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Super Mega Hyper Idea Mashup

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Yyyyyyyyyyep. This is an 8 and a half minute long compilation of about 94 ideas that I've chosen as either my best or simply because they were hilarious. And now, your song guide (I only commented on particularly interesting ones):

0:01 [Misc] "Idea 184" - I can't remember when I got this or where it came from, but its one of my favorites and a nice tune to start out with

0:10 [Misc] "Bunnyinspired" - This is a battle melody that popped into my head after watching Bunnykill 4 and discovering the soundtrack had been uploaded to the audio portal. I love that series so damn much.

0:20 [Classical] "Your Journey" - A melody that was inspired by Elmtail, a game idea of mine.

0:38 [Techno] "footstepsofbunnies" - Someone once submitted a loop entitled "Footsteps of Bunnies." It sounded kinda like this. I have no idea how the hell this has ANYTHING to do with the footsteps of bunnies...

0:45 [Classical] "elmtail_idea2" - This is a choral variation on the main Elmtail theme that I settled on

1:17 [Classical] "Elmtail" - My original idea for the Elmtail theme song. Has since been replaced

1:29 [Video Game] "pokemon_trailer" - This was to funny to leave out

2:28 [Video Game] "HP_TheArena" - This particular melody was inspired by a comic named "HamstaPowah." Don't ask.

2:39 [Dance] "Mountain_Flowers_rmx" - Lame attempt at making a mellow mix of Mountain Flowers. I like the variation i did on F-777's idea here though

2:56 [???] "idea286" - I don't know what this is, but it sounds cool 8D

3:26 [Video Game] "qasm" - SPLAT!

3:47 [Misc] "ryanide_wingsofbluefire" - Amusing remix attempt of Wings of Blue Fire by Ryanide (GOOGLE IT!)

3:52 [Classical] "twoheroesvillage" - This is one of the best melodies i have ever come up with, but i've never really been able to figure out how to turn this into a song. Inspired by Ryanide's Two Heroes animation

4:03 [Techno] "UniversalRisermx" - A particularly awesome remix of Universal Rise by F-777. Never was able to make a song out of it

4:34 [classical] "redwallthemething" - A recreation of a melody I made up on my electric piano almost 6 years ago, before I even had FL studio. It was an inspired theme to Redwall by Brain Jacques and I am quite fond of it to this day.

4:41 [Classical] "redwalltheme2" - Another Redwall inspired melody, this time much, much more recent (past 6 months i think).

5:38 [Techno] "idea138" - If you haven't noticed, the past few ideas have been fairly low quality, since these are my really, really old ones. This one is particularly bizzare.

6:05 [???] "idea164" - This is probably the most original melody I've ever come up with. Never could figure out how to make a song out of it.

6:19 [Ambient] "idea169" - Best ambient melody I've ever come up with.

6:45 [Techno] "idea173" - This idea is an INCREDIBLE earworm and i have no idea why, nor have i been able to make a song out of it.

7:18 [Techno] "idea204" - I absolutely love this idea, but i have a feeling I stole it from somewhere, i have no idea where...

7:38 [Techno] "idea239" - If I didn't totally suck at making battle music, this would have been awesome :C

7:53 [Techno] "idea251" - Another earworm that I ALMOST made into a song but it sucked so I scrapped it

8:20 [Misc] "idea269" - Infinite loading loop of doom! I have 324 unnamed ideas, but I stopped here because this was the perfect ending to the collection.

A few of my more recent ideas made into the earlier parts of the song but I didn't label them. A bunch of my most recent ideas were excluded because I might still make them into songs. If anyone wants to use these ideas, tell me and I'll send you the FLP. Or you can just steal it for yourself, just give me credit somewhere. Hope you liked it!

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I missed the metal parts :P

Oh good work

Some of these melodies are awesome, some a bit creepy and remind me of clowns. lol. Anyway yeah cool job :D I purticuly like the 80s style soundtrack style ones (Even if you weren't going for that, that's what it gives off to me)

ErikMcClure responds:

I'm *never* going for that but i usually end up with it anyway :P

Heh, you wanted a long review?

Yeah, you guessed it. I'm not the kind of one-line reviewer, so I'm going to comment on each and every one of the interesting ones. (Let's hope the character limit helps me out here...)

