All Hail Windows! 3

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You're probably tired of these Windows songs, but still, I made a third one anyway. This one's longer, even more catchy, more action-packed, varied and has even better percussion than the first one. It's basically 3 and a half minutes of XP awesomeness. This uses 14 different sound effects, 12 different drum samples, a reverse cymbal and some very catchy melodies. I even attempted the suicidal move of letting ALL (yes, you read right, *ALL*) the XP sound effects play together for the chorus, and it took ages trying to harmonize them (not that I did such a good job, but...) and this also has a key change at the end. Here are the XP sounds it uses:

Critical Error
Pop Up Blocked
Empty Recycle Bin
Log On
Log Off
Start Up
Shut Down
Hardware Fail
Hardware Insert
Hardware Remove

NOTE: To get these sounds, go to My Computer > Local Disk > WINDOWS > Media, and they're all there in WAV format.

Also, I don't think I'll make any more XP songs unless I get an insane amount of requests for another one (which I highly doubt), and if I DO make another Windows song, it'll probably be a Vista song instead. Anyway, now that that's said, enjoy the song, and votes and reviews are greatly appreciated; I respond to all reviews, and if the review is helpful, I usually review back. Enjoy!

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This is very good but from 1:29 to 1:32 in your song the sound should be a little faster.

A while ago I've been listening to some of your older things such as this out of curiosity. I must say this sounds quite epic. Some of this sounds like Asian influence, and I like what I've heard here. Now I finally get some time to write out my feedback on this.

I felt inspired after first listening, for a future project to do. It'd be something neat to try out, oing something with Windows sounds. XD Maybe I could combine XP and Windows 2000 (which is this old computer where I work).

Step responds:

Oh man don't do this to me haha. My old songs are so bad!

This is part of a series of tracks I made which featured only Windows sounds and drums. Over the course of my lifetime I made something like six of these, but in my opinion they're really not very good haha.

Thanks for reviewing!

The drums are better than before. Everything is worse and the whole thing sounds more rushed than other attempts. You have a couple of decent melodies but they all clash horribly.

Step responds:

Yup! At least the drums got better lol.

My worst windows song ever. After this, there's Windows Wars and then another tiny part in a song that's all Windows effects. After that, no more Windows songs thankfully haha.


Kinda catchy. Did you Go To "Windows Sounds" And "Macintosh Sounds" For ideas or just decide to do this?

Step responds:

Nah, just wanted to create something original so I thought "hey, why not make a song out of Windows sound effects?" :3. I thought of the idea ages ago when I was a lot younger, and back then I never knew I'd start making music and thought it would be impossible for me to ever do something like that. I guess I was wrong!

Thanks for reviewing.


Maybe make a Windows 7 song? I would love to see what you'll do with that. Anyway, I know this is old, but just had to comment. :3

Step responds:

Haha thanks! I've no doubt you've noticed the sudden decrease in quality because of this song's age :P.

I made a song which incorporated Windows 97, XP, Vista (Beta) and Vista sounds, called 'Windows Wars'. As far as I know Windows 7 sounds aren't any different from Windows Vista sounds, but I don't know because I never used Vista.

In any case, thanks for reviewing another song!

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Sep 1, 2009
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