suddenly, since it did a huge buildup which resulted in just an echo for an ending. You should try and end it with a crash cymbal and loud ending note or something.

The drums were nothing too special, but the snare rolls you did over here were great and made superb transitions. I liked the faded cymbals that first appear at 1:22.

I don't really have much to say about this track. It's a great song, but the ending is what really needs fixing over here. The rest was OK.

-Review Request Club-

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