'Idea 184': Those pan flutes sound really amazing. Nothing to complain about here. It sounds difficult to make a song out of, but sound great as it is :D.

'Bunnyinspired': One really catchy melody, and the guitarish melody you use in the background harmonized perfectly. You could definitely make a song out of this one, if you get the inspiration.

'Your Journey': Now this one is my favourite. It sound so well done, and even though it's only a small melody, I can imagine this as an amazing song. Some strings could help over here.

'footstepsofbunnies': I didn't hear the original, but this sounds quite familiar. Doesn't sound anything like footstepsofbunnies O_o.

'elmtail_idea2': Not too bad. The choirs sound excellent, but I suggest some male choirs in the background to give a mighty feel to the song.

'Elmtail': Not one of the catchier melodies you made, but it sounds OK. Strings, like in 'Your Journey', could work out here too.

'pokemon_trailer': A little quiet, and I was looking for more of a buildup with the instrument that was playing the main melody, maybe getting a bit louder, and have some drums in the background too. That is, if by some miracle you want to continue it :P.

'HP_TheArena': The piano flows vey nicely in this song. You could add something a little more impressive than just a kick every 2 beats.

'Mountain_Flowers_rmx': Wow, this sounds really good. If you're planning on making a mellow mix of Mountain Flowers (which would be awesome. The original has too many loud saw synths >[ ) this is a great start. The notes after don't sound exactly like the original, but maybe that was intentional.

'idea286': This is quite short, but it sounds like a really good transition to use in a future song. Needs a bit more fullness to it, IMO.

'quasm': Lol.

'ryanide_wingsofbluefire': I didn't hear the original, so I can't compare this to that, and probably if I google it, the only preview will be on youtube, which doesn't work on my hunk of junk; sorry, computer. Anyway, this needs a bit more fullness in it, but overall it sounds ok. I'd suggest some heavy piano chords in the background.

'twoheroesvillage': Can't critique this. You already made it into a song, and it rocks.

'UniversalRisermx': I didn't hear the original of this either, but the remix you did sounds cool. Nothing to complain over there ^^.

'redwallthemething': Sounds really good. Needs some more instruments in it, but the flute melody sounds very well done. Good job.

'redwalltheme2': Hey, this sounds quite good when paired with the one before it. Maybe you could try and combine them into a song?

'idea 138': Slightly strange, and I don't really think you can make a song out of it, but if you do, I suggest more synths in the background.

'idea 164': A little too slow and dull, but doesn't sound too bad. A fast drum beat might make it have a seemingly faster rythm, if you don't want to increase the tempo.

'idea 169': Definitely needs more fullness to it, if you're aiming for ambient. It sounds fine, but needs a synth in the background which sounds good when playing long notes.

'idea173': Sounds really awesome. I don't blame you about not being able to turn it into a song, I can't seem to think of a way either.

'idea204': I don't think you stole it. Sounds original to me. Plus, it doesn't sound too bad.

'idea239': A more climatic melody with loud drums and some choir voices and you have a perfect battle melody ^^.

'idea251': You scrapped the song? :(. I'm sure it would've sounded fine. I like the melody you used over here.

'idea269': 324 unnamed ideas? Wow... This one sounds pretty awesome, especially in a menu theme for a game or something.

Phew, just made it through the character limit. Nice job on it overall.

-Review Request Club-

And the limit ends right... over... here......

ErikMcClure responds:

You suck :C

'bunnyinspired' Yeah, but i lost it

'stupidbunniesthing' Its the most ridiculously generic trance melody ever.

'Mountain_Flowers_rmx' - The change in notes is deliberate, yes, but I had no idea what to do for the rest of the song. The intro works, but then it just dies.

'idea286' - its an IDEA for gods sake

'redwalltheme2' - I doubt combining them, but they are related.

'idea251' - I got sick of it. It was trying too hard to sound cool

'idea269' - technically its about 302 since many of them ended up getting finished and given names

So shouldn't we put this here as like, the longest song description ever and the longest review ever? :P

awesome work.

There's just one problem though, an that is that the timings for the sequences seem off. but good work so 10/10. oh and can I have the flp?

ErikMcClure responds:

You have to specify which idea you want, since they're 94 different FLP files.

And again -

Great title name xD
It's those names that bring my eyes to this.
Beautiful choices btw, ;)

ErikMcClure responds:

lol thanks XD

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