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Sep 1, 2009 | 2:51 PM EDT
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Rated 3.82 / 5 stars
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This is my very first submission ever. Lots of work and effort went into this, also lots of hassel trying to get it finalized. But after the help of some new freinds, its here. This is my submission into the Voice Acting Contest. If you guys like it, you know how to show. All the voices are mine, with the execption of the PC voice, I counted that as a sound effect. Please enjoy.

An mad scientist at work, gets what his work deserves.

**Update, I'm thinking of making a serise out of this, like a radio show. What do you guys thing?



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Voice Acting Contest Final Results! >:)

IMPORTANT: Disqualified for using Microsoft Sam!


I couldnt tell if you were being serious or not on this. The acting was very bad. it sounded like you just accidently hit record on your computers recording program while reading the voice acting contest thread. So then you decided to half ass your way through some random skit. You kept breathing into the microphone and pausing for unnecessary amounts of time that completely through my attention off of the story. You used microsoft Sam as the robot, which sounded better than your acting. Sorry to be harsh, its just that you really need to put forth more time and effort in this. Take a deep breath AWAY from the microphone, then say the best line you can for the character you are voicing. For this you rushed every line and it sounded crappy. The doctor was alright, I liked his voice. The german ruler sounded alright, the cyborg sounded horrible. The story was decent, I thought it was interesting that the man was being taken over by some strange experiment. You didn't use muffins in the way i was expecting, you just randomly said it. Thats not very original.

If you want to improve, simply take time away from the microphone to develop your characters. Try saying some random lines to yourself in their voice. Practice practice practice the lines. Then when you think you are ready, go up to the mic, and say the line to the best of your abillity. Make sure to turn your head away from the mic when breathing. Good luck. I hope to see another piece in the next contest. -31


Beta Unit

Acting = 15
Fit = 10
Originality = 9
Range = 5
Mixing = 3


The acting wasn't great. There were some scenes of drama that could have been done a lot better, such as the "state your directives" scene which just sounded dull, but then other scenes when the main character got angry showed some improvement. The evil scientists voices didn't work very well as I couldn't tell if they were supposed to be comical or serious and the story was quite poor. The use of a machine generated voice was disappointing and possibly against the rules? Regardless, not a great range. The mixing wasn't very good either as there were lots of pauses and moments of silence (i.e. right at the start), some of the sfx were bad and there was a lot of puffing on the microphone proving far too much a distraction. A lot of improvement required but with more practice your skills may improve.


Beta Unit
Acting 5/35
Fit 10/25
Originality 5/15
Range 3/10
Mixing 0/10


Stop breathing in the mic please.


Beta Unit
Acting - 8/35
Fit - 3/25
Originality - 5/15
Range - 3/15
Mixing - 6/10

- 25

I sense a potential talent. Its wasn't very fresh or unique, but it was fairly charming and easy to listen too., but if you wanted a Microsoft sam voice you should have impersonated one.




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Rated 2 / 5 stars


THE FOLLOWING REVIEW IS INTENDED AS ADVICE! NOT INSULT! to not take it as INSULT, please consider it friendly assistance :D

your mad scientist doesnt sound very mad. it sounds like you made a script that IMPLIES he should have the behaviour and pallette of a MAD scientist... however he held no direct mental ilness qualities that would suggest he was "mad".
may i suggest you give the scientist some kind of obsessive quality, like the jokers lip smacking... maybe he could yell or scream randomly... he should twitter and rant about unneccesary things... he could just generally sound incredibly unusual or unique....something that would differ from the norm instead of sounding a little bit like kermit the frog :D

PERFORMANCE- to increase your vocal energy i suggest keeping out of monotone. it is a little droll in places, and you cant really rely on the script to keep it interesting. try making the voice consistent and fluent, but have inflections and tweaked pitches here and there to emphasise or express yourself more.

your script told a story, and i did not judge this as though it was a comedy, because to be honest it wasnt very funny. writing is a different matter alltogether. i just advise watching lots of comedy to get a feel of its intention and structure.

MICROSOFT SAM sam is digital voice imitation software... it is not an effect, its a sample. you can use musical samples, but none that simulate or are recognised as someone elses voice.. whether it be robot or alien. all vocals must be your own performance.

i think in terms of being different or unusual, this submission was not really anything unique...

i think this is a blatant display of the talents you can build. you have the ability to become a very good voice actor! it is simply a case of REALLY getting into character, really enjoying and going for it... doing more than saying lines... actually being the character... i personally flail my arms and pull jim carrey rubber faces... most unnatractive lol, but it is much more expressive.

you have so much potential, you will be good, if you keep in practice... if you submit to the future voice acting competitions i can guaruntee you would move higher each time so long as you practiced and thought hard about your work.
keep up your efforts, because they will really go somewhere if you are eager enough! good work, i unerstand it took you a long time to work with, well done for all the effort. i look forward to your future efforts :D GOOD LUCK IN THE COMPETITION!!!!

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Bou1der responds:

First off, no insult was taken. I appreciate your input. Thanks for the reminder that I can be very monotone, I know I tend to act like that. I was using Microsoft Sam as a computerized voice, because thats what I wanted, so thats what I used. I wasn't going for funny, I wanted a very serious peice, were a person was mechenized or cyberized or what ever, against his will. I had no luck finding non-commercial music, I would have loved some background dramatic music. My next mad scientist will play a bigger part and will be... well more mad. Please look for more of my work in the future and your advice is much appricated. If I didn't want critisim, I wouldn't submit anything, so many thanks. Please keep it coming.

The big guy, Boulder


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The scientist reminds me of Yoda!

Cute entry, Bou1der------>
Glad to hear you stpped outside of your norm and jumped head first into a VA Contest! Wah-Hooey! I entered my first contest last month. So, you and I are n00bie brother and sister, here in the VA World. Heh heh heh
Hey, what program did you use to record and with what kind of mic?
This is just a suggestion, Man (cause God knows I am in NO way an established VA) but if you bring your volume levels down some, when mixing down your tracks, it would help with the crackling speaker sound. You can adjust where your mic sits too, to try and cut back on the breathy sound, as well. There should be a trim button on whatever program you're using. It's great for taking away the hums, buzzes, and breathy sounds we all make, when we record. Whatever, I'll shut up now. If you ever have any questions or need some help, drop me a line. OR you could just ask someone who's submission YOU really enjoy. That way, you know what you're working with.
Dayum, this review never stops going. I'll put an end to that.
Good luck on the contest, Bou1der! Until they announce the winners. . .

..............Take care, be good and EAT MUFFINS.